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Wow I was blown away by the openness and vulnerability of the author and simultaneously challenged by the pace and driven was author and simultaneously challenged by the pace and driven was my own life This is an incredible book that I know will save the lives of many women in ministry and I can t wait to share it It s open story and spaces and tools for reflection were incredibly helpful to me and I "Will Cherish This Book Because I Believe It Prevent Me "cherish this book because I believe it prevent me another foray into burnout Thank you so much for your honesty and willingness to share your story *So That The Body Of *that the body of might be built up What do you do when the bottom falls out There is not a lot that Juanita and I have in common yet as I was reading her story I was seeing myself When I pick books to read I want books that connect with me and this one hit the mark I found myself taking time to think through my life as Juanita was telling hers If you have ever found yourself wondering what is next in the midst of your life I encourage you to pick up this book and be encouraged by Juanita The pause and reflect sections at the end of the chapters ives reat practical application to what Juanita just spoke about While Juanita s story is not one that I would wish on anyone I am thankful for her season of life so that she can speak into so many other pastors or caregivers who often put others in front of their own needs Thank you Juanita for taking the time to write this book so someone like me can learn to be The title and beautiful cover drew me to read this book It is a reflection of struggles and continuing recovery from serious depression by a Christian woman I appreciate the author s openness and honesty in sharing what she went through and what she learned The advance digital copy I read had formatting issues which may be why the writing sometimes felt redundant and scatt. It felt as though every nerve in my body was popping Imagine large strong hands slowly applying pressure while breaking a family size package of uncooked dry spaghetti I was the spaghetti Breaking down one piece at a time This is how Juanita Rasmus begins the wise frank and witty account of what she later called The Crash and what her counselor. Learning to BeL treasures are stored p 89The sixteen chapters *close with a Pause To Reflect where she challenges readers to apply the teachings to their own lives *with a Pause To Reflect where she challenges readers to apply the teachings to their own lives of the chapters are further separated by Interludes profound parts of Juanita s personal story Notes at the end of the book help readers to o deeper if they are interested in a certain topic All in all I really appreciated Juanita s book and highly recommend it to people who need help because their bottom has fallen out and to others who are at bottom has fallen out and to others who are at side of such peopleThe complimentary copy of "This Book Was Provided "book was provided the publisher through NetGalley free of charge I was under no obligation to offer a positive review Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own LearningToBe IVP InterVarsityPress IVPress In this candid read Juanita Rasmus in Learning to Be lays out her experience with depression and rising with race and courage Readers are taken under around and through as they learn how to o from darkness into their own light I was enthralled at her truths and how she really took a look inside her crash I agreed with her how we live in two worlds of doing and being And I loved that she shone a light on the world of mental illness iving us an understanding we can t find anywhere else Ms Rasmus voice needs to be heard in our world of chaos so peace can come to all I love this book It shares Pastor Juanita s journey through depression as well as providing helpful tools that will provoke you to reflect on things you may be oing through Several of the things she discusses hit pretty close to home with me and it was very insightful to see how to dealt with things Great resource for those who are The Ancient Greeks: Ten Ways They Shaped the Modern World going through difficult times Chapters are short and easy to follow Practical advice and steps Love the reflection section. In Pastor Juanita writes from her life with kind attention to the life of the reader She offers both practical and spiritual insights but never pat answers If you are longing for a trustworthy companion through dark days this book is here for you Each chapter includes lifeiving spiritual practices to help you discover your own new ways of bein. .

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Ered I liked the reflections at the end of each chapterI received an ARC from NetGalley The book will be released on September 15 2020 This is the chronicle of Pastor Juanita Rasmus dark night of the soul She writes in a way that feels as if she is leading you through her Tricycle (HISTOIRE) garden by the hand telling stories of how each shrub tree and bush came to find its place there and the work it took to plant prune and trim them all Every page reveals healing she experienced and every chapterifts you with a healing practice This book is for this moment Don t miss it *INSPIRING CHALLENGING LIFE BREATHING PASTOR JUANITA S WILLINGNESS TO *challenging life breathing Pastor Juanita s willingness to such a personal journey is a testament to her calling and a ift Reading the final page I m already making plans to reread it and dig deeper into the references a Relatable wise practical It s a must read You can learn to be yourselfPastor spiritual director and member of "The Renovar Ministry Team Juanita Campbell Rasmus Asks Herself Why "Renovar ministry team Juanita Campbell Rasmus asks herself why to be me is so difficult With her book Learning to Be Finding Your Center After the Bottom Falls Out published by InterVarsity Press Juanita tries to ive an answer to this and similar uestions In an open honest transparent and give an answer to this and similar uestions In an open honest transparent and way Juanita invites readers into her life She does not hesitate to talk about her crash depression and about the conseuences She states I chose to share my story because all too often in Western culture and especially in the church we are reticent to discuss mental health along with the related spiritual implications It is my hope that telling my story will shed light on the resources available to someone in the aftermath of a mental health diagnosis or any devastation that affect one s well being and provide courage to wait in the darkness because often that s where the rea. Labeled a major depressive episode This experience landed Juanita a busy pastor mother and community leader in bed In addition to exhaustion and depression on the spiritual front she experienced a dark night of the soul When everything in her life finally came to a stop she found that she had to learn to be with herself and with God all over aga.
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