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Getting To Know The General is a little known out of print book by one of my favorite writers Graham Greene little known of print nonfiction book by one of my favorite writers Graham Greene story begins in 1976 when Greene inexplicably eceives an invitation to visit Panama as the guest of then The Arena: An Offering to Contemporary Monasticism ruler General Omar Torrijos Herrar He immediately accepts knowing only of Panama from the exploits of the pirate Henry Morgan and the mysterious death of Francis Drake in the area In the process he becomes an intimate friend of theuler and his fascinating friendbody guard Chuchu a former professor soldier pilot and lothario with scores of ex lovers and children soldier pilot and lothario with scores of ex lovers and children will visit the country five times between 1976 and 1983 The beginning of the book is Jewish Thought, Utopia, and Revolution rife with tension as the General negotiates a treaty for the hand over of the Panama Canal with then President Jimmy Carter From there the politics of South America and Central America have aoutine background A Kangaroo's Life role in the story as it was a time of dictators andevolts in Latin America many of them with unwanted intervention by the US through the CIA and other means Even though politics play an important background Georg Buchner: Contemporary Perspectives role in Greene s travels discussions and meetings with the General it is also a travelogue Greene has been an intrepid traveler all of his life thus every time he visits he is trying to see as much of the country as possible and as Iead I would Filosofía e inmanencia read up about each place andegion he visited in my Panama Lonely Planet because I will be limited to the area near Panama City since I don t have the time Greene had nor the use of the General s military planes The novel also hints at personal problems Green had in France at the time as well as his struggles to write a novel about his experiences in Panama which I believe would have made a fine novel so instead we get this unclassifiable and intriguing short book instead Even after the General dies Greene makes one final visit to Panama at the behest of Chuchu and the new administration The later part of the book becomes focused on the politics of the The Monacan Indian Nation of Virginia: The Drums of Life region and bears someesemblance to Salaman Rushdie s book about Nicaragua at a similar time The Jaguar s Smile Inexplicably that book is still in print while sadly this one is not I think Greene is a major writer than Rushdie and the cast of eal life characters who populate the book are larger than life as well Henry Kissinger Jimmy Carter every Latin America leader of state from the time period including Fidel Castro and the soon to be infamous Manuel Noriega Arthur Koestler and Gabriel Garcia Maruez Thus I think it would be of greater interest to the general public than Rushdie s Needless to say I was happy to have been able to find a copy since it added a lot of enjoyment to my first journey to Panama I ve been eading uite a few books by Graham Greene over the past few years Getting to Know the General The Story of an Involvement was one of his later books and the 3rd book of non fiction of his that I ve Murder in Gutenthal read It is about General Omar Torrijos Herrera. Greene's account of a five year personal involvement with Omar Torrijosuler of Panama from 1968 81 and Sergeant. The leader of Panama in the 70s who was killed in a plane crash in 1981 Greene was "invited to Panama to meet him in 1976 and the two became friends over the "to Panama to meet him in 1976 and the two became friends over the years As well it is also a book about Torrijos friend and confidante Chucho who is the go between and constant companion of Greene on his visits to Panama Greene has a wonderful way of telling stories whether fiction or non fiction You can feel the genuine affection he feels for the country and Torrijos and Chucho He travels considerably during his brief visits to Panama often accompanying
Torrijos To Other Countries Or 
to other countries or him to Nicaragua Cuba even the US I m constantly amazed at the access that he gains in this book and the places he has visited over the course of his life Most interesting book I was a young kid when I One of Our Thursdays Is Missing read this book okay 25 and what I thought was Greene was such aebel He gets an invitation to visit General Omar Torrijos of Panama in 1976 and gets to know him This gets him kicked out of the US and treads on dangerous grounds for his travels But Greene was just that sort of characterand that is what makes this such a good On the Field of Glory: an Historical Novel of the Time of King John Sobieski read I found this story Getting to Know the General by Graham Greene uite interesting and so because I was living and working in Panama when the events were happening So I have a little story of my encounter with General Omar Torrijos Herrera one bright sunny tropical day while going to pick up a visitor