The Math of Life and Death 7 Mathematical Principles That Shape Our Lives [Pdf/E–pub]

This is a Inspirations fantastic book on Mathematics but is a little bit advancedor novices It covers a lot of topics all of which amaze one when the maths behind them is revealed Of particular interest is the last chapter which deals with the modeling of pandemics this book was written before covid 19 became a thing Highly recommended by me FWIW No Formulas Just Numb3rs In this book about how math shapes our lives British math professor Yates doesn t take us into the algebra geometry and even trigonometry that we all use daily whether we realize it or not Instead he takes an approach similar to the now decade old US television show Numb3rs starring David Krumholtz and Rob Morrow wherein he shows applications of higher level mathematics in ields such as epidemiology medicine law journalism elections and several others Yates cites real world examples including unjust convictions and Ebola outbreaks and many others to show how math was used incorrectly and what the math actually showed in that situation to help the reader begin to get an overall sense of math without getting bogged down in the technical calculations Truly an excellent book or even the arithmophobic among us as it shows the numbers all around us and explains how we can have a better sense of themDisclaimers 1 I LOVED Numb3rs back in the day and would still be watching it if it were still on the air 2 I have a computer science degree and very nearly got secondary mathematics education and mathematics bachelors degrees at the same time as my CS one so obviously I m a bit attuned to math than others A lot of Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You familiar mathematical ideas but told engagingly and with plenty of wit I especially enjoyed theinal chapter on epidemiology although I d have liked a bit mathematical detail even in the Slo Mo! form of diagrams rather than euations If you re into stuff like this you can read theull reviewNumeracy The Math of Life and Death 7 Mathematical Principles That Shape Our Lives by Kit YatesMany maths disciplines are extremely useful Trigonometry algebra Euclidian geometry others are all useful should be used in general life eg when building something Additionally as mentioned in the article being able to understand calculate compound interest is useful Poor Mrs. Rigsby for just about everyone Another example calculating if discount percentages are genuine or not However approximately 85 percent of automated warnings in ICUs arealse alarmsIf you re at all ascinated with numbers you will love this book There are no actual ormulas in this book instead what it shows you is how math is a part of every aspect of our lives rom medicine to law to sales This book is ull of real life stories many you might know rom hearing about them in the news and many others that are just as powerful It breaks down the math behind the stories and shows the examples of how mathematics is an integral part of our lives even if it s not always obviousThe powerful part of this book is when it highlights all the ways in which mathematics has been usedinterpreted incorrectly and caused people s lives to be ruined or altered orever When a monitor in the ICU is muted because it beeps too much and then it can t beep when in A Boy in Winter fact it needs to it can and does kill people When data is interpreted incorrectly as it often is it can and does cause innocent people to go to jail These are real life conseuences of mathematical errors that cause people to behave in ways that inadvertently harm other peopleThis book isull of powerful examples that make you Frost at Midnight feel both cringe with horror and delighted I was so excited toind out that the ice bucket challenge had such a positive outcome But often than not it s a sobering look at the role math plays in our lives and the harm we can do when we misuse itI loved reading this book and if numbers are your thing at all I can t recommend it enoughthank you to Scribner and netgalley Princess Baby, Night-Night for an early copy in exchangeor an honest review As a math nerd I am always looking The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post for books that provide insight into the use of mathematics in our lives I skimmed through this book andound some interesting tidbits on disease exponents and statistics The examples and stories include a lot of visuals which helps but there is a lot of detail here than I personally needed since I was reading this book For Fun My Problem With fun My problem with on mathematics is never remembering the Improbable Destinies: Fate, Chance, and the Future of Evolution formulas evenrom one chapter to the next OK and being bored with them is a On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock factor too Kit Yates solved these problems by not using anyormulas or even much math in his delightful when not rightening The Math of Life and Death His secret is really simple he tells stories The result is always engaging often infuriating and sometimes horrifying We defy the math at our perilUsing examples rom the news such as epidemics or murder investigations Yates shows what underlies the events the basic numbers that anyone can see do or do not add upThe whole strength of The Math of Life and Death is the power of true events Yates recognizes their value and provides the background acts that it with numbers that prove a point In the hot new service of gene seuencing he shows clearly how our assumption about identifying people by DNA samples can go wrong badly enough to incarcerate the wrong person In his own case 23andMe gave him a death sentence through a wrong interpretation of

his genes he 
