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Kiss of Heat Breeds #4; Feline Breeds #3Rienced in the Breed aboratories years ago although exactly how many years ago is highly in uestion as it was seven in Tempting the Beast and eleven in Kiss of Heat I understood why she initially fought her desire for Kane even though she was in the throes of a painful mating heat She was simply trying to protect her heart from being broken again and was also trying to protect Kane since no one knew how a man would react to the Breed mating hormone Still I felt that Ms Leigh could have expressed the emotional impact on both of these characters a ittle deeply As written I felt ike she was telling than showing so I never fully connected with Kane and Sherra in the way I had hopedAlthough I realize it s a Lora Leigh trademark the fact that Kane and Sherra spent a Frommer's Irreverent Guide to Walt Disney World lot of time sniping at and arguing with each other didn t help matters for me and it wasn t just the hero and heroine who were engaging in this type of behavior either Nearly everyone in the book even the women seemed constantly angry with someone grunting growling yelling snarling or participating in general alpha posturing every couple of paragraphs I could definitely see how someone could get completely smashed if they played a drinking game while reading this book and uite frankly it might have been enjoyable that way I also couldn t help but roll my eyes at the idea of the hero walking around aroused nearly 247 I know it was the mating hormone causing it but I couldn t stop myself from thinking about how with him being a normal human male this would constitute a major medical issue Not to mention he didn t seem all that concerned about hiding it either The happyittle event at the end was just a bit too easy and convenient for my taste tooWith Kiss of Heat being primarily about Sherra going through the mating heat and trying to come to terms with Kane being back in her ife and her permanent mate ots of steamy ove scenes were definitely expected and in that respect I wasn t disappointed Lora Leigh certainly knows how to write blistering hot ove scenes that are sure to Sometime After Midnight leave the reader in need of a cold shower or ready to attack their own mate and this book was no exception These parts helped to make the story enjoyable and were aittle sweet treat for my mind However with the previous books in the series the red hot Stop Inflammation Now!: A Step-By-Step Plan to Prevent, Treat, and Reverse Inflammation--The Leading Cause of Heart Disease and Related Conditions lovin turned my brain sufficiently mushy enough to almost forget some of the other story weaknesses but in this case I think there were a few too many deficiencies for mere steam to overcome I just found myself thinking about all missing pieces and uestions I had that weren t being answered rather than enjoying the heatTimeine wise Kiss of Heat takes place immediately following The Man Within and simultaneously with the Eyes Behind the Lines: L Company Rangers in Vietnam, 1969 latter part of Elizabeth s Wolf As such the Breeds are still fighting against threats and attacks from outsiders at their compound and Cassie theittle Wolf Breed girl from Elizabeth s Wolf is involved in the story She is pretty much the same as before but I have to say that I m still slightly off put by her occasionally manipulative nature Callan and Merinus Tempting the Beast and Taber and Roni The Man Within also play significant roles as do some of the characters who will get Their Own Books In The own books in the Tanner Tanner s Scheme Mercury Mercury s War Cabal Bengal s Heart and Jonas Lion s Heat The School Dazed latter two were introduced in this book and Dawn and Seth Dawn s Awakening had their first scenes together I m intrigued by this pairing but considering that Dawn experienced something similar to if not worse than Sherra did in theabs I felt ike Seth s overtly sexual overtures toward Dawn were a ittle bit much Still overtly sexual overtures toward Dawn were a Chinese Fairy Tales Fantasies: Folio Society Edition little bit much Still ve heard that their book is one of the best in the series so I mooking forward to eventually reading it and hope that it has better character and plot development than Kiss of Heat did In spite of my frustrations with it Kiss of Heat was a worthwhile read but it Old Haunts left me with a half full feelingike The Whole Story Simply Wasn T Told Anyone Who Can whole story simply wasn t told Anyone who can their brain off ong enough to overlook that will probably enjoy it much than I did Even though this was probably my east favorite book in the Breed series that I ve read to date I m sure I Cooking for Company: All the Recipes You Need for Simple, Elegant Entertaining at Home ll continue on The whole Breed concept is an intriguing albeit rather underdeveloped one at this point but if nothing else Il know that there l be some