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R feelings on those around her Sky is ust so sweet and "considerate of Fifer and everyone but Aaron shouldn t have let go " of Fifer and everyone but Aaron shouldn t have let go his cape and leadership of Artemis The people under his rule are ust stupid of all his struggles to become a better person Looking forward to the next book 55This Review was first posted on Keep Reading Forward If you want to see check out our other locations as well as hereIn Dragon Curse we re most likely at the half way point of the series and this book shows for it Tensions are rising from multiple sides and civil war is brewing The Unwanteds are stuck in the middle of it being pulled in different directions Almost everything didn t go as plannedAlthough I would rather have the unwanteds not experience any of have the Unwanteds not experience any of I am sort of happy that we re now at the turning point in the series It shows that in the future books of the series details and events are going to be picked up I m sure it is going to be as eventful as the last few books in the remaining series The new Unwanteds are going to show exactly what they re made of against a bigger and stronger foeIn my opinion the later books in the original series were always the best and that is exactly what I m hoping for this series as well This book served as the perfect midway point to move things forward and I am excited to see how the events unfold and what happens as a result of it Minor Spoilers BelowSeriously how does Lisa McMann do it This is technically the eleventh book in the series and yet none of the ideas seem forced or overused The land of Grimere has become a wonderful wonderful setting and hasn t gotten old in the slightest even after 4 books of it And Artime is a newer modern artsy version of Hogwarts I love it with all my heartAnd then there s the characters The Revinir is a spectacular villain with ust enough backstory to give her a motive without making you love her Then there s AlexAaron and Sky and Lani and Samheed Lisa McMann has managed to carry their personalities over adding the extra maturity that comes with another ten years of life while also staying true to who the characters are And the new characters Thisbe and Fifer and Seth are great well built and funny along with Dev and Rohan and the others The plot and Seth are great well built and funny along with Dev and Rohan and the others The plot writing in Dragon Curse is captivating as usual The tension that builds between Thisbe and Fifer breaks me heart while the dissenters in Artime add conflict that turns to a civil war Then of course there s the whole Thisbe sneaks away to save everyone and trick the evil dragon lady and ends up leaving her friend behind in the dungeons thingI cannot wait to see how the Unwanteds and the Grimerian people s adventures continue in the last few books of this series First of all good news everyone We re making progress on the magical cell phone front They re text only so far but as a millennial I can respect thatI can honestly say that I never have any idea how one of these books is going to end Lisa McMann ust keeps throwing new things at her characters and us until we hit the acknowledgments and once again ponder why we keep tormenting ourselves with these rude cliffhangers when we could wait until the whole series is complete insteadBut of course come February I ll be back with no hesitationOne other thing I will say about this book in particular is that Thisbe and Fifer turn thirteen and their thirteen ness was captured very well something I found both admirable and really frustrating I don t think the melodramatic self centeredness will bother most younger readers but for older readers like me who passed that milestone over 15 years ago a slight warning Why why do I do this to myself I loved this book but now I have to wait for the next on. Eda Stubbs and the dissenters leading to a shocking and dangerous turn Meanwhile the Revinir pursues Thisbe and Drock all the way to the seven islands putting the people of Artimé in peril To save them Thisbe makes an unthinkable sacrifice that leaves Fifer Aaron and the others to face political eruption and destruction in the formerly peaceful magical world.

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I liked this book a lot although I thought it seemed like it was setting up for the next book than a standalone novel I enjoyed the drama that occurred pretty much constantly throughout the book and I appreciate how the author took the time to develop the characters feelings and how we could see their emotional struggles I felt like the whole thing was pretty predictable with no major plot twists but maybe it s ust a wind down from all the drama of the previous books Or maybe it s setting up for something major in the next book Overall I enjoyed it as a seuel and can t wait for the next book Although the surviving Stowe siblings are thrilled to be home in Artime not all is well with them as individuals as they deal with the changes in themselves and in their home Fifer was the leader in the land of the Dragons but now Aaron is in charge she misses her relationship with Simber There are citizens of Artime who do not want Aaron running things because of things he did as a young man He gives up his leadership to the leader of those that don t want him in charge Frieda Stubbs This
is very upsetting 