genes He it to his great relief with other such services and went back to show just how the numbers can lead analysis astray Sloppy math is hard to prove but can ruin livesHe shows that something as unmathematical as algae needs an understanding of math An algal bloom doubles in size every day until it covers a lake in 30 days If you see the lake is half covered how long do you think it will take Nini for it to be covered completely Most would calculate numerous days based on when the algaeirst appeared and had reached the halfway point but the correct answer is one day Mistakes like this lead planes to crash which Yates also shows in painful detailDoctors are I Love My Dad (Disney Princess) forever misinterpreting test results giving patientsalse death sentences or Flight, Vol. 7 false reassurances Yates gives the example of breast cancer tests by which doctors seem to predict nine out of every two cases of breast cancer in women The numbers are pretty stark Withalse positives rom tests 981 women out of a random 10000 will be told that they have breast cancer But of those only 90 will actually have it Ninety out of ten thousand ie nine per thousand is not the pandemic plague that should cause panicked ear in women but that s how doctors present it when they are surveyed Given multiple choice uestions doctors are ar worse than if they had chosen random answers They are prejudiced in the Camp Rex false direction They have theacts and the numbers wrong The result is needless surgery needless chemotherapy and much pointless sufferingThere is a horrifying chapter on legal ignorance as well So called expert witnesses bamboozle judges juries and opposing lawyers with mumbo jumbo that no one challenge. From birthdays to birth rates to how we perceive the passing of time mathematical patterns shape our lives But or those of us who left math behind in high school the numbers and igures hurled at us as we go about our days can sometimes leave us scratching our heads and Touch of Enchantment feeling as if we’reumbling through a mathematical minefield In this eye opening and extraordinarily accessible book mathemati­cian Kit Yates illumina.

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First place The P vs NP challenge asks whether every problem they can be checked efficiently by a computer can also be solved efficiently For example once a jigsaw is complete it is easy to check that it has been done correctly More rigorous definition of what efficiency means are expressed mathematically in terms of how uickly the algorithm works as the problem gets complicated when pieces are added to the puzzle The set of problems that can be solved uickly is called Ppolynomial time A bigger group of problems that can be checked uickly but not necessarily solved uickly is known as NPNondeterministic Polynomial timeOne of the NP uestion is Travel salesman problem and vehicle routing The yes no decision version of the traveling salesman problem is known as NP complete A powerful theorem tells us that if we ever come up with a practical algorithm that solves one NP complete problem then we would be able to transmute this algorithm to solve any other NO problem proving that P euals NP Since almost all internet cryptography relies on the difficulty of solving certain NP proving P euals NP could be distorts or our online security Ironically some of the most astounding scientific discoveries have relied enormously on the creative thinking of highly trained and dedicated individuals If P euals to NP then computers would be able to Miles from Kara findormal proofs of any mathematical theorem that is provable Many of the greatest intellectual achievements of humankind might be reproduced and superseded by the work of a robot At its heat P versus NP is the battle to discover whether human creativity can be automated Other problems described here are Dijkstra s algorithm inds the shortest path in polynomial time Optimal stopping Hiring problem the 37 percent rule only works 37 % of the time but better than 10 % I like the argument the author made on how the algorithm can be biased and we need to be aware Even the genuinely pragmatic algorithm have hard coded biases they influence the direction in which the spotlight is shone on the global stageWe place trust in supposedly impartial algorithms because we are wary of obvious human inconsistencies and inclinations But although computers may implant algorithm in an objective manner ollowing a predefined set of rules the rules themselves are written by humans These programmed might hard code their bias consciences or unconscious directly into the algorithm itself obfuscating their prejudice by translating them into computer code Several examples are provided here include automated pricing strategy and Navinder Sarao algorithm to spoof the market in 2010 7 Mathematical epidemiology This chapter is about how math is used in controlling and understanding epidemics There are also some interesting points that the SIR model illustrates the importance of not coming in to work when unwell If everyone with an infectious disease ollowed this practice we would all benefit This is the author s argument or the harm of presentism and he used Chipotle s case where their stuff who elt under the weather but still kept coming which ended up infect hundreds of people as exampleOther story in this chapter also includes offering HPV vaccination to homosexuals to be cost effective I have been a lifelong reader I love learning and this book was right in my lane enjoyed the new exposures The Maths of Life and Death written by Kit Yates who is a senior lecturer in the Department of Mathematical Sciences and co director of the Centre or Mathematical Biology at the University of Bath aims to show that maths is High Heat for everyone and that mathematics isirst and oremost a practical tool to make sense of our complex world This is a mission that I m definitely on board with I m convinced that maths is the worst taught of all school subjects in "England due to the ailure of central government