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Crimson Lake Road will be well worth it A final note to any readers who are easily upset by graphic descriptions or have undergone related traumatic experiences some of the passages regarding the murders in A Crimson Lake contain vivid imagery Also there is a heavy theme running throughout of sexual assault rape and child abuse Guys I love a thriller Legal thrillers Yes even love for those This is my first Methos book and when I started it I didn t realize it was number two in a series I wish I d nown that before beginning because I enjoy reading a series in order That said it did okay as a standalone although some things make sense now nowing there was a book before this oneJessica Yardley is a federal prosecutor who gets involved in one last case before retiring and moving far far away Her past has earned her the right to choose a much different ind of life and she s ready for it When this last case comes to her attention she wants to help prepare her replacement before boarding her plane to a new life but in doing so gets pulled into a serial murder investigationYardley is smart woman and I like the way she handles herself However and because of her intelligence and integrity I found it difficult to believe she would befriend a victim in the case she s putting together for prosecution This is a major plot point that didn t work for me I just didn t believe it would happen Don t get me wrong I am well aware of professionals that cross lines on a daily basis Unethical practices are overlooked all too often I just didn t want her to be one who would participate She says there are no legal rules against being friends with a victim but I think it s still out of character for her to put herself in that position Yeah she s lonely I get it But she s also getting ready to move and start a new life It doesn t fitTara Yardley s daughter is a bold character Without giving away too much of the plot she s a mix of highly intelligent and immature She s a savant and could in later books be an integral part of an investigative team with her nowledge and skills Right now though she s making some ridiculous choices Not only that but Yardley doesn t step in when she should and that bothered meOverall the story is good I can t help but think that it s a second or third draft that an editor isn t uite done with For example in the first chapter a sheriff and FBI agent are at a crime scene Methos writes That he barely glanced at the body was no surprise Baldwin had long nown Garrett a former army drill instructor and now a veteran homicide detective with the Clark County Sheriff s Office to be unresponsive to horrific crime scenes Okay not bad but this is the ind of sentence an editor would break down and make clearer Also these two characters are introduced in the first two paragraphs of the book with their names and titles and it was a bit listy for me it was as if Methos were checking off his list of characters which is an amateur moveThere are other issues such as the line Some ids came in probably no than thirteen Thirteen A Certain Justice (Adam Dalgliesh, kids Orids who are no older than thirteen There were stereotypical lines in dialogue like the line Them models is screwed up something fierce said by a guy who lives in a trailer park Methos also up something fierce said by a guy who lives in a trailer park Methos also about OCD which seemed a bit like lives in a trailer park Methos also "ABOUT OCD WHICH SEEMED A BIT " OCD which seemed a bit crutchThe person I wanted to follow the most was the defense attorney Dylan Aster As soon as he appeared in the book the momentum changed His style dialogue and storyline are much compelling to me than the other characters In my opinion Methos has much fun writing Aster than Yardley There s an ease in the writing that isn t there when he s writing Yardley In fact the biggest problem I had with the book was the plot line For me Aster s chapters would have been a stronger starting point The way the story reads Aster doesn t come in until halfway through the book and it made it seem like a separate story It was almost as if the first half was a long preface Again this is something an editor should spot and help reworkPerhaps if I d read the first book in the series some of these issues would be resolved I would give this book two stars if it weren t for the second part of the book Aster makes it worth it for me so I ll give it three I was drawn to this a genre I don t usually choose because the descriptor intimated the element of art This was a plot point early on but it didn t overcome the book s deficiencies I found it amateurish in approach and gratuitously gory and since I do not read thrillers involving harm against children and was misled re the content gave up Suspenseful Yes at times Unbelievable Yes at times Yardley as a DA is not the brightest in her profession She so uickly befriends a victim of a crime she s investigating Calls her a soul mate Really I ll give this read three stars There s not much else I can say or else I will interject spoilers I m shaking my head Thank you Netgalley and Thomas and Mercer for this ARC in exchange for an honest review All in all I enjoyed this story and plowed through it uickly Though I guessed the primary culprit from the character s first appearance and frankly thought our protagonist Jess seemed not very bright when she didn t suspect a thing the twist at the end made for a satisfying surprise I like Jess Cason and Tara as well as Dylan and Lily in fact for much of the book Dylan was of a hero and a much dynamic character than Jess so I m inclined to The Shadow Reader keep reading this series I do agree with other reviewers who noted that the author s use of last names for characters This will be part review and part storycraft including consistency and will contain spoilers It also describes some of the gore in it The book also deals in child abuse If you want to read this book or you re not a fan of child in danger books you may want to skip this review It s also fairly longGood GoodCrimson Lake Road is listed as Desert Plains 2 on Goodreads As is the case in many of my reviews I m parachuting into a series after the characters have been established It isn t really apparent in this book that it s 2 in a seri. Serialiller ex husband to gain additional insight into the crimes and the Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies killer’s motivationsBy the time Jessica realizes that pursuing this case is a deadly mistake it’s too late to turn back Can she catch theiller or will she be the final addition to a iller’s masterpiece. ,
