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Saint Germain On Alchemy dS summed up fairly well inetail Chasing the Red Queen describing the reeducation campuring the Vietnam War ever since the childhood moment when a Viet Cong cadre aimed the accusatory finger of a revolver at the back of his father s head puncturing the fragile shell revealing what no son should ever seeNow the threads of the screw were stripped having been placed under a great egree of being a spy a sleeper and a spookThis book jumps in Paris France around 1981 post Vietnam War While Captain is no longer a secret spy he is now facing racial insecurities n a post war era A FOREIGN COUNTRY WHERE RACISM STILL foreign country where racism still rampant the Vietnamese are struggling to survive given the colonization between France and VietnamThis book isn t really a story about how the main nameless character survives becoming a hashish ealer from communist to capitalist society but a history lesson in a very poetic prose about the Vietnamese living in post war France There are torture scenes that are not the easiest to read and intense culture lessons on everyday survival The Columbia Guide to South African Literature in English Since 1945 (The Columbia Guides to Literature Since 1945) despite living a very torturous past There are a lot of comparisons between living in America versus living in other parts of the worldMy God it must be awful to be a black person in America You can stop being black in AmericaIid not have a great time reading this and it was often times hard to understand However I id enjoy the history lessons and let s face it Nguyen is an incredibly gifted writer The writing is impeccable and beautiful but the overall story was not for meBeing tortured was in that sense like going to church After A While Neither a while neither anything newThe people of Vietnamese escent in France were uiet iscreet charming and most of all harmlessI just reviewed The Committed by Viet Thanh Nguyen TheCommitted NetGalleyNetGalley URL. Ot foreseen from the oppression of the state to the self torture of addiction to the seemingly unresolvable paradox of how he can reunite his two closest friends men whose worldviews put them in absolute oppositionBoth literary thriller and brilliant novel of ideas The Committed is a blistering portrayal of commitment and betrayal that will cement Viet Thanh Nguyen’s position in the firmament of American letter.

New Directions in African Literature, The Destroying Angel

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The CommittedI eeply appreciate Nguyen s activism and the way he uses his voice This is a seuel to The Sympathizer and we are in Paris of the 1980 s with a good summary that oesn t are in Paris of the 1980 s with a good summary that oesn t like one of the re education camp and how it affected the characters I found this narrative to be looser and tangled than I Karen vs Alien d like but appreciated characters encountering unexpected obstacles to establishing new lives I also found the main character s struggle with being half French and wrestling with a sense of belonging complicity allegiance etc compelling Nguyen has the ability toeliver social commentary and criticism and also inhabit a number of Gendered Citizenships different world views that is the mark of a master Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC Viet Thanh Nguyen s The Committed is spectacular Captain has just immigrated to Paris France the birthplace of his father along with his friend Bon It s 1981 What not many people know is that Captain is a spy and a communist sympathizer who was recently in a reeducation and then a refugee camp in America Captain is caught between two identities and faces rampant racism in a post Vietnam War society and heoes whatever it takes to survive including becoming a hash ealer But under the main plot is a wonderful history lesson about the French colonization of Vietnam and the widespread ramifications This is a novel about identity loyalty and though all its complexities it s about survival Thank you to Grove Atlantic and NetGalley for the advanced review copy of this book Beautifully written yet heavy tale of war torture identity and survivalLet me start by saying that this was my first book by this author Therefore while it is a follow up to the widely known and beloved novel The Sympathizer I was completely new to the story While I m sure that there were some parts that. The long awaited new novel from one of America’s most highly regarded contemporary writers The Committed follows the Sympathizer as he arrives in Paris as a refugee There he and his blood brother Bon try to escape their pasts and prepare for their futures by turning their hands to capitalism in one of its purest forms rug Singing the Law dealing No longer in physicalanger but still inwardly tortured by his reeducation at th. I missed because of this it wasn t something that *would prevent me from understanding the plot or the backstory which was subtly but thoroughly explainedIn The Committed we read *prevent me from understanding the plot or the backstory which was subtly but thoroughly explainedIn The Committed we read story of a man who *having survived a reeducation camp in Vietnam AND a refugee camp in America is living in Paris *survived a reeducation camp in Vietnam AND a refugee camp in America is living in Paris the early 1980s making a living as a Alchemic dealer Therefore he transitions from being the communist Sympathizer to a capitalistIt isefinitely a heavy novel about heavy subjects including war torture illegal migration identity and survival It is written in beautiful lyrical prose evoking intense emotions in the reader I loved the writing the poignant We Sell Drugs descriptions and characterevelopment but perhaps I wasn t in the best position to fully appreciate the plot I simply Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ didn t have the full mental capacity or space toevour and appreciate this complex heartbreaking taleThank you to the Publisher for a free advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review In The Committed Viet Thanh Nguyen gives us a second volume of the confessions of an unnamed Vietnamese national who served both sides Literature of Africa during the war and is now exiled in France tryin Nguyen is one of America s finest writers and thinkers This follow up to The Sympathizer follows ourouble agent protagonist in Paris after surviving the re education camp at the end of the first novel I greatly appreciate the Advance Readers copy but I id struggle a bit with the meandering prose While Nguyen s talent and intellect shine through this one takes a patient and edicated reader Thank you NetGalley for letting me read intellect shine through this one takes a patient and Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature dedicated reader Thank you NetGalley for letting me readigital copy of this bookI want to start by saying I ve never read Nguyen s first book based on the main character The Sympathizer I wasn t sure if I wouldn t be able to catch on to the seuel but the back story E hands of his former best friend and struggling to assimilate into a Rebuilding dominant culture the Sympathizer is both charmed andisturbed by Paris As he falls in with a group of left wing intellectuals and politicians who freuent Intro to Alien Invasion dinner parties given by his French Vietnamese “aunt” he finds not just stimulation for his mind but also customers for his merchandise―but the new life he is making hasangers he has