very upsetting Simber Fifer and Thisbe are growing apart especially when Thisbe seems to still be under the control of the Revinir Thisbe and the dragon Drock decide to return to the land of the Dragons to help the trapped dragons and blackeyed slaves Artime begins to have its own troubles with the citizens fighting one another Although Thisbe is able to get some of the slaves out of the caves and she wants to begin fighting the Revinir the battles back home might be important right now This series is one of my very favorite In this latest book I enjoyed the development of the relationships between Aaron Thisbe and Fifer They are all getting older and begin to do on their own as their talents become stronger This is the series you want to read If You Enjoy Fantasy you enjoy fantasy and adventure A possible theme for this book could be think of other s feelings before you act THIS BOOK WAS AN EXPLOSION OF AWESOMENESS WHOA WHAT A STORY THIS SERIES ISit starts with Pan and aaron s crew and the you g dragkns who are all under the dragon curse Revinir s half dragon call but Drock is the only one who isn t under the spell He warns Aaron to go back immediately They fly back home Thisbe and Fifer s team are in the wrong place for Thisbe collapsed due the call and they went triugh tbe wrong portal but Carina is dragged down by THE EEL AGAIN She is savedssie baby called Isobel leads them all again through the portals and they land safely on the volcano island island of firepirates There they FINALLY REUNITE WITH SKY VERY EMOTIAL SCENE with MANY TEARS And on top od that Drock flies to the island too and THEY ARE ALL TOGETHER AT LAST though it s of course bitter sweet for they have lost ALEX AND DEV and there is the whole Revinir problem to be dealt withBut Thisbe and Fifer don t get along very well they both want different things Thisbe feels the need to go back and defeat the Revinir and save her fellow slaves but Fifer won t have any of that and is disappointment that no one sees her as leader any They argue a lot ESPECIALLY when Fifer announced tl hold a MASUERADE BALL WHAT IS THERE TO CELEBRATE GIRL Alas so be it they all fly to Artim where Frieda Stubbs and her Dissenters are NOT HAPPY She threatens and accuse him of Alex s death AND demand he resign AND threaten Thisbe and Fifer too They harass aaron ENDLESSLY and Frieda is THE ABSOLUTE WORSTFifer and Thisbe continue to grow farther apart ad it s really sad I connect better with thisbe tbhWhen the ball arrives Thisbe makes a statement to go as Dead Juliet which makes Fifer scream and breaks all the windows Choas breaks lose many are. Ten years after Alex and Aaron Stowe brought peace to uill and Artimé their younger twin sisters Black Heart, Red Ruby journey beyond Artimé in the fourth novel in the New York Times bestselling seuel series to The Unwanteds which Kirkus Reviews called “ The Hunger Games meets Harry Potter”At last after harrowing battles and devastating losses the three Stowe siblings are re. Injured but when everyone is cleaned up there are romantic dances to be had Thisbe earns her own compartment vest and trains with the magic components while fifer fights with thisbe and seth and distance herself from everyone Aaron s position is ineopardy and at last he can t handle it any and gives up his handle it any and gives up his as leader which Frieda greedily takes over ARTIM IS A MASS SHE CAN T DO ANYTHINGthe Revinir is flying to Artim and the artimeans artimean are not prepared AT ALL xor they can t defeat her The magic won t work on her Aaron and his friends hide on Karkinos island of legends The moment has come that Thisbe decides to sacrifice herself so that Artim will be save She flies away on Drock to give herself over to the Revinir and fake that they are too under the dragon curse Aaron approves and when Thisbe approaches the Revinir she she seeks Fifer too Thisbe lies that she is hiding in Grimere so they go back and let Artim go On the Revinir s back sits the slaves AND ROHAN TOOBack in Artim simber reports the Revinir flew away and
claire tried to 
tried to the rkle as leader but Frieda refused of course She declares that SHE HAS DEFEATED THE REVINIR WHAT A BULL The maddness growsSky helps Fifer by going on their own mission to go to warbler island to search for information and the find old ournals Eagala is the younger sister of MR TODAY AND JUSTINE She felt abandoned by them and want revenge on uill and the seven islands Her name is EmmaThisbe must continue to make dragon bone broth in the catacombs THEY ARE SLAVES AND MUST WALK ALL THAT WAY BUT there is hope for Rohan knocks on the crypt like old times He is FAKING too Thisbe explodes to wall and make their tunnel again where they have their secret meetings he had the ancient broth too which works as an antidote EMOTIONAL SCENE He also tells her that Maiven is the ueen of the land of the dragons AND THAT SHE IS HER GRANDMOTHER WHICH MAKES HER THE PRINCESS HEIR AND HER MOTHER WAS THE GIRL FROM THE IMAGES AD ABDUCTED BY PIRATES AND ROHAN S MOTHER WAS THE GIRL WHO HELPED THE PIRATES ABOSUTLY MINDBLOWINGThey try to make ancient broth but DEV IS BACK AND TROWS IT AWAY for he is under the spell They At last manage to give him enough ancient broth so he is no longer a zombie They plan to escape but then the Revinir has a ob for him and can t escape too so they will wait for him by Alex s grave Rohan helped the other slaves and have their FIRST KISS they break out of the catacombs Thisbe cast her boom spell and trows compartments bht the Crypt keeper helps them escape At long last they are free for some after their WHOLE LIVES they go to maiven s house and have an emotional scene They train in combat and read the ancient "scrolls But when Rohan and thisbe go to meet Dev he isn t there THE REVINIR "But when Rohan and thisbe go to meet Dev he isn t there THE REVINIR AND HAS DEV New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood jjst when they are going to save him florance has send a seek spell masage ARTIM IS IN CIVIL WAR AND ASKS FOR THISBE HELP SHE IS THORN BETWEEN TWO WORLDS At last Maiven convices her to go and Gordon the ghost dragon will help them by flying them to Artim In the meantime Dev sees the dragon and thinks tbey have Abandoned him NOO DEV THISBE WILL COME BACK FOR YOU ARTIM IS COMPLETE UNRECOGNIZABLE Things are looking bad everywhere Okay so it s a cute book with ships sailing and hearts broken I like the new Thisbe she s wild and rebellious in a good way She still thinks about all those she loves and acts upon her instincts of protecting her only family after Alex s death very sad Fifer is getting kinda annoying I don t like how she wished she s still in command when her leadership had to lead them to disaster Honestly why host a party after a stroke of luck It s not any better that she s lashing out all he. United Back in Artime however theiroy at finding one another is short lived Fifer loses her leadership position and struggles to find her place and purpose while Thisbe is relentless in her determination to return to the land of the dragons and help Rohan rescue the other black eyed children Aaron fails to ward off increasing opposition from a resentful Fri. .
Dragon Curse The Unwanteds uests #4