who was coming to inspect an automated inventory system I was installing in our operation of the Army and Air Force Exchange Panama but iteally sets the whole tone of what happen during Mr Henley s visit So here goesthe day I had my close encounter with General Omar Torrijos HerreraFirst a little bit of history about the GeneralGeneral Omar Torrijos Herrera 1929 1981 was born in the province of Santiago He took part in the coup that deposed Presidente Arnulfo Arias in 1968 He became commander of the National Guard and soon emerges as the strongman of the new Lassie Come-Home regime He exercised full controluling by decree an imprisoning or exiling all his opponents until his untimely death in an airplane crash in 1981 Here is my little story It eally HAPPENED WHICH AT THE TIME SEEMED UNBELIEVABLE THAT IT which at the time seemed unbelievable that it happening to me Now picture if you will a sunny morning in Panama with the time almost 10 O clock and you are unning late in picking up an inspector from the States So you are trying to make time by St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves racing You are in a small blue VW heading in the direction of the Metro Theater on a narrow street one over from Balboa Avenue You are about to pass the intersecting street up from the Cafe del Boulevard When suddenly out of nowhere a monstrous green Mercedes with its engineacing cuts in front of you You eact uickly by slamming on your brakes and leaning on your horn As your tires scream like a banshee on the plains of Zimbabwe you notice that a man in uniform occupies the back seat of the Mercedes He is smoking a large Cuban cigar Chuchu one of the few men in the National Guard whom the General trusted completely It is a fascinating tribute to. Our eyes meet his briefly a For anyone interested in the politics of Central America in the 1970s and 1980s which of course also Mr. Majeika and the Dinner Lady and Mr. Majeika and the Music Teacher reuires an interest in the US intervention in the isthmus that intensified during the later stages of the Cold War this book provides fascinating insights into some of the key personalities involved Of course apart from Greene himself whose knowledge of theegion grows with his friendship with the general we mainly find ourselves getting to know Omar Torrijos and his political amanuensis and
Bodyguard Chuchu Simply As A 
Chuchu Simply as a the book works because of the personalities the uirky and enigmatic Torrijos the ever willing and slightly crazy Chuchu and the pliable curious Graham Greene happy to be pushed into various political Twilight of the Idols roles and literally to enjoy theide as he gets dispatched to various parts of Panama or the wider Ninth City Burning (War of the Realms, region often in the presidential planeIn those couple of decades Torrijos was an influential figure not only in Panama principally in steering the agreement on the future of the canal and itseturn to Panamanian control but also in his involvement in Der Ritter und die Bastardtochter regional politics He often operated behind the scenes giving support to theebel armies challenging Chinaberries and Crows right wing governments in various countries providingefuge to people who needed a place of safety away from the different struggles not only guerilla leaders but also ordinary campesinos and publicly or clandestinely seeking solutions to the conflicts Greene is fascinated by Torrijos s self adopted egional ole and becomes a willing co conspiratorWhile the focus of the book is on the two main Panamanian characters we get vignettes of many others Gabriel Garcia Maruez Fidel Castro Eden Pastora Tomas Borge and many We get snapshot views of the canal zone the Blessed Are the Wicked rain swept Bocas de Toro the San Blas islands where the Kuna people live and many parts of theest of Central AMERICAGREENE UNDERTAKES ALL THIS WITH SEEMING undertakes all this with seeming he is constantly fretting about the need to get back to Antibes to sort out some domestic problem but in practice he is ineluctably drawn in by the combined charms of Torrijos and Chuchu And we of course as eaders are similarly seducedGreene s last journey to Panama is in the aftermath of Omar Torrijos s death when his plane mysteriously crashes in a emote part of the country At first Greene believes that the crash must have been a esult of pilot error even though earlier in the book he eveals that Torrijos spoke of the possibility of his being assassinated Then Greene is shown some intelligence Stories from a Siberian Village reports showing the distorted view of Torrijos held by the US administration and he becomes suspicous that the death of his friend was not accidental Definitive proof that it was a CIA led plot has not yet surfaced as far as I m aware but it seems likely Certainly the insider John Perkins in Confessions of an Economic Hit Man believed that this was the case Graham Greene was to die before these furtherevelations emerged. An inspirational politician in the vital period of his country's history and to an unusual and enduring friendshi. .