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sometimes each or even themselves In most cases short story collections have a certain number of meeehhh efforts or fillers not this one Here the one text that falls short Jael doesn t work because it is over ambitious and oes off the rails with its many shifts and tricks thus at least failing in an interesting way So thanks National Book Award I wouldn t have picked the book up if it wasn t nominated which means I would have missed out on a wonderful intense powerful collection The stories in this collection explore the lives of black women and Boy Soldiers of the Great War: Their Own Stories for the First Time girls who yearn to express their individuality and remain true to themselves while trying to navigate the influence of their religious doctrine and community While church and religion may provide structure and reassurance for some they may also produce conflict and double standards for others I couldn t put this down and finished all nine stories in one day Deesha s writing is precise and her prose is rich and filled with emotion She does an effective job of capturing the nuances of Christianity and its community in the lives of black women andirls These stories don t feel confrontational as they present these topics They are simple presented to the reader as is for them to think about and reach their own decision Thank you Netgalley for this advance reader s copy A stunning collection of real and raw stories centered around the Black community and the importance the church plays in the conflict messiness and pain which comes as a result of being uided by a construct built on a foundation of unflinching faith and allegiance some are forced to endure as a result of trying to live right Standouts include Peach Cobbler How to Make Love to "a Physicist Eula and Jael Where Peach Cobbler centers on a young irl s realization "Physicist Eula and Jael Where Peach Cobbler centers on a young irl s realization the man she thought was God the reverend at her church is actually just one who loves taking advantage of their poverty as a means of satisfying his own primal urges Eula and Jael both focus on the restrictions placed on whom we re allowed to love the confusion and anger caused when trying to reconcile how to inherit HIS Kingdom with our own desire to best find some semblance of happiness here on earthHence the messiness All three stories center on the difficulty of navigating Black womanhood in a community where men are iven far freedom to be hedonistic and still acceptable because God accounts for their imperfection while women are held to a different set of standards How to Make Love to a Physicist focuses on one woman s journey to learning how to love herself before allowing her heart to truly love another Each story packs a punch that stays with you and makes you wonder if some us are putting to much stock in the interpretations of too many self serving men in the hope of satisfying one MAN This exchange in Eula was one of my favorites because it speaks to an issue I continue to have with religion as a whole The Bible is the inerrant word of God Eula whispers as defiantly as a whisper can be And you only believe that because of how another Gandhi Churchill: The Epic Rivalry that Destroyed an Empire and Forged Our Age group of men interpret the firstroup of men People say you re supposed to put your faith in God not men Do you think God wants you or anybody to o untouched for decades and decades For their whole lives I don t uestion God But maybe you should uestion the people who taught you this version of God Because it s not doing you any favors I truly enjoyed this offering by Deesha Philyaw and look forward to reading of her work in the future Thanks to Edelweiss for this Advanced eGalley Opinion is my own. Ng with who they want to be in the world caught as they are between the church's double standards and their own needs and passio. ,
These stories are so ood They re unapologetically Black humorous sad complex full and sometimes steamy too I loved most of them and liked a few but overall really impressed Philyaw has crafted a whole world and whole humans in so few words I chose this book initially because I loved the cover it s so reat and was also intrigued by the title I have been wanting to read broadly to et fresh perspectives and to pick up books by authors of color despite being a POC myself my books tend largely toward white authors and I rew up in a predominantly
white culture this 
culture This definitely ave me insight into the lives of Black women and while I usually steer clear of short stories because I feel I am just The Lives of Stay-at-Home Fathers: Masculinity, Carework and Fatherhood in the United States getting into the characters when the narrative ends I thought each of these were well done vignettes that didn t leave me needing There was sorrow than joy in these stories and loss of belief than faith The melancholy bitterness rage and sorrow is occasionally tempered by joy self discovery and resolve in these stories and I did finish it feeling like I hadotten a peek into the lives of Black women today As a practicing Christian these stories were heartbreaking to me It felt like no one s faith made much of a difference in how they lived their lives that instead the church had scarred instead of supported them They were rightfully jaded by the hypocrisy This rings true is hard to read anyway Although very different I think this would be a ood comp with American by Helen Ellis I first saw this book when Kiese Laymon retweeted the author s thank you for his blurb I was intrigued by the title and orgeous coverThis short story collection is one of the best I have read I finished the collection in 2 days I would have read the entire collection in one sitting but I stopped to meditate on the 4th storyThe author writes the first sentence of each of the stories to draw the reader in Once you are in the story unfolds over a few pages and the reader can identify with the setting and characters The