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Book blogger I d be proud representation Black ueer demiboy main character ownvoices w biracial Black Bengali LI gay Black biracial prominent character lesbian prominent characters gay prominent character various other ueer POC characters content warnings homophobia transphobia racism parental abuse and neglect freuent drug and alcohol use ableist language I received an ARC of this book from Balzer Bray a HarperCollins imprint via Edelweiss in xchange for an honest reviewBlog Goodreads Twitter I would sell my soul to read this for the first time again If you liked Simon Vs The Homo Sapiens Agenda you ll love Felix Ever AfterThis book is going to be a new favorite of mine I just loved it so much I absolutely loved the characters Felix Ezra and Leah being my favorites This book also has so much LGBTIA representation which I loved I loved the discussions on being transgender and also Felix s journey with self identity The book is also set during pride month and the romance is absolutely adorable I don t think I have anything negative to say about this book it was just amazing Highly recommend that you pick it up I also read this during a 24 hour readathon and you can check it out here if you d like to hear of my thoughts I loved this so much Hello this book was perfect and messy and sweet and ueer and I loved it so so SO muchTW transphobia being outed cyber bullying Felix Ever After offers up a cornucopia of ueer identities and was just so incredibly moving beginning to ndI had to take a time out before I could Sinner's Heart even consider writing a review for this diverse YA ContemporaryThis novel isverything right now It is verything I needed and it is certainly verything the world needsI ve been trying to figure out why this one touched me so deeply and all I can say is Felix Love Felix Love who wants to know love but first needs to learn he is worthy of love Felix Ever After is told as you may Spirit of the Wolf expect completely from Felix s perspective Getting to read his deepest inner thoughts particularly the thoughts he would most likely never say aloud to anyone was so raw and realFelix is busy attending a summer arts program at his high school While the school has a lot of diversity he still faces personal attacks and acts of transphobia from the very beginning of the story I will say Callender does not shy away from how brutal and painful such acts are so if you think this mayffect your mental health and wellness tread carefullyIt hurts to read but I think it is so important for people to face it So important This whole book is so damn importantAfter a fellow student creates a gallery listing Felix s deadname along with photos of him before his transition he is rightly shattered How could someone do thisHe vows to find the person responsible and make them pay Along with his best friend Ezrah he sets out to do just that For a while Ez is on board but A Vineyard Christmas eventually Felix goes rogue and continues his revenge plot on his ownThere were times when I wanted to scream at Felix to stop him from making hurtful choices but he is a teen acting out of anger and in a way fear I also wanted to hug him super tightI had to remember oh yeah I was a teen once and I totally would have plotted revenge day and night if someone did to me what was done to himIn addition to all of the stressful things happening to Felix at school and via social media he is also still uestioning his identityHe utilizes local resources to learn about himself and his feelings I thought that was such an important detail showing him reaching out to others in the community that may help him or provide illumination on the uestions he hasI think for Felix it lifted a huge weight off of him when he realized he wasn t alone No matter what he was going through personally he was connected to many others who were at thend of the day fighting very similar battlesI feel like I could babble on about the minutiae of this story for decades but I wouldn t do that to you In short READ THIS FREAKING BOOKOh also gender fluidity Chef s kiss So well done Okay okay that s itPS READ IT this was one of those incredible books that left me actually wordless I just want to say go read it instead of reading me trying to form words on how heartfelt and aching and confused and angry and deeply loving and incredible it was All Felix s artist feels the ambitious vs procrastination moments the fear of not being good was All Felix s artist feels the ambitious vs procrastination moments the fear of not being good and jamming yourself into creative blocks That hit hard and true I don t pretend or act like "This Book Was Written " book was written me but I m a little soggy and grateful that I connected deeply for many reasonsIt also is about gender uestioning by an ownvoices perspective as Felix starts to have doubts about identifying as a boy His Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose exploration is full of anxiety andmotional moments it hurts and it s raw There s discussion on loving vs rejecting labels And there was uite a nuanced discussion on being ueer but transphobicAnd it is so much about love Felix s last name is Love but