hot sex to console me in the event of a disappointing plotNote For the most part the sexual content reads much ike a super steamy mainstream romance but there is one brief moment of anal play with fingers There is also a scene in which two characters not the hero or heroine are caught in the aftermath of a menage a trois Kane is a warrior and protector to Sherra When he thought she was dead he felt apart of himself had died Sherra is a Feline Breed She marked Kane on their one night together a decade ago It will take a kiss to release the mating hormone and bond them for My Wifes Affair life Lora Leigh really takes this story in a differentenough directionto keep the series interesting and not just aboutoads of hot sex You get to see how much cruelty is dealt to the Breeds by the Council Sherra tries to Dîwana Jan let Kane use her for sex for mating with no emotional connection But Kane would rather suffer physically than feel only partially connected to his mate I reallyike the ayers of friends both human and Breed and the growth of knowing about the Council and other Bree Love this book Sherra is so hurt by her past that she guards her future with a gun Kane is from her past but is definitely part of her future After earning what happened to Sherra Kane is determined than ever to make Sherra his mate forever Sherra is holding on to her painful past so hard that she s not only killing herself but the possibilty of Kane healing her heart that has been seriously tornI recommend that you read this book but not before you read the first book Tempting the Beast Callan Lyons is an animal ol. Wn ife by revealing the deceit and cruelty of the Council that created the Breeds But Sherra didn't die and now amid the rapidly escalating violence against the Feline Breeds Kane and Sherra earn that there's to mating than just the heat just as there's to ove than just the .

On was marvelously done Kane remained true to himself consistent with the image he s maintained since the first book the ittle digs were still there even venomous at the beginning dissolving into playful banter as the story progressed Ms Leigh has truly created a wonderful character He s strong determined to protect everything and everyone he cares for even if they don t want him to capable of the deepest The Curious Cases of Cyriack Skinner Grey love and most seething anger but when his control finally breaks he s still gentle still protective reproachful toward himself than anyone elseHis feelings toward Sherra were almost palpable utterly bitter sweet in their intensity and desperation and the reader coulditerally feel how her continual refusals bit into him Yet he still persevered wanting to help wanting to comfort her make her happyAbsolutely beautifulSherra was also wonderfully portrayed So stubborn to shake her silly so utterly sad to cry with her so resentful yet desperate to grasp at anything she could so scared and scarred and in need of comfort and Itsuka love I forgot every hurtful word she hurled at Kane at the same time I wanted to slap her for being such a stubborn hellcat The inner scars ran deep the protective barriers around her were too thick to high yet theyiterally crumbled with every scene giving in under Kane s sensual oving assaultBut she still continued with her silly stubbornness until it was almost too ate until at ast she was woman enough to admit at her failings and brave enough to take a huge eap of faith from the proverbial cliffKane and Sherra s ove story was such an emotional roller coaster everything paled in comparison The supporting cast though uite a massive body count did their job marvelously keeping in the back etting the two of them shine occasionally providing a valuable insight or word of wisdom though Sherra refused to isted to reason almost to the endAnother hidden gem of this story were Seth and Dawn I went to check the blurbs of the next books in the series and I got very very giddy huge grinI d definitely recommend this book to every single fan of paranormal romance not just the Breed and Leigh fans although you might consider reading the series from the beginning to get acuainted with the Breed history the characters and their relationship and interactions with each other Though it could definitely be read as a standalone the general details are explained it could prove a ittle difficult to follow for a noviceA definite keeper if there was one I was disappointed with this one and after high hopes too with this couple 1 Not much of any side story besides the mating I need story No Strings Attached line2 Just not feeling theove connection with these two much Fancy Strut like they didn t for each other most of the book She had to be mean to him to protect him from the effects of the heat and after he s finally offered the chance to sleep over he couldn t because she doesn tet him touch her what he couldn t snuggle and break her in nicely 3 Fact Discrepancies Roni s hair was blond now brown and he was carrying his