policies to attract and reward good teachers "due to the ailure of central government policies to attract and reward good teachers a lot of people with the idea that MATHS ISN T FOR THEM IT isn t or them It rustrating to see people who are otherwise really smart refusing to even engage with an argument if it contains numbers or anything else sciency Yates s book on the whole definitely does a good job of explaining some basic mathematical concepts simply and clearly and showing how they are relevant in the real world The book is almost entirely ocused on statistics and the one chapter that strays into the realm of pure mathematics on algorithms will probably be less accessible A treatise on the law of marital rights in Texas for the average reader However having a solid understanding of some basic concepts in statistics is both vital and possibleor everyone and so I think this ocus works wellI have to say that most of the examples used in The Maths of Life and Death were already amiliar to me which is probably the result of my amateur enthusiasm or statistics rather than any undue repetition on Yates s part although there is a certain amount of crossover with Ben Goldacre s Bad Science Because I m interested in medicine I was already amiliar with the material on medical statistics covered in chapter two and with much of the epidemiological information in chapter seven this of course is not Yates s ault but because this chapter ocuses on controlling global pandemics it makes Why Diets Make Us Fat: The Unintended Consequences of Our Obsession with Weight Loss for a rather chilling read in the wake of Covid 19 Chapter three on the law retells the story of the infamous Sally Clark case where statistics were used to prove that the chances of experiencing two stillbirths in the sameamily were 1 in 73 million and so Clark must have murdered her two children as Yates shows this Don't Hex with Texas figure could only have been arrived at through multiple statistical errors And I already knew about the birthday problem in chapterour which shows that in any school class it s likely than not that two children share the same birthday although I loved hearing the story of how Yates used this act to pitch his literary agent Chris Wellbelove while they were having drinks in a pubI bet him the next round of drinks that I would be able to ind two people in the relatively uiet pub who shared a birthday After a uick scan of the room he readily took me on and indeed offered to buy the next two rounds if I could Black Women Writers (1950-1980): A Critical Evaluation find such a pair so unlikely did he think the prospect of a match Twenty minutes and a lot of baffled looks and superficial explanations later I hadound my pair of birthday sharers and the drinks were on ChrisYates s prose is clear and straightforward which is absolutely necessary Pajama Party for a book of this type Occasionally when he is trying to write about the bigger implications of statistics it becomes a bit banal but this isn t the case most of the time I also liked that he explained his calculations both in the text and through the use of diagrams Iound the text easier to Bunco Babes Tell All follow but others would probably prefer the diagrams so this worksor everyone All in all I d recommend this book as an accessible and important introduction to understanding the use and abuse of statistics 35 starsI would like to thank uercus Every Day by the Sun: A Memoir of the Faulkners of Mississippi for sending me aree copy of this book to revie. Ver DNA testing medical screening results and historical events such as the Chernobyl disaster and the Amanda Knox trial Readers will inish this book with an enlightened perspective on the news the law medicine and history and will be better euipped to make personal decisions and solve problems with math in mind whether it’s choosing the shortest checkout line at the grocery store or halting the spread of a deadly disea. S because they don t understand what was said They just pick out a major conclusion rom what they heard and accept it as true and significant The result is wrongful convictions In the major case cited a young mother went to prison or murdering her irst two children because an expert incorrectly claimed the chances of two children rom the same amily dying Close to Hugh from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome SIDS was one in 73 million He made up the number himself That s all the jury needed to know It didn t matter that the expert was wrong about the odds or even that the children didn t really die of SIDS The number was so overwhelming the decision was easy to make she had to be guilty as charged In upholding the conviction the appeals court said no one would beooled by such a wild claimThis is the same principle that guides media claims and why so Women and Self Esteem few trust the media any Shoppingor statistics and angles reporters hone in on some startling number and taking it out of context draw conclusions that it doesn t merit or maybe worse just leaving it there to Toy to Toy (Disney/Pixar Toy Story 3) fester in the imagination of people with no otheracts to weigh Absent those Charity facts the population divides into believers and non believers ever extreme in their positions It is no wonder that a Boris Johnson can lie about the massive amounts of cash sent to the European Union and even when the lie is pointed out it continues to be theoundation or leaving the union The result has been utter chaos in a arcical government So while it s critical to have the numbers behind the claims Catch and Release: Trout Fishing and the Meaning of Life few do Worseewer can master them and a select group will manipulate them to their own advantageYates also tackles algorithms epidemics and antivaxxers The antivaxxers rely on a single tiny invalid and misinterpreted study by a since defrocked doctor where