he s never found itand then he nds up in a sort of love triangle tbh I thought it would be polyam but it wasn t and it was the kind I actually didn t have a side for I really loved how deeply developed all the secondary characters were too Also Declan Declan needs his own book as well please Art Love Self destruction Belief Searching Triumph It is the kind of book that is so layered and both lovely and aching Going to just go sit with my feelings now I cannot recommend this nough But just because we loved ach other doesn t mean we were meant to be togetherAnd just because you loved one doesn t mean you can t love another It cannot be said often nough Boys with flower crowns on book covers are my ultimate weakness This needs to be a thingThe hype is very real for this one Rave reviews Hot Shot (North Ridge Book 3) everywhere all my mutuals praising it in their bookstagram posts reader I was scared But I didn t have to be because I flew through this book There are some really important messages in there for teenagersverywhere It also wouldn t hurt the majority of adults to pick this up as well It s a story about uestioning yourself and your identity about finding strength in a world that is set up for you to fail it s about love and trust and friendshipWhat I particularly loved about this novel is that it allows its characters to be messy Growing up is Math Basics 6 emotionalnough as it is but if you add being trans and Black to that Voyage to the Underworld (Star Wars Missions, euation stuff gets tougher Felixxperiences microagressions bullying and abuse on a daily basis You can t xpect a human being to always be kind and understanding when they try to juggle so many things at the same time But it also teaches that it s okay to mess up as long as you re willing to swallow your pride to admit your mistakes and apologise So yeah most characters in this book are super flawed some to the point of being unlikeable but I do have a sweet spot for Ezra and LeahThere were only a few things I didn t love The constant HP references The fact that Felix and Ezra were always late often skipped classes and seemed committed to miss very single deadline that stuff gives me anxiety I m not ven kidding And while I was often frustratedangrysad it didn t hit me uite as hard as I thought it would I was also lead astray by the book being marketed as a romcom when it centred neither romance nor comedy At the nd of the day this is an incredibly important novel the fact alone that we have a joyful Black trans character with visible scars on the cover makes me want to kiss someone The underrepresentation of BIPOC ueer characters in YA is a serious issue that tells us just how far publishing still has to go So for Felix to shine this brightly proves that marginalised voices are worth being heard AND can create commercial success Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits!: 4 Keys to Unlock Your Business Potential even thoughveryone keeps telling us otherwiseFind of my books on Instagram. Venge What he didn’t count on his catfish scenario landing him in a uasi–love triangleBut as he navigates his complicated feelings Felix begins a journey of uestioning and self discovery that helps redefine his most important relationship how he feels about himselfFelix Ever After is an honest and layered story about identity falling in love and recognizing the love you deserve. ,
Find this review others on my blog It is so intoxicating to be so clearly seen by someone lse To look at ach other across a gap that had once felt unbridgeable and feel like your whole life is being brought into sharp focus by that moment a perfect pocket of stillness Even if that someone Humanism else is a book A book that gives language for the things churning restlessly in your throat so many little buzzing words that you can t release and can t swallow A book that helps you build the kind of vocabulary that makes you feel less alone It was intoxicating to feel so clearly seen by Felix Ever AfterTo say that I loved this book would be to indulge in criminal understatement Felix Ever After glowed in my chest pouring brightness into cavernous lofts inside me that I didn tven know Smokin' Hot existed A brightness as fierce as joy and soxuisitely vast I felt twice as alive as the next personStill this wasn t an asy read by any stretchSharp spikes of anger and fear are the heartbeat of this narrative that follows Felix Love a 17 year old Black trans boy down the rabbit hole of his senior year Felix a talented visual artist is vying for a uniue slot at Brown University against Declan a rival classmate and x friend and their competition and the uncertainty of Felix s future perches heavily on Felix s shoulders The absence of his mother is another thorn pricking his thumb and his world continues to limp on without Felix hitting send on his drafted mails to her Felix s relationship with Ezra which once felt settled a carefully tended corner of friendship begins to waver when Ezra starts dating one of their classmatesBut nothing knifes into Felix s life swiftly and viciously than a transphobic act targeting him Felix is caught in abject horror spending very day fearing having his deadname and pictures of his