Crimson Lake Road the name of Victor Methos latest novel is also the name of a road in rural Nevada that runs through a largely abandoned lakeside town It is to there that police are called when a body is found The dead woman was tortured then wrapped in black coverall and her face swathed in bloody bandages The investigation goes nowhere A month later the police go to the Road again where there is another victim this one alive but also tortured Because the crimes appear to be the work of a serial psycho the FBI is called in to investigate because of their greater nowledge of that type of criminal Leading that investigation is Jessica Yardley a US Assistant DA Mr Methos is The Power Of A Choice known for his courtroom dramas type crime thrillers he has written another good one The first half of the book is mainly concerned with the investigation It also introduces his primary character Jessica Yardley and fills put her out her persona She is about to retire from the federal service because she has had enough of the heartbreaking soul destroying effort needed to find and convict the monsters who abduct andill leaving mutilated corpses behind With one daughter Tara a high achieving teen who is already in college via scholarship working in advanced Mathematics Jessica plans to go to a nice little town with a nice little law practice that handles Wills property closings and estate Ie things that are boring mundane and far from criminal homicides But before that she has to find this iller This first part of the book is about progress of the investigation Following a few clues links are found to an ex con living in Crimson Lake who was convicted of idnapping and sexual abuse That part of the investigation leads to another man whose alibi does not hold up and in whose house is found materials exactly the same as those used in the murder Yardley holds off retiring to prosecute this last case Here Mr Methos steps into his lawyer mode to write some crackling good courtroom scenes Yardley faces a crafty opponent a surly judge and growing doubts about the defendant s guilt By the time of the last page is turned with guilt or innocence decided the tangled motives of a twisted past revealed the reader will have enjoyed a very good book that was well worth his or her time I recommend it I would have given it a five star review But for the occasional awkward syntax of the author Mr Methos did something I never noticed in his other books I read namely the run on sentence with a dangling participle clause here and a out of place adjectival phrase there It did not happen often Thanks to Netgalley the publisher for an ARCThis is one of those times it really hurts that we can t give half stars on Goodreads I liked this book than an avg 3 star book but can t rank it on the same 4 stars as others including the first book in this series The beginning the end were strong and ept me hooked wanting to now what happened The middle I found to be a little tedious I will say the other reasons I rounded down instead of up were view spoiler 1 the fact it was pretty obvious that River would be the iller or at least involved in "THE KILLINGS THIS DISTRACTED ME DURING THE WHOLE NOVEL " killings This distracted me during the whole novel was handed to us on a platter 2 Seriously We all love Yardley and think she s great but how can I reconcile that with the fact that all the people she s drawn to closest to are murderers Her 2 loves her only friend 3 The decision to let River go at the end was a little too off brand for me with how Yardley is portrayed hide spoiler Book Review Crimson Lake Road Desert Plains 2 by Victor MethosPublished by Thomas Mercer on February 9 202145 Stars After the incarceration of her ex husband convicted serial iller and prodigious artist Edward Cal in Desert Plains Book 1 Jessica Yardley Assistant US Attorney for the District of Nevada fed up and burnt out decides to call it uits and move on out of Sin City to the outskirts as a solo practitioner Her notice period ends and she fortuitously gets replaced at trial prep right before her final case multiple murder and aggravated assault charges against the Crimson Lake Executioner alleged perpetrator of gruesome deaths styled to mimic tortured snuff art attributed to a Certain Painter Sarpong But The painter Sarpong But the case gets botched to the department s embarrassment by her overconfident rookie replacement who was too cocky to bother with a proper trial prep hand over The trial gets ruled out of Federal jurisdiction and relegated back to State Yardley then gets lured by the Nevada State AG to carry the trial to judgment on a single case basis in Clark CountyArt imitates life In the meantime Yardley gets close to one of the victims incidentally an aficionado of disturbed artists Caravaggio Cellini Banksy sic and coincidently as it happens Edward Cal Yardley s own ex Then the former US Asst AG finds herself as a prime candidate for her own gruesome ordeal Every legal novel I ve written is based on a case I actually had Author Victor Methos Beyond plot creativity and great writing courtroom dramas in Victor Methos books have a feel of authenticity scholarly and educational with the precise applications of US Federal and State statutes apropos to each case that can only be attributed to the author s nowledge and experience forged over a hundred courtroom battles as a criminal and civil rights defense attorney as well as a prosecutor early in his careerOf special note is Dylan Aster adversary to Yardley and the State the pro bono public defender and courtroom maestro reminiscent of the author s Brigham Theodore The Neon Lawyer Or Is Theodore The Neon Lawyer Or is reader perhaps treated to a glimpse of Methos portraying himselfA must read for legal thriller fansReview based on an ARC from Thomas Mercer and NetGalley I enjoyed this one overall but felt I should have enjoyed it It was nearly a great read but too many oddities in it for me to rate it higher Jessica Yardley is a prosecutor who plans to retire early The cases have taken their toll on her and she wants out She has already arranged to move away from Las Vegas to a small town a couple of hour. Bestselling author Victor Methos’s acclaimed series continues as prosecutor Jessica Yardley races to catch an art obsessed serial iller before she becomes his next masterpieceRetiring prosecutor Jessica Yardley can’t turn down one last investigation This time it’s a set of murder. ,