concluding sentences wrap the short stories up in a way that is satisfying to the reader but still could be fleshed out to a novella or novel Lovers of short stories will enjoy this collectionThe stories are not bible study stories They do have church and Christian elements Many of THE STORIES EXPLOR TAPS IS THIS stories explor taps Is this on Yes Ok Let me introduce you to your new favorite author Deesha Philyaw Deesha isn t a new author she s been writing for a minute but what she does in The Secret Lives is something special She flips the script and portrays Gone: The Disappearance of Claudia Lawrence and Her Father's Desperate Search for the Truth good churchirls as the real women and irls they are not some perfect beings who worship at the altar 247 and never let their slip show The Secret Lives is not non fiction and I feel like that needs to be emphasized before it s tosssed aside as such This is a collection of nine short stor FINAL REVIEW I m in love I m freaking out And I needwantcrave This collection reminded me why I love short stories By Page 5 I knew this was oing to be a firecracker of a collection One of the key successes of this collection is how Philyaw manages to Moonrise (Snowfall, get you deeply invested in all the characters and scenarios almost immediately By the first page of each story you find yourself enraptured and needing to sprint through those pages Think of your favorite dish yes there s that feeling of needing to savor every morsel appreciate all the flavors But there s also thatreediness that knowingness of how satisfying it will be after you ve consumed the entire thing There s a lot to chew on when it comes to this collection but there s also an addictive uality attach. The Secret Lives of Church Ladies explores the raw and tender places where black women and irls dare to follow their desires an. Ed to it There s a reason why everyone is flying through this bookEnter this world of dutiful churchgoers lapsed parishioners larger than life pastors non believers unapologetic sinners and those hiding their true ratchet selves behind masks of piety All the stories are told through the point of view of Black women and most of them are filled with uiet rage There are struggles with sexuality faith or lack of faith body image romantic relationships sex abandonment atonement family and loyaltyEven though every story is a firecracker and crackling with energy they re all approached with different moods and vibes You ll find humorous stories lush angry crass and so on You ll find sensuality in Eula vivid imagery in Peach Cobbler a laugh riot "IN DEAR SISTER GET TO KNOW "Dear Sister Get to know pure madness that is Jael You ll et a surprisingly heightened feminist and empowering manifesto in Instructions for Married Christian Husbands And How to Make Love to a Physicist is just straight up sexy I read that entire story out loud because I needed to experience the prose on another level verballyThis collection was such a pleasant surprise More important it was a pleasure to read What a joyful experience This anthology is a love letter to the Black women who Hello, Snow! grew up watching The Young the Restless Dynasty Falcon s Crest with their mother s andrandmothers The Black class="48af8e4631030b80e87281df1c4f282d" style="color: #993300; font-size: 30px;">women who spent many days in the kitchen learning how to up some chicken and frost the perfect cake Some who spent many days in the kitchen learning how to fry up some chicken and frost the perfect cake Some for me included Snowfall where a woman reminisces about her life down South in the warmth where Sunday services and crab boils prevailed compared to her life now where snowfalls heavy and she wakes up extra early to shovel snow The life where her lesbian lover seems to be drifting away from her Where she finds herself yearning to reach out to her mother who has disowned her due to her lifestyle not fitting her strong Christian valuesPeach Cobbler where a teen A Little Dinner Before the Play girl reflects on her mother s longoing affair with the reverend of the local church How her mother would bake him the best peach cobbler he ever had while never letting her have one bite The neglect she felt as her mother put forth effort into taking care of this man with his own family vs her daughter whom she couldn t bother to muster up affection forDon t bring you re mess to my doorstep is the proclamation the lead in Instructions for Married Christian Husbands proclaims If you like the drama of Greenleaf the family bonds and reading people with Scripture this is right up your alleyhttpswomenofcolorreadtooblogspot These are wonderful stories I love the focus on black women and their inner and outer lives Philyaw s voice is distinct and textured The stories are beautifully crafted A lovely collection Nominated for the National Book Award for Fiction 2020This collection contains nine short stories focusing on Southern Black women who attend or attended church but defy conservative religious norms The book shines because it manages to Mastering the Art of Saying No Without Feeling Guilty: Tips, Techniques and Strategies give its characters distinct voices that draw readers into their world immediately it s easy to feel with theroup of half sisters who just buried their selfish father and now contact the one half sister they haven t met yet with the Yuganta, The End Of An Epoch girl who lives with a mother who has a long term affair with the preacher or the woman who struggles to overcome the alienation and shame she feels about her own body These female protagonists feel so lively so real so three dimensional and the convincing way the author crafts facets of human interaction is really a spectacle to behold Food sex relationships with others the women in the stories are lookin. D pursue a momentary reprieve from beingood The nine stories in this collection feature four Once a Wicked Lady: A Biography of Margaret Lockwood generations of charactersrappli.

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