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Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, jWith everyday problems And her supporting cast of characters areust as much fun as her main characters All of them truly show what the word friendship meansI loved Ack Weird I loved the premise of the story and how they both came to rely on the other I loved that Tess was able to get Cole to loosen up I loved that Cole took the word temporary out of Tess s vocabulary Fun sassy sexy and weird you can t ask for much from a story and Avery Flynn knows how to deliver it allReview copy provided for a voluntary review H is an entitled ass And please authors relatives and friends of h FFS call a spade a spade and call a dick a dick Stop your google acuired psychobabble and try to make h take half the blame where the guys is a DICKThe OW s was not only freuent and apparent in the H s life it seems that would remain unchanged Not only that he s not above using her as a weapon and shield ust to get even with h and hurting her rather than addressing the issuesCharming our H isHis ex is always present along with the baby mama and EVERYONE can see how connected those two are The moment the H gets a concussion it was the ex who runs to him almost kissing his booboos for him and it was clear there was no place for the h or even the teammatesEver after being clued in by his friends do we get an apology or an acknowledgment from the H putting h s fears to rest Oh fuck no Apparently saying I love you too to h s humiliatingly public confession is good enough Let me make this clear after ALL that h was the yo humiliate herself with grand gesture Not him And we as a reader do NOT hear from him telling h no the OW a reader do NOT hear from him telling the h that no the OW t the night with him like he insinuated and no he no longer feels anything for her The title of the book is absolutely spot on Awk weird is adorably awkward and weirdAwk weird was the perfect romcom I couldn t stop the smile on my face the entire time I was reading this book It s sweet and funny with the perfect dollop of charm and captivating chemistryThe characters are adorable Tess is nerdy weird and she s my kind of girl especially with her awesome choice in sweatshirts Even MrThor lookalike aka MrIce hockey player MrEverything has a systemMrNeat Freak is adorableThese two characters are the prefect example of opposites attract They were both a shock to each others system and It honestly made for such an entertaining readSpecial Shoutout to Kahn hahahaThis is my first Avery Flynn book and I really enjoyed it I look forward to reading from her It was okay One thing that irritates me after reading five of these books is how formulaic they areThere is the instant lust between the HhThere is the big misunderstandingThere is Sip and PaintFollowed inevitably by the best friends arriving with unk food and promising to help hide the bodyEnding ta daaaaa with the public disclosure of love No one in this universe ever White Water just says I Love You at home or in the car Hell no they do it on a microphone in a bar or at a party on the karaoke machine Is is not love if you do not make a spectacle of yourselfAnd another thing all the women have some oddness while the guys are perfect examples of hot Male pulchritude The women are tiny fat or funny looking or prone to verbal diarrhea or have the voice of a 10 year old or areust some kind of oddball The men are The Slave Dancer just hot I guess it is happily ever after if the average woman gets the beefcake 375 stars cute and steamy but not steamy enough but also too steamy it was weird review maybe to come this isust going to be a uick read to uplift my soul Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagra. E times Yeah that’s pretty much a once in a lifetime experience for a woman like meThere’s zero chance I’ll end up ever seeing him again rightUntil the pregnancy test comes up positive What happens nextOh my God I wish I kn.

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down But the I wanted to pull my hair out So much could have been solved with some very simple discussions between the two MCs Yes I know that was part of their baggage and issues but it made me want to bang my head against the wall numerous times Also if you ve read a few Avery Flynn books you ll start to notice a bit of a pattern We get insta lust miscommunications friendssip and paint and big love declarations at the end I felt a bit like I ve read this story before because even though the plot was different the formula was too familiar I also struggled with the fact that the GUY messed up but the girl ended up apologizing No thanks I need grovel porn in my books especially when the guy screws up in a big way Three stars for readability but I still wanted from this couple Copy provided in exchange for an honest review goodreads instagram twitter blog This book is OK read Nothong special nor something left a big impression for me The story of 2 people who had one night stand and ends up in pregnancy is not somthing new in romance world What it lacking is a kicking up a notch the comedy I think this book is meant for romantic comedy The romance is there but not the comedy The trivia facts are cute and adding knowledge for me The character chemistry can be explored in depth instead of lingering in the background There is that inta lust and insta love Tess is a likeable heroine while Cole is bland hero His broody character can not make me swoon over him He does not do a lot of groveling either Overall OK read Not love it but not hate it either 3 stars So you gotta love the way Avery Flynn writes a RomCom She knows how to make you laugh and have a good time while you root for the underdog and hope for true love Tess and Cole were absolutely wonderful together Weirdness times two ust made this story specialTess was a riot right from the beginning Her attitude and uick wit ust made her so enjoyable to read