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Ove a really good cliffhanger and this one is really juicy I can t wait to dig in to the next bookBlog Goodreads Facebook Instagram Twitter BookBub Here is what I have to say about this bookeh Just eh Wild Girl was underwhelming AT LEAST Everything got wrapped up in a few pages with a small cliffhanger was underwhelming AT LEAST Everything got wrapped up in a few pages with a small cliffhanger the end I still don t like Cora She has zero personality We get it ou have three boyfriends good for Un monstre dans les céréales you I feel like she avoids situations If she doesn t acknowledge it then it s not an issue For example everything that goes on with her mother I also think possibly she ignores exactly what Kace Bishop and Misael do To be honest I m not even sure exactly what they do Do they just steal from the rich Plant things in their homes I really don t knowI still really like Kace even though I am not sure why lol maybe it s just because he s sweet to Cora but is still tough at the same time Same can be said for Bishop I think Misael was just written for comic relief we have to have that humorous character I guess other than him being another mate for Cora to fool around with I don t really know why he was there I have no idea what is going on with Cora s family I am not going to explain because it includes spoilers and I don t really like typing it out and explaining it I will say Cora should acknowledge what is going or even ask what is happening instead of ignoring it Out of sight and out of mind only works for a few things And that only works for so longI gave the second book a chance because I thought it would be better It wasn t I expected a climax of some sort whichou don t get at all Cora still has no relationship for the Lost Boys that s all she calls them which is weird All she does is sleep with them and if that is what the third book is about I m not interested I want characters to feel connected with each other and I want something to actually be happening I was bored with this bookI am only reading the third book because my friend read it It s short and on KindleUnlimited so why not Hopefully the third book will surprise me Fingers crossed I give this one star because I expected so much and I didn t get it Wild Girl Slateview High 2 45 star A bit unexpected but good After the shocking ending of the previous booknow Cordelia and the lost boys have a lot of things to doFlint s gone and the they have problems there s also a new boy at schoolI liked Lost Boys then this book was no disappointment to me eitheralthough I liked Cordelia s first book as a character It was interesting exciting violent secrets trustunexpectedness and of course hot scenes and love But unfortunately the book ended with such a turnWhat will be the last book I think it will be exciting and full of love Thank Nam you Well after that cliffhanger of Lost Boys Wild Girl picks up where it left off Coralee as her boys call her has a whole new dilemma to deal with after what her boys had to do to protect her She realizes that she is in love with Bish Kate and Misael and now its her turn to protect them She is getting mature as the story goes on and comes into her own and stands by what she believes in She gets her self into some trouble trying to find info that proves that her father was set up Her mother makes me mad with how she acts and what she does Then her father is finally released and all charges dropped then they get their house and everything back that they lost Sent back her to her old school and missing her boys her parents throw another bombshell at her She is now engaged to Barrett King the creep she meets in the beginning of book 1 Can t wait to read the 3rd book This is a good series andou won t be disappointe. Rmined to prove he doesn't belong in prisonI want answersBut if I start pulling at these threads will my life unravel entirelyThis is the second book in the Slateview High series a reverse harem bully romance It contains mature themes and steamy scen. .
Fast paced and action packed Eva Ashwood crams a lot into Wild Girl which was a great seuel to Lost Boys The cliff hanger ending of book one has really tied this group together and goes a long way to show just how entwined these four are and just what each will do to protect the others Cora was once again a really strong character and I think that I can see where book three is heading or at least I know how I would write this one going forward An eye for an eye A favour called in maybe Ooooo the possibilities are endless I cannot wait to see where Eva Ashwood takes these four All I know is that they belong together The Lost Boys have helped Cora develop as a person and Cora has grounded them given them something to wake up for and something to hold on to Something they ve never had Love this series so far Holy amazeballs this book was so freaking good I am still trying to get my bearings from reading this book I was literally on an emotional rollercoaster with this book Cora Bish Miseal and Kace pick up where they left off in Lost Boys Their relationship changed after that night It seems that it has deepens with each of them Their chemistry is off the charts and is freaking hot Cora is still trying to deal with her father being in prison She also stumbles on other information that almost destroys her So what is she going to do with this information Does she finally tell the guys about what she is doing about her father Does she get help What will happenWell if Painting Landscapes from Your Imagination you want to knowou will need to read it It does leave in a cliffhanger so be prepared to do some Lippenbekenntnisse yelling This is the second book and it is awesome You will not be disappointed with this book This is an advanced readers Overall I enjoyed the book Ava has definitely come into her own And the guys of course protect her at all cost I can t believe the cliffy and I m excited to see what comes next Is it better than the first MaybeehDid Cora get any smarter EhAre the boys still delicious Uhh aWAITI just realized something tho we as readers don t even