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Nd then there ll be Even LESS Chances to be Purrfectly Kissed MATED by a Grumpy Ol BearI was ranted via B00 P 0UT by a Grumpy Ol BearI was ranted via B00 P 0UT ARC of CD Gorri *S Purrfectly Kissed Paranormal Dating Agency A Maverick Pride Tale * Purrfectly Kissed Paranormal Dating Agency A Maverick Pride Tale 2 I recommend this book to others based upon its own merits All opinions expressed within this review are uniuely my own freely ivenUntil next time Happy ReadingMy Rating Sytem4 I like IT a lot Great Solid Story w few if any inconsistencies or errors This is a HIGH Rating I rarely Class of 92: Out of Our League give OUT a Higher RatingIf My Review is helpful to you please check the box below Thank You Jessica and Brayden each have issues to deal with and do so purrfectly together A little suspense and lots of loving in this amazing story I am uickly being sucked into this world But for some strange reason I keep reading them out of order I fell in love with the Maverick Pride and had too back and read Purrfectly Mated And because Brayden was ori After the Alpha or Neta as he is called of the tiger pride found his mate he called back Gerri from the Paranormal Dating Agency to help match up his pride with their mates His beta is a bear who isn t looking for a mate and his sister wants a mate but her brother is way over protective and hasn t let any potential dates near her Will they be mates Will they fight it tooth and nail Will they find true love Will she find the kiss she truly wants Read and find out I loved this story and look forward to. Maverick Point New Jersey ever since she Portrait of a Starter: An Unhidden Story grew boobs How’s airl supposed to have a sex life with her big brother breathing down her neck Determined to find her mate she seeks out Gerri Wilder’s advice Will this dauntless Tigress catch her reclusive Bear Find out in Purrfectly Kissed. ,

A happy ever after story *it makes me feel better after a very hard time Thank you for writing this * makes me feel better after a very hard time Thank you for writing this Geri Wilder does it againJessica is the tiger prince s Alpha s sister He is the Beta and a black bear A roup of rogue tiger shifters are coming to try to take over the pride Four of them walk into Jessica s shop And She Changes To Protect Her Brother S Pregnant Mate she changes to protect her brother s pregnant mate of the men pulls a un and shoots her Her mate is on his way to the pride house when he feels a pull to stop by Jessica s Closet Kylie Is Also Injured Protecting The Alpha is also injured protecting the Alpha mate Excellent story Purrfectly Kissed Paranormal Dating Agency A Maverick Pride Tale Book 2 By CD GorriAlls She Wants Is To Be Purrfectly Kissed For Hours Hours Is THAT Sooo WRONGShe s Dying to be MATEDAnd with THAT comes being Purrfectly KissedSomeThing She s Dreamed of since She was SmallWAY BACK Before She had Any Boobs at ALLAlso before Her Brother Started PU BL0 HerSooo She s a Cat who ain t see n NO SatisfactionYeah YEAH Her Tiger ain t a Happy CamperCuz there s NO Cubs around Her feet to Play ScamperAlthough there s a Certain BEAR Who Smells Mighty DevineAnd We d BOTH like to be Purrfectly Kissed Cuddled byAlas He doesn t seem too interestedEven after being paired up by the infamous MatchMak n GirouxSooo She won t be Purrfectly Kissed by HimUnless He ets His Bear Butt in Gear REAL SOONEspecially as there s a Threat com n for the PrideThat ll see His attention DivideA. Ow can Brayden Smith refuse the advice of the incomparable Gerri Wilder Jessica Maverick has been searching for her fated mate since she was just a cub But finding love is hard for the sister of the Pride Neta She’s been off limits to the sexy Shifter men who inhabit their small town of. .
Purrfectly Kissed (Paranormal Dating Agency / Maverick Pride, #2)An enjoyable readRead as part of the PDA world but I did read book one too and enjoyed bothWe et Hunters sister Jessica finally getting her mate in the form of one her mate in the form of one uiet bear shifter BraydenI felt really sorry for Brayden and what he has been through losing his two friends in such circumstancesread through kindle two friends in such circumstancesRead through Kindle Love Geriuick fun read First book I ve read by this author Looking forward to reading the first in the series Always enjoy the match making by Geri Jessica and Brayden are very aware of their rowing attraction Gerri matches them up Their love moves forward Issues from the past and danger from the present are no match for their bond Good book well writtenI received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review Gorri does it again with this Exceptionally written Shifter Romance story These characters are well crafted and we meet them in the previous book This story can be read by itself but it should be read as part of the series so you know of the backstory These characters are not looking for the same thing but find it in a big way They each have to come to terms with it in their own way and they need to do it soon before it can all be ripped away from them before it starts What a reat tale I could not put down and I cannot wait for the next awesome story in this series Jessica BraydenThoroughly enjoyed reading Jessica Brayden s story very much I love reading. She’s a curvy Tigress searching for the purrfect kiss he’s a Black Bear who doesn’t want a mate Will Brayden change his mind once he Moonrise gets a taste of Jessica The Beta of the Maverick Pride has no desire to find a mate He’s tried that once and all itot him was hurt and alone But .

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