She had a hell of a life and learned to take everything in stride But this time there s not much she could do with a hockey puck coming right at her She s either going to put the stick down and pass it or she s going to *Score Unfortunately As She Is Trying To *Unfortunately as she is trying to it the roof comes down around her Now she has no choice but to suck it up and move on or in this case move in with someone she never thought she would see again Cole was down in the dumps His on again off again relationship has been off for a long time He has his whole life planned out and now it seems like Marti is throwing a wrench into all of it He s organized predictable and knows Sleep with the Fishes just how he likes things But there was something about Tess that actually got him interested in something other than brooding Now his organized predictable life is being thrown into a tailspin First the new plays then he finds out he s going to be a daddy and now KhanHaving Tess around is no hardship but he didn t sign up for Khan Now together they need to figure out a way to get over their insecurities They need to learn to rely on each other They need to learn that the old ways aren t always the best ways Tess loves the word temporary Cole loves the word organization She doesn t believe he will stay Heust wants her in his life and khan tooavery flynn ust knows how to Khan tooAvery Flynn ust knows how to a story She knows when to throw in the drama and when to ust let the characters go and be themselves Maybe that s what I love most about reading her stories She makes her characters true to life They are people that you could relate to and would love to be friends with Everyday people. When a Thor lookalike who happens to be a professional hockey player hits on me at my bestie’s wedding rehearsal party You better believe I climbed that tree like a cat And the fact that it happened not once not twice but thre. ,
I really enjoyed getting to know Tess and Cole They came together pretty fast and resisted the fall as best they could but they fell together naturally in the end as they were meant to be Cole was stubborn and resistant to change Tess was smart but apprehensive For some reason these two worked for me Though Cole especially was frustrating at times his development translated well in Ms Flynn *s storytelling It was easy to set aside expectations and ust experience the events with the characters The book is *storytelling It was easy to set aside expectations and ust experience the events with the characters The book is only well written it had emotional moments funny moments and certainly happy moments As someone who reads a few hundred books a year I can tell you that some plots feel recycled That is not my experience with Ms Flynn s books Each including this one brings something uniue or fresh to the table Looking forward to the next book Complimentary copy received and voluntarily reviewed I have a mixed feeling about this book and I can t seem to decide what rating should I give the book34 or 5 Stars I made the mistake of starting this series without knowing there is another series that I should have started with before the one that I m currently reading I was so confused with The Names And Characters names and characters had no idea who they were so it took me awhile to get into the book with fully understanding who is a couple with whom After that everything was great for me I loved so many things about this book it was steamy funny and it made me emotional in so many ways One moment I was laughing so hard that I almost mad my entire family wake up and the next I was so angry with the stupidity of Cole and Tess It took my a while to finish the book so every time I picked the book I struggled a little to be OK with some of the main characters actions but as always Tess personality and her random factoids pulled me back in I loved the chemistry between Tess and Cole and how they each accepted the other even though it took them some time to reach this point I also loved the friendship between the teams members and between the ladies All in all it was a really enjoyable book that made me day practically the three days that it took me to finish the book but I do have a mixed feeling about the ending I ust didn t like how the H and h hurt each other after what they had done I think I would have loved the book if there was no break up at the end and then getting back With this being said I decided to give the book 4 stars because it definitely deserves it after all the laughing and Setting Them Straight: You CAN Do Something About Bigotry and Homophobia in Your Life joy that brought me It was okay not my favorite though Awk Weird didn t stray from it s title It was awkward and weird Which confuses me like no other because the first one was okayust like this one but I felt the chemistry with this couple Ugh I feel like I m not making complete sense but I m ust rocking with itIn it you will meet Tess and Cole During their first meeting you can tell that they are total dorks and it works for them Then there s some sparks between the two and eventually things start to flow One night stand later there s a huge hiccup in their daily life plans A baby yup
She S PregnantThere S 
s pregnantThere s push and pull between these two throughout the entire book Yet you can see that they have developed feelings for one another Of course there s endless drama and ugh I ust couldn t deal with it any In the end it was cute and reminded me of a hallmark movie I sat on this review for over a month not sure what to do with my feelings about Awk Weird On one hand I read this book very uickly in less than 24 hours and I enjoyed the writing style Avery Flynn writes book that I like to read There’s to me than ust being awk weird I own my own flower shop have some great friends and I have my eye on adopting the most adorable kitten But sadly hot guys don’t tend to be blown away by my trivia spouting dorky selfSo. ,