mate upstairs to their room huh said it was on the bottom floor plus a Northern California: A History and Guide - From Napa to Eureka lot of wrong word usage or extra and repeat words4 I am glad this couple finally worked it out eyeroll I don t think I have ever read a eyeroll worthy book The phrase baby was used so many times I think I hurt my eye muscles from rolling my eyes so many times It was just friggen insane The main characters were uite annoying and growled as much as the maleead said baby Also if you are running out of ways to describe horniness do not use the phrase My cock is on fire I will Unbreathed Memories laugh for 10 minutes straight and consider putting it on a t shirt Reviewed for THC Reviews35 stars Now that I ve read four of Lora Leigh s books I ve come to the conclusion that in order to truly enjoy them one has toeave their brain at the door and not think about the plots too much Unfortunately being the cerebral person that I am that can be very difficult and I end up finding annoying discrepancies and worse yet huge plot holes The author gave just enough backstory on Kane and Sherra in the two previous Feline Breeds books Tempting the Beast and The Man Within to really whet my appetite for I desperately wanted to know exactly how it was that Kane and Sherra met while she was in the ab and why she was able to accept him as her over and mate after the traumatic experience of numerous rapes I also wanted to know how it was that Kane escaped and why he wasn t able to take Sherra with him when he did but Kane escaped and why he wasn t able to take Sherra with him when he did but my uestions were not to be answered by reading Kiss of Heat In fact I didn t really earn anything new about Kane and Sherra that hadn t already been told in the previous novels I even wondered if I was forgetting some details and went back to skim those two books to no avail so I guess I was meant to simply accept their relationship for what it was and eave it at that which as I ve already mentioned is easier said than done For some reason Lora Leigh decided to begin Kiss of Heat with a prologue that was basically a re written and expanded version of a scene straight out of Tempting the Beast when I thought it would have been effective to take readers back even further to Kane and Sherra s meeting in the A Sally Lockhart Mystery 2 lab Even though I badly wanted character development for Kane and Sherra they were still fairlyikable characters I can t say that I had been drawn to Kane very much in the previous books because he was portrayed as an extreme alpha who was every bit as dominant as some of the Breed men and he started this book with that same intense personality At first he was still a bit too much for me to take but as the story progressed he slowly started to ighten up When he showed some vulnerability he slowly started to ighten up When he showed some vulnerability Sherra s inability to open her heart to him again and then at the end when he was All about Us literally brought to his knees by hisove for her I couldn t help but ike him to some extent I deeply sympathized with Sherra over the torture she expe. Ugh for the truth to work its healing balm Kane a relentless warrior ost than his heart to Sherra in a night of mating passion that marked them both for Noni Speaks Up life But news of her death ripped his soul apart For years he has fought to avenge the death of the woman heoved than his ,
Breeds 4Feline Breeds 3Location Virginia Mountains Feline Breeds baseFeatured Couple Kane Human Sherra Snow LeopardThis is the first Breeds book that features the story of a female Breed and a human male We also find out that there have been breeds that have been suffering from mating heat before the term was acknowledged and before the Handbags and Gladrags length of its effects was known ieasts for foreverKane and Sherra have a history together Kane was a soldier when Sherra was nothing than a An Egg-cellent Easter! (Barbie) laboratory animal in aab One night of passion between them several years ago and a misunderstanding about Sherra s supposedly death have created unbearable pain to both of them Kane thought that he had ost the only female he ever truly wanted Sherra thought that Kane took advantage of her and then abandoned herAnd then they meet again And Sherra is not an experiment any but now she is free and importantWell Sherra is one of the east favorite female Breeds for the series fans In the book she is constantly pushing away Kane and arguing with him She is bitter hostile and hurt The thing is that I completely understand her behavior Female Breeds have suffered much than male breeds in the Wish Upon a Wedding labs They have been raped experienced miscarriages etc It is a normal thing that they don t trust males especially humans Sherra has also on top of this experienced betrayal and she is in constant pain for than 10 years because her mate was not with herBesides the story of Kane and Sherra several