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Omen that refuses to be defined by societal xpectations and turn them into gun wielding legends F yeah That s women s liberation way before there was such a thing in this country a feminist take on the classic scenario Excellent Buried excellent Plus all the other makings of a great read good writing terrific characters some romanceven actually considering the plot the ntire thing is surprisingly light on sapphistry but yeah there s an ntire gamut of motions and themes here though in the nd it is a book themes here though in the nd it is a book finding oneself finding one s purpose and place in the world It s just that Ada s journey managed to involve some crazy twists and turns This was my first xperience reading the author and what an auspicious introduction it turned out to be I really njoyed this book from cover to finish Even the page count worked well nice to have a great story told in under 300 pages What restraint One I should really learn from So let s nd this on a round of applause Recommended Thanks Netgalley 35 stars overall maybe 4 Really njoyed this book Ada is a great protagonist and was determined to use her medical skills howeverwhenever possible I wasn t sucked into this book until she went to the Hole in the Wall though Her time spent at the convent was just a stopgap and I found myself wishing I would just get to the good part I do think that the convent parts added another lement to the story and fleshed out Ada s life fully This was a uniue feminist dystopian book and I loved the Wild West lement and the Kid Ada s xperiences of her first marriage being cast out for being barren and A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, everything shebarren women went through in this world really made my blood boil The big robbery was awesome but what happened after that was NOT AWESOME and ugggghhhhh And at thend a character tried to bargain with Ada and I was rolling my The Shadow Reader eyes them What a deal buddy I raced through this gender bending Western Ada s mother is the independent town of Fairchild s only midwife and 17 year old Ada is her dedicated apprentice In a culture where females are valued solely for their ability to produce offspring any woman who is barren or has miscarriages isither hanged as a witch or run out of town After failing to become pregnant after a year of marriage Ada is starting to be blamed for other s misfortunes Her mother helps her Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies escape with the clothes on her back a few items to sustain her and all the medical knowledge she has gleaned Adaventually joins a group of misfit outlaws led by The Kid Her skills as Doc prove useful to the group her lack of skill with a gun not uite as useful But Ada comes into her own in this story of brave and resilient women who manage to carve lives for themselves against all odds 35 stars I think this is one of those books that suffered somewhat because I had a different vision for it than the author did And that s okay but I suspect some other readers will have a similar feelingIt s a Speculative Western set in an alternate America where a massive flu wiping out much of the population has led to a heavy lean into fertility patriarchy making women with fertility issues cast out at best and victims of horrible vengeance and violence at worst Our protagonist Ada finds herself one of these cast out barren women ventually nding up with a gang of outlaws At first blush this gang looked to be a kind of nonbinary utopia where no one was bound by the sex they were assigned at birth where some dressed as men and others as women where some saw themselves as neither or both But "with no cis men there and plenty of kisses and romance xchanged there was a kind of rebellious perfection "no cis men there and plenty of kisses and romance xchanged there was a kind of rebellious perfection that isn t really how it nded up It was just where my brain started going one way and the book started going another If you give me something that could "be a ueer utopia I am gonna get a little stuck on that concept ven if the book is not "a ueer utopia I am gonna get a little stuck on that concept ven if the book is not is secondary here to the issues of fertility That one thing is of such importance that there is little consideration of how fertile women are trapped by this kind of system too It has a kind of starry yed romanticism to it that is not unexpected from Er a year of marriage and no pregnancy in a town where barren women are routinely hanged as witches her survival depends on leaving behind verything she knows She joins up with the notorious Hole in the Wall Gang a band of outlaws led by a preacher turned robber known to all as the Kid Charismatic grandiose and mercurial the Kid is determined to create a safe haven for outcast women But to make this dream a reality the Gang hatches a treacherous plan that may get them all killed. ,

Interesting concept Plot moved along Would love to read The tale takes place at the nd of the 19th century where the wild west was still a dangerous place Oh My God, What a Complete Aisling especially for women that didn t conform to the normsxpected by society Anna North grasps the conditions of that period as our hero has to make her way through lessons in life while searching for sanctuary and security making for an original coming of age saga that all should Monsieur Pain enjoyRacism intermarriage gay and lesbian issues are touched on in a positive manner and a big shout out for thatFor We may be barren in body dear Doctor but we shall be fathers of many nations fathers and mothers bothI knew that we would build a nation of the dispossessed where we would not be barren women but kingsIn the year 1894 Ada aims to live married life in the way all women in her town do focused on bearing many children But when Ada s attempts to get pregnant fail month over month she s faced with the threat of hanging for being a barren witch With the goal of heading West to study alongside a knowledgable midwife and doctor Ada joins up with the notorious Hole in the Wall Gang a group of barren women trying to find community and build a better world for women like them and is faced with tough decisions about morality found family and her callingThanks to NetGalley and Bloomsbury USA for providing the free galleyI wasn t completely sure what to think while reading this book The story starts off slow as Ada sets the scene in her western town and its strangely Handmaids Tale sue way of thinking But it doesn t truly pick up until Ada is fully immersed in the Hole in the Wall Gang several chapters later and by then I was largely trying to keep all of the members and their backstories and relationships straight I liked Ada her determination and "Her Passion For Both Following In Her "passion for both following in her s footsteps and paving a
new path for 
path for However I was left confused halfway through when Ada s mission to go to Pagosa Springs was not mentioned in dialogue nor in her thoughts at all It almost seemed like that piece of her story was pushed aside to highlight bandit shenanigans It was refreshing to see a feminist tale of cowboys and adventures in the West and there was a lot of genderueer and LGBTIA story infused in to challenge the traditional notions in the larger setting But one aspect bothered me view spoiler Lark and Ada s relationships felt too tropey It seemed heavily implied Lark was gay and while he may have been bisexual his interest in Ada in her feminine persona came out of left field for me I appreciated what the relationship did for Ada s character but I was left feeling like the relationship was forced hide spoiler This book had me at female outlaws And if I didn t read the plot summary it would have had me at the cover Great cover Once you get past the inevitable comparisons to two other well known works and actually read the book you ll find out its very much its own thing and an xcellent thing indeed Set in a somewhat alternate reality of the Wild Wild West of the 1894 and 1895 the book follows Ada a young midwife in training a young wife who finds herself unable to get pregnant In the world she inhabits there s no greater crime for a woman for it is a world obsessed with reproduction Women get married young and ought to have as many babies as possible failure to do so results in marriage annulments banishments prosecutions as witches tc A woman barren is as good as dead unless she finds another way of life And Ada does first at a nunnery and soon after with a gang of outlaws a much nicer fit for herIt is there she meets all the fascinating variegated characters that populate this tale led by the nigmatic charismatic Kid an aspiring preacher turned insomniac outlaw Kid has a plan a plan that can make their way of life into something permanent something that can help people but implementing this plan proves to be complicated deadly ven Is there a greater way to pun intended dust up an old and staid Western genre than to infuse it with a bunch of gender bending bandits I mean seriously how awesome is that To take a group of barren A masterpiece RO KwonA grand unforgettable tale Esmé Weijun WangReader you are in for a real treat Jenny Zhang The Crucible meets True Grit in this riveting adventure story of a fugitive girl a mysterious gang of robbers and their dangerous mission to transform the Wild West In the year of our Lord 1894 I became an outlaw The day of her wedding 17 year old Ada's life looks good; she loves her husband and she loves working as an apprentice to her mother a respected midwife But aft. ,