know how old these characters are She said maybe 17 18ish but we don t know I m perturbed Authors always specify especially when they are in high school and especially with the sexual situations they are in So I would guess 18 at least especially with the sexual situations they are in So I would guess 18 at least don t even know what grade they are in 11th or 12 There Are Four Main Characters Here Where S My There are four main characters here where s my here This is basic story build Why don t we know this I don t want to be like I want a Kace when I don t even know if he s LEGALUgh IM ANNOYED AT THIS Also this book is no longer just a contemporary read It is an erotica read Like please authors correctly put our books in the right genres I get annoyed with erotica novels being labeled as NA and NA as YA Please label them correctly ThanksOk legalities aside the story has kinda my same thoughts as the first Where are the side characters Literally the author has all this drama and intensity with these side characters and as soon as the story moves to another added plot point or sex scene that side character disappears It s weird It seems just weird to me ButIt has improved very much The boys of course make this book over the basic af main female character But I did feel like the author was doing things that made the boys seem stupid then they actually were I don t know what she was doing but Bishop and them made stupid decisions at times that made no sense with the life they grew up in They are not culturally incompetent Cora so why did they tell so and so about the dude when so many people and details are at stake I don t know Doesn t seem like it coincided with their characters It s like the author. Bishop Kace and Misael promised to protect meBut after what they did can I protect themIn the aftermath of a single gunshot my life seems to be splitting apart at the seamsNathaniel can never discover what my boys did but keeping it hidden from him .
Wanted to put something in the book to get where she wanted it to go instead of making the story around the characters character Cora was written a little bit better I kept reading into the second book so that says I m interested She s still stupid and I am just so disappointed because the author could have taken her character displayed in the first 2 chapters of the first book and ran with it to the finish line The plot was a little bit all over the place at times The authors strength Not in plot and story buildHer strength The erotica scenes That s her strength Congrats If only I could read an entirely good plot with it Literally these carried the story Problem I think soI m still reading though I am invested in this mess now Might as well finish it 30 star rating 4 StarsThis book delivered The reactions from the boys at Cora s mistakes are refreshing I love how they protect and care for her and that there isn t any unnecessary drama between their dynamic I can t wait to see what happens in the final installment DNF 34%I tried I really did I finish book 1 and started book 2 hoping Cora would grow up a bit The way book 1 ended was due to her being naive rash and let s face it a bit selfish At 34% she is making the same mistake and to make it worse the guys are going along I cannot A steamy reverse harem romance with a criminal twistDespite this book being set in a high school it is definitely one of the steamier reverse harem books I have read a few of the reverse harem books that are set in high school and they may have a girl that is in love with multiple guys and they with her but they really are just good friends not a true harem This one gets pretty steamy in a few scenes and it goes as far as saying the main characters all kiss each other in school and the entire school knows about it and is ok with the situation and just sees it as normal So they are basically out as a polyamorous relationshipThe heroine Cora is no longer bullied by any of the students at the public high school where she goes to school and her three guys The Lost Boys Bish Kace and Misael all have feelings for her and protect her against any and all threats against her Including a new kid who works for a rival of their boss who is a crime *lord named Nathaniel Cora is still trying to find out who framed her father and put him in prison if *named Nathaniel Cora is still trying to find out who framed her father and put him in prison if was in fact framed or if he actually committed the crime he was put in jail for However it is pretty dangerous because the last time she tried to find information she almost got herself killedCora is also trying to figure out how her Mom got that new car and where she figure out how her Mom got that new car and where she been going all the time She keeps telling herself that maybe her Mom got a job but it really doesn t make sense So she doesn t really want to think about what her Mom might be doing But every time she asks her Mom she tells Cora not to worry about it and it is all taken care of I love all the mystery and suspense in the storylines how Impossible Things you don t know much about the boys jobs butou know what they do is illegal and that it could possibly have something to do with why Cora s Dad is in prison but Keto Diet for Beginners: The Keto Diet Cookbook with Quick and Healthy Recipes incl. 30 Days Weight Loss Plan you hope not Then there was the huge cliffhanger at the end of the last book which was awesome and what s even better is that it doesn t get resolved in the first few paragraphs of this book It actually takes of the book before it gets all the way resolved and there is another even better cliffhanger at the end of this bookSome people really hate cliffhangers and I do as well when the next book isn t outet but when the next book is already out and especially when I already have it or it is on Kindle Unlimited I actually Ay be harder than we hopeEspecially since I'm still being pulled between two loyalties two halves of myselfBetween duty and loveBetween my old life and my new oneMy father still insists he's innocent and even though the Lost Boys despise him I'm dete. ,
Wild Girl Slateview High #2