other characters are introduced Jonas Lion s Heat is also brought in this book Dawn and Seth Dawn s Awakening have also their first scenes together Dawn is another female breed who is not friendly with her potential mate Kiss of Heat and previous book Elizabeth s Wolf books time frames have a collision somewhat Cassie has a fondness for Kane and shows up as a naughty child Revisited this one recently and still can t stand Sherra She comes across as so pathologically childish view spoiler She clings with ferocious tenacity to her bitter grudge against Kaneong ong ooooong after it s been shown that she was mistaken in her belief that Kane is the bad guy She basically treats him Renovations: A Father and Son Rebuild a House and Rediscover Each Other like poop seemingly just out of habit Not my kind of heroine that s for sure hide spoiler This story is about Kane Tyler and Sherra They had met 11 years before and she thought he deft her in the Richard Nixon: The Life labs and he thought she was dead They meet again and it s very tense as Sherra has shut her emotions off while Kane is angry that she was alive and never contacted him Very steamy scenes once it finally happened and when it did it seemed to be every other page It wasn t it just seemedike it I know I can t believe I m saying this but the sex was almost overkill I wish she would have put in story The story is facinating I know this is being picky but there are uite a few typos in this book Hot Hot HotGood story with very sexy romance The hero Kane is a human alpha male former Special Forces Military man and all around bad ass While the Heroine is basically his counterpart of the Feline breed Sherra is a weapons specialist she is handy at detecting and diffusing bombs but also she is damaged inside from being tested on when she was brought up in the LabThat is where Sherra and Kane first met and became Mates He had infiltrated the Lab and the Doctors had used him as a tool on Sherra to have sex with her to see if breeding in captivity would be possible After they spent a night together he was supposedly murdered by another breed Dayan but he dug himself out of the grave and escaped Though he was in the hospital for months afterwardIn the meantime Sherra ost the baby and was raped In Captivity Until Callan Saved captivity until Callan saved when the Lab was destroyed She thought that Kane eft her there and Kane thought she died when the Lab was destroyed It wasn t until book 1 when Kane s sister Merinus and Callan became mates that Sherra and Kane found each other again The story is extremely compelling They are going through the same sort of mating frenzy that Callan and Merinus went through in book 1 Which makes it very steamy I give this a heat index of out of fiveBlog Goodreads Facebook Instagram Twitter BookBub Eleven years ago Kane Tyler infiltrated one of the government Breed abs and experienced a night of heated mating frenzy in the arms of Sherra a beautiful Snow Leopard BreedAfterward Kane committed the ultimate mistake by eaving her behind as he went in search of help Attacked by one of her Pride brothers he was Puppet Master left fighting for hisife for months only to Swoon: The Heartthrob Activity Book for Good Color-Inners as Well as Beginners learn of the destruction of theab upon his wakingFor the past eleven years he s Janae (Blacktop, lived only to avenge Sherra by bringing the Genetic Council to justice and allowing the Breeds the freedom they deserved when one night Sherra reappears in hisife alive and wellHating himWhen Kane failed to return all those years ago Sherra was convinced he d abandoned her making him a perfect target for her hate blaming him for everything she d endured afterward the death of their babyEven now after earning the truth about what happened she still strives to hate him but Kane is adamant to make her see the attraction between them is than just the mating heatBut with new threats emerging from every corner will she realized it in timeOh My GodI hoped this book would be good but it certainly exceeded all my expectations Ms Leigh has struck the perfect balance between plot and the EC reuired steam We were plunged Straight Back In The back in the heart of the Breed mating heat but unlike the first two books here the sex scenes though still abundant didn t deter from the main plot but complimented it supporting the
story and propelled 
and propelled forward As the story progressed the characters grew and developed so did the steamy scenes change from the initial savage release of two angry resentful almost strangers to the oving joining of two people in ove when all the conflicts were resolved and the past resentments were resolvedThe characterizati. They've waited a decade to come together Long years filled with unbearable pain and soul wrenching torment that have changed them both and eft wounds that have aid their souls bare Wounds that stand one chance of healing – if only they could stop fighting each other ong eno.