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S away where she will set up a small one woman law firm to practice everyday law She gets drawn into one last case in her last weeks in the job A Monsieur Pain killer is on the loose Dubbed The Executioner a woman is found mutilated and murdered in a cabin in Crimson Lake Road with a painting beside her It s from a series of disturbing paintings from an artist and theiller has re enacted the scene in the painting with the murder When Jessica gets called to a second apparent murder the scene set again to replicate one of the paintings this time the second in the series Jessica realises there is a serial iller on the loose who won t stop until the full series of paintings have been re enacted When the second victim survives the attack Jessica visits her in hospital to try and gain as much information about the attack as possible She continues to follow up with her after her release and the two strike up an immediate friendship but when Jessica suspects the second victims boyfriend may be the iller their friendship will be tested There are other suspects including a child abuser who s own daughter is reported missing As Jessica gets and drawn in can she solve who the iller is or will she become the next victimThis one started off really well uite a disturbing opening and as the chapters unfold we get to now Jessica and her back storythis is book 2 in the series We learn of her past married to an artist who turned out to be a serial iller and bringing up a teenage daughter on her own Tara is seventeen and a a bit of a genius Their past is pretty brutal and those opening chapters had me really yearning to read the first book as the back story sounded so interesting I was all in from the off However around a uarter of the way through things started getting a bit clunky for me An improbable friendship blossoms with alarm bells ringing in my head as a not so subtle plot device It nocked the stuffing out of the narrative for me The book also goes off on some tangents and side stories that don t really add anything to the book It felt like a lot of parts were included for no particular purpose and the flow of the story and the book suffered because of it It also felt like the book didn t now what it wanted to be flip flopping from thriller to court room drama to whodunnit towell you get the point Jessica also was a very inconsistent character A very strong and well written character overall with enough weight to carry a novel but she made some ridiculous decisions that took you totally out of the book Totally unbelievable The ending I didn t care for much either Despite these criticisms I did enjoy the book overall I m not sure if it s because it was pretty good or I thought I enjoyed it than I did due to the opening chapters and initial storyline This could easily have been a four or five star review for me but the inconsistent storyline and characters along with some muddled and unnecessary side stories have this at three stars Enjoyable overall but you are left with the feeling that it could have been so much Many thanks to Netgalley Thomas Mercer and Victor Methos for an ARC in exchange for an honest review I have never been excited to receive a pre released book than I was for Crimson Lake Road Thank you to both NetGalley and Thomas Mercer FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY VICTOR METHOS HAS this opportunity Victor Methos has become one of my favorite legal fiction authors After reading A Killer s Wife earlier this year I promptly devoured several of his other novels Two of the main characters in Crimson Lake Road year I promptly devoured several of his other novels Two of the main characters in Crimson Lake Road introduced in A Killer s Wife Do not be deterred by this fact however because it is not necessary to read one before the other though I highly recommend it Okay I think am I finally done fangirling over Victor Methos now on to the actual reviewThe action in Crimson Lake Road starts by the time you reach the end of page two Yes two 2 That is not a typo The chapters are extremely short so even during lulls in the plotline the reader should have no trouble pressing onwardsUnfortunately this novel did not live up to the hype of its description at least not for me As aforementioned Victor Methos is one of my favorite legal authors He writes beautifully offers intriguing opinions about the justice system crafts scenes grounded in reality and is never sloppy about the logic of how a character and their intentions correspond Given all of his usual talent it seems as if this novel was written by a ghost writer or in a rush Chapters of the book seemed misplaced and I did not feel the normal spark of excitement I experience while reading one of his novels Also this could just be me but I thought it was fairly predictable and usually his books are not Even the rhythm and word choice employed in the novel felt like an entirely different author wrote it The one portion that did stay true to Methos s standard works were the court scenes He is incredibly talented at making you feel as if you are in a courtroom and are inside the minds of the representing attorneys Fingers crossed that I never have to argue in front of a judge like Judge WestonAnother element that he seems to include in all of his novels is the concept of how difficult it is for women in the legal field to gain respect In Crimson Lake Road he drives this point home so than usual and applies it to every female character mentioned in the novel regardless of their job this time around eg tech intern federal prosecutor yoga instructor police officer etc The spirit of championing working women runs rampant throughout the textAdditionally aside from it being a uick read the second half of the book does eventually make up for some of the duller parts of the first It also concludes in a manner that leads me to believe that this is not the last time readers will encounter these characters and that we may be receiving a third installment in the near future I cannot address the two reasons as to why I strongly believe there will be a third novel in this series here without ruining some of the story If there is a third book and it ends up being as good as A Killer s Wife then finishing. S inspired by a series of grisly paintings called The Night Things She’s the only one who can catch the iller who’s left a trail of bodies in a rural community outside of Las VegasBut the Jessica finds out the less clear her case becomes Out of options she’s forced to consult her. .
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