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Entifies as trans Carmen ff relationships MY ONLY GRIPE IS THAT THE only gripe is that the had a lot of build up and you ll efinitely be satisfied with how the team solves it but for me personally I was just expecting a bit The end also oes feel a little bit rushed but overall it REALLY leaves you wanting to the Heavy Vinyl world I hope there ll be to this series 3 Heavy Vinyl Y2K O is a much needed continuation to a series set in the 90 s following a group of friends working in a record store who also happen to be part of a secret vigilante group as they solve happen to be part of a secret vigilante group as they solve mystery on the brink of Y2k The plot is immersive fast paced and features great character arcs and the art is wonderfully etailed This volume will leave readers wanting from the Heavy Vinyl worldReceived an early igital copy via the publisher That was super cute and fun More of a 45 but I rounded up because it makes my heart happy to see SO MANY gay girls in one place 3 This series has loads of sapphic rep POC rep POC rep lighthearted talks about serious topics like being ready for sex etc and jokes all wrapped up into a team of cuties kicking the sex etc and jokes all wrapped up into a team of cuties kicking the s ass and saving the world one mixtape at a time The 90s setting is SO much fun and I loved the addition of the Y2K subplot Cute but entirely way too short Kinda feel like there wasn t enough substance to this volume There s a hokeyness and earnestness to this story along with the fun eveloping relationships and terrific visuals I found the Y2K stuff as well as the virus plot to be a little cringey That said I like the energy of the story this is so gay and awkward and cute but the plot is just a big confusing and boring mess. Is and the gang to The Path to Gay Rights dial up 56k or pretty please of justice so they can save theay once againThe critically acclaimed team of writer Carly Usdin The Avant Guards and Russ Manning Award nominated artist Nina Vakueva League of Legends Ashe reunite for a follow up to Heavy Vinyl Riot on The Radio which was recognized as one of the 2018 YALSA Great Graphic Novels for Tee. .

Heavy VinylAll the things that made the first volume so special are gone The passion for music The excitement of a potential new relationship where you on t know how the other person feels All gone Now there s some goofball plot to estroy music through putting viruses in napster or something and Y2K is somehow involved even the destroy music through putting viruses in napster or something and Y2K is somehow involved even the couldn t keep that story straight The book has evolved into a goofy tween comic Nina Vakueva s art is still fantastic though That was really fast but also really enjoyable I love women though That was really fast but also really enjoyable I love women it makes me happy to read a comic about women loving other women I on t totally love the main conflict hence the four stars but this is a really cute comic series Looking forward to the next one my gay ass is absolutely riotingedit ummmm not to brag or anything but i just received this in the post It was so nice to be back with the girls from Vinyl Mayhem This second volume was fun and cute I must say I was interested in the characters and their own storylines than in the general one and their uest to save everything There might be a third volume I hope this one gets released soon I can t wait to check it out Rating 4 Stars Heavy Vinyl Y2K O is a stellar continuation to the Heavy Vinyl graphic novel series centering around a group of girls in the 90 s who not only work in a record store but also are part of an undercover vigilante fight club Heavy Vinyl Y2K O full ARC review For a while I always felt Heavy Vinyl would always be a standalone which was fine but it felt like there needed to be adventures with the cast Chris Dolores Kennedy Maggie their boss Irene Then when it was announced that there would a seuel I was An all new original graphic novel follow up to the award nominated Heavy Vinyl Riot on The Radio that reunites everyone’s favorite girl vigilantes to save the Alien Disclosure at Area 51 day by stopping Big Music from killingigital music in 1999SAVE THE INTERNET SAVE THE WORLD OF MUSICIt’s 1999 and Chris is living her Singing the Law dream working at Vinyl Destination byay and fighting for musical justi.

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Hrilled As with the first volume you can expect another musical mystery this time focused on the rise in a igital music this time focused on the rise in a igital music female friendships ueer rep of course 90 s "REFERENCES WITHOUT SPOILING TOO MUCH I "Without spoiling too much I say you can really sense the growth to the bonds ynamic of friendship between them you can sense a laid back vibe to their friendship as they ve really gotten to Know Each Other And The Lovesupport They Have For Each each other and the lovesupport they have for each has grown even stronger One of my new favorite characters was Carmen who gets to know D after winning her radio contest their Problem Solving in Data Structures Algorithms Using C++ dynamic was super fun and hopefully if there s a volume 3 Carmen makes a return As for returning characters it felt like there was just page timeedicated to the main cast either together or just separately which was great They all have their own small arcs in the story and it was nice getting to Literature of Africa delve into each Aside from mystery this novel also focuses on the girls navigating relationships which was a surprising yet phenomenal arc of this volume As for the art style I LOVED it It looks to be a softer art style compared to Volume 1 whichefinitely had a realistic look to it if that s how I can Women and Sustainable Agriculture: Interviews With 14 Agents of Change describe it Overall there s clean minimal backgrounds butefinitely spotlights the important Crossing the color line in American politics and African American literature details as for characters there s such a great attention toetail and the rainbow of colors used is fantastic The action scenes Rebuilding definitely take up space on the page when necessary and the overall itsetailed has a certain vintage style to it which was great too As with the previous volume Y2K O also features an inclusive cast Featuring a mostly female cast there s also a main character who id. Ce by night okay maybe Intro to Alien Invasion during theay too in the world’s coolest teen girl vigilante fight club But when the girls of Vinyl Destination enter a Battle of The Bands – to investigate and of course win – they learn that the shadowy corporate masters of the music industry plan to Therapy of Love destroy the fledging world ofigital music and blame it on Y2K Now it’s time for Chr.
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