pre transition days sprung on him at very turn always having to peer around the corner just to make sure Determined Felix Love sets out to find the person who s tormenting him and to make them payWhat follow is a profoundly moving story about self discovery love and revenge that made my heart scramble and flounder so many times but that ultimately winds to an nd in a beautiful warm and unforgettable way I am Felix No one Wanton Nights else gets to define who I am Only me Felix Ever After is a novel that probes achingly at gender identity like it is a loose tooth It s an honest and open discussion about how gender identity can be as amorphous and shifting as a cloud caught in the wind and how a lot of us can feel lost in its wake with nothing to hold on to no arms to reach or hands to grip And as if the journey to understanding our own identity isn tnough we must also deal inevitably with all the ways in which it can be perceived and affected by the outside world looking inThis story felt deeply personal to me in so many ways Like Felix I had felt unmoored spinning for years My gender identity sat inside me like an ill fitting puzzle piece It fit under my skin like an uncomfortable self that I couldn t ignore once I acknowledged it Unlike Felix who is brave While My Soldier Serves enough to run straight into things rather than barricade himself against them I did my best to ignore it And for years I steadfastly avoided meeting itsyes I was terrified that much I know now I didn t like that sort of knowledge how it bubbled up from a source I couldn t put my finger on I didn t like not knowing my own self In retrospect I can see now how in a slow upwelling of despair I had clung to the idea that ignoring it would diminish it somehowBut a few months ago while I was listening to the Penumbra Podcast an audio drama that centers around a non binary detective on Mars who uses hehim pronouns but refers to himself as a lady the politely waiting truth cleared its throat stepped forward and reintroduced itself Fiction has a way of awakening motions that had lived underground for a long time and something inside me simply gave way Non binary Here is a word that felt true as I said it that felt as though it had always been true and had only needed knowing Only this time it was as asy as wishing I felt my heart take root in my body and though I was still terrified I still am sometimes the world is a wretched place when you dare to be different a serene certainty sang in me For the first time in so many years I feel like I have a firm grip on myself like all my tethers are once again drawn taut Kacen Callendar who talks in their author s note about the ಪರಿಸರದ ಕತೆ Parisarada Kathe episode of Degrassi The Next Generation that had changed their life understands this so acutely and they press theirxperience into a novel that s in so many senses a grateful nod and a celebration of the transformative The Fiend Next Door effect of fiction I m not flaunting anything I m justxisting This is me I can t hide myself I can t disappear And ven if I could I don t fucking want to I have the same right to be here I have the same right to xist But while the novel presses companionably like a palm against the reader s back its hero is no stranger to lonelinessFelix s brand of loneliness struck me like hammers to a bell and I rang with it because it s loneliness that I sometimes hear clattering through me Unlike Ezra Felix s best friend who can walk into a crowd of strangers and walk out with a group of friends Felix has a habit of always sinking into himself and like most habits this one was hard to break Keeping பொன்னியின் செல்வன் - புது வெள்ளம் everyone at arm s length becomes Felix s way of girding himself against the fear that he would one day offer his heart only to be told it wasn t as precious as he had thought it to be So he makes a silent plea in his head to love and be loved to benough The Return of the Carter Boys: The Carter Boys 2 even when it felt unattainable like staring into a room full of warmth and always missing the door tonter it Because at the bottom of that fear was Felix s conviction that he wasn t worthy of a love that came softly of a love that wasn t violence and that A Meditation on Murder every path he took to it would always be laid with agonyBut that was just being caught out of life and Felix s journey of learning to trust the wild impossible sweetness of placing your love in the safe deposit of someonelse s heart of letting them see you in all the ways that you are messy and hurt and lost and all the ways they made you want to be BETTER OF ACCEPTING THAT YOU IN of accepting that you in ntirety are loveable that you are nough that you are worthy it filled me with a pure aching joy It can be asier to choose you are worthy it filled me a pure aching joy It can be asier sometimes to choose love someone you know won t return your feelings At least you know how that will nd It s asier to accept hurt and pain sometimes than love and acceptance It s the real loving relationships that can be the scariest Felix Ever After is a blisteringly honest and reverent book Kacen Callendar writes their story like they re facing it head on sinking deep never cruising past