Western but is somewhat surprising in one that has this kind of setup Many of the barren women we ncounter were at one time married and most of them describe it as a happy or at least potentially happy xperience marred by their inability to have children There is also one major cis man character who is somehow not like other men and the reveal on that I get it but also I did not like it There are so many opportunities here to consider the many ways this kind of society is bad but it stays strangely limited I liked the gang a riff on the Hole in the Wall Gang liked the gang a riff on the Hole in the Wall Gang is a Butch joke in here somewhere I just know it With a sweet solid Cassidy and a fiery preacher type Kid and a News and a Texas and that is uite fun although I did get a little hazy on a few of the supporting characters and telling them apart I liked the plotting and scheming and the attempts at robbery that don t feel romanticized at all I liked a lot of the pieces of this book I just wanted it to be than the sum of its parts In the town of Fairchild nothing is sacred than the baby Jesus Having children is the most noble thing you can do and if a woman is unable to get pregnant she s declared barren accused of witchcraft and typically hanged Unable to conceive after a year of marriage Ada scapes a disastrous fate by joining a convent a common place for barren women to seek refuge However Ada isn t sure she s suited for this life but no one will let a barren woman become a midwife as she d been trained by her own mother There s only one option left find the infamous Hole in the Wall gang a ragtag group of mostly women known for their cunning and thievery But what can she offer them in return to joining forces and is the outlaw life worth the risks OUTLAWED kept me up all night and into the next day I was so immersed and nthralled in North s version of 1894 Midwest America I feel like right now in pop culture there is a gay feminist cowpoke renaissance and the timing for OUTLAWED couldn t be better suited So get on your best boots ready your saddles and prepare yourself for a true showdown for freedom and adventure Ada is raised to be a midwife but when it becomes apparent that she is barren the town turns against her and she is accused of being a witch To save "herself she flees and nds up an outlaw "she flees and nds up an outlaw a band of outlaws that aren t what you xpect an outlaw to be Will Ada survive outlawing and find the life she cravesThanks to Bloomsbury Publishing for providing an ARC for my honest review Thanks to Bloomsbury USA and NetGalley for my ARC of "this book This novel really surpassed my Glitter Bomb (A Scrapbooking Mystery, expectations I wasxpecting a relatively simple cowboy story "book This novel really surpassed my Il morto di Maigret expectations I wasxpecting a relatively simple cowboy story what I read was a fascinating xploration of female worth and the power of community We have an outlawcowboy story that doesn t allow the represented world to go unchallenged The racism sexism and homophobia of the society depicted are not just acknowledged but actively xplored to make nuanced and interesting points although one or two needed a little further reworking I thought The narrative follows Ada the daughter of a midwife She assumes her marriage is the beginning of her life but as the months drag by and she struggles to get pregnant her plans and security come tumbling down around her Barren women are feared of being witches spreading their barrenness to other wives in the area so soon Ada must flee her town She sees how barrenness can destroy women s lives and dedicates herself to trying to find out why it happens Her journey takes her to the Hole in the Wall gang made up of other outcasts barren wives lesbians and others that do not fit in societies mould In this gang she finds a community that gives her hope for the future but how sustainable is this gang of outlaws I found the story very compelling and I was nchanted by the side characters in particular Slowly finding out how ach member came to be in the gang was so Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition engaging I almost wish there was focus on characters other than Adaspecially News and Elzy The novel is fast paced Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom exciting and measured in its approach I reallynjoyed it and I think anyone seeking a female centric outlaw story would to. And Ada must decide whether she's willing to risk her life for the possibility of a new kind of future for them allFeaturing an irresistibly no nonsense courageous and determined heroine Outlawed dusts off the myth of the old West and reignites the glimmering promise of the frontier with an ntirely new set of feminist stakes Anna North has crafted a pulse racing page turning saga about the search for hope in the wake of death and for truth in a climate of small mindedness and fea.

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