anything and the novel is all that much better for it I hope AI Weiwei: Beijing Photographs, 1993-2003 every ueer teen andvery ueer adult for the novel s themes transcend its categorization find their way to it so they too might sink into its steady warmth like a blanket drawn around their shoulders ko fi blog twitter tumblr So overwhelmed with love for this cover with a ueer poc main character with top surgery scars It s so visible and incredible I can t handle itUpdate 62020Wow Wow wow wow There is such a scope of The Bubble Economy: Is Sustainable Growth Possible? emotion here that it all overwhelms me This is the messy ueer book that I have needed desperately It is sad and it is fierce and it is funny and it is hopeful and it is so full of love and full of forgiveness and fucking up and learning from it all It s a masterpiece FELIX EVER AFTER ON TV YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BJHREGKOWETIGUYAJIOU3YRFGAJIRUOYGRUIOYRGU5HTY95GIHGJOWUH9GY3UH3IGUGYIUHRGI3RGB read this review and others on my blog pages left unreadI have a solid feeling Felix Ever After will be my favorite book of 2020Ever since I read the syn. From Stonewall and Lambda Award winning author Kacen Callender comes a revelatory YA novel about a transgender teen grappling with identity and self discovery while falling in love for the first timeFelix Love has never been in love and yes he’s painfully aware of the irony He desperately wants to know what it’s like and why it seems soasy for veryone but him to find someone. Opsis of this book my xpectations for it were soaring and after reading it my love for it was The Social Machine: Designs for Living Online even higher Felix Ever After was such a joy to read but it also felt as ifach page wrapped around my heart and saw the deepest corners of my soul Sometimes I feel as if this book was written just for me as a nonbinary ueer Black personSo in this review I ll be discussing why I loved this book so much but also how my love for it closely binds with the identities and Collision Course: Endless Growth on a Finite Planet experiences I shared with the main character andven others Approaching this review was something for me that took a lot I feel as if I m maybe oversharing too much 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10 (Software Studies) even but I think talking about my personalxperiences is necessary to convey my love for this bookIf I had to do one thing for the rest of my life it would have to be to get veryone to read Felix Ever After I adored very single page of it and initially finishing it I was rendered speechless and I still almost am I saw myself in so much of this book and also Your Everyday Art World enjoyedvery single page of itFelix is such a character I would regard as one of my favorites because while I loved his personality and cherished him so much he s a character I saw myself completely in One of the first major Why Photography Matters events which occurs in this book is Felix discovering a fellow student at his prestigious arts high school put up a gallery of pictures of him pre transition with his deadname on it and the rest of this book revolves around him getting back at the perpetrator of this horrific situation While thankfully nothing of thisxtent has happened to me personally I related so much with him As Felix is Black ueer and trans it s not hard to feel that sometimes the whole world is against him and it s Doreen Valiente Witch exactly how I feel as well While this is mostly a happy book something I m glad about Felix gets so much shit for justxisting and from Duty Free Murder every corner of his life As someone who is closeted in real life it notven being an option for me to be otherwise I identified so much with the daily things he had to Asperger - Leben in zwei Welten : Betroffene berichten: das hilft mir in Beruf, Partnerschaft Alltag endureOne of the things I loved about this book was how it portrayed unsupportive parents of ueer and trans youth I feel as if the former is a weird thing to remark on but it s unfortunately a reality for so many people Even though something I do wish this book had were parents who were completely loving and supportive while not all are downright homophobic and transphobic there weren t any who were initially completely accepting of their children but this does reflect the world we live inspecially one I do I won t go into specifics with the character I m talking about because then it ll start going into spoiler territory but there s one character I related to a lot with how their parents feelings on their ueernessLike mine they have parents who believe their religion makes up ueerness as something abhorrent and abnormal their parents treating them accordingly and as the book mentions My dad is hardcore Catholic I used to hope that he d decide to change his mind that he could accept me because I was his child And then I d laugh at myself Like how fucking arrogant is that Expecting my dad to love me than he loves God I will never be able to be myself to my family due to their internalized beliefs and therefore have to face constant homophobia against others and in general because I am not out and misgendering daily I always wish this wasn t the case that I could have parents and family who would love me no matter what but it s a reality I ve become accustomed toAlso throughout this book Felix also uestions his gender freuently he is sure he isn t a girl but doesn t 100% identify completely as male or nonbinary and later realizes he is a demiboy Although I am not though on the trans spectrum I closely related to his constant feeling of uncertainty concerning gender identity and being ueer I feel as if the media paints realizing gender identity or ueerness as this single moment an piphany of this is what I am so asily and while it is like that for some people sometimes the xperience is completely opposite and it s such a struggle This book conveyed those feelings so perfectly and it s one of the things I loved so much about itThis book also highlights that not having a label in the sense of gender and ueer identity is completely okay and commonplace while in the sense of gender and ueer identity is completely okay and commonplace while acknowledging that labels are important for many and customarily give a sense of clarity knowing there are other people just like you While it mentions this many times here s one uote I loved regarding it He shrugs with a smile I honestly don t care that much about labels I mean I know they re important to a lot of people and I can see why I m not knocking them It s just I kind of wish we could xist without having to worry about putting ourselves into categories If there were no straight people no violence or abuse or homophobia or anything would we ven need labels or would we just be Sometimes I wonder if labels can get in the way Like if I was adamant that I m straight does that force me into only liking girls What if that d stopped me from falling in love with a guy I don t know he says again I get that labels can be important They connect us They help create community Leah says I can see what you re saying If the world was perfect maybe we wouldn t need labels But the world isn t perfect and labels can really be a source of pride specially when we ve got to deal with so much crap I m really freaking proud to be a lesbian And along with this it also discusses how ven though ueer spaces are important and needed specially for youth they can sometimes be overwhelming and ven feel unwelcoming This is a pretty minor thing but I really

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want to mention as it s something I related with so much I also loved how Felix s deadname is never on page I feel as if it s the opposite for very other trans YA bookBut with all I ve mentioned previously this book is a constant reminder that Witched At Birth (A Paris, Texas Romance, even though the world seems to be against us who are ueer of color and trans we still manage to live remorseless and proud Pretty muchvery major and minor character in this book is ueer and many are POC and there are so many happy ueer scenes it fills my heart to think about The romances in this book is verything and this book made me feel so joyful I just loved reading about Felix and all of his moments of mirth and aside from all the heavy aspects of Felix Ever After it s a book which will keep you smiling and invested throughout I was hurt this summer hurt than I thought I ver could be It could ve been Smalltalk: Die Kunst des stilvollen Mitredens easy to say I was hurt because I m trans because someone singled me out for my identity but there s something weird about that something off about suggesting that my identity is the thing that brought me any sort of pain It s the opposite Being trans brings me love It brings me happiness It gives me power Ezra s biting his lip as he grins at me I shrug a little It makes me feel like I m a god I wouldn t change myself for anything And I can t believe I have tover Burkes Christmas Surprise end this review at one point I want to talk about this book and praise it forternity but I will close it with this I adored Felix Ever After by Kacen Callender It s such a singular book and when I say I want Tales from the Torrid Zone: Travels in the Deep Tropics every single person in the worldspecially ueer trans and Black youth to read it I m not xaggerating in the slightest I saw myself in very part of it as well reading it felt like it was a book written The Go-Girl Guide exactly for me and itven was in a way But it s also a book I had so much fun reading I was smiling so hard throughout it and so much things about this book gave me an Ne regarde pas endless joy I have over 5 thousand words of uotes from it This is one of the longest reviews I havever wrote and I hope it ll convince you to read Felix Ever After if you haven t yet If it s the only good thing I d Unworldly Secretary, Untamed Greek ever make out of being What’s worse is thatven though he is proud of his identity Felix also secretly fears that he’s one marginalization too many Black ueer and transgender to ver get his own happily ver afterWhen an anonymous student begins sending him transphobic messages after publicly posting Felix’s deadname alongside images of him before he transitioned Felix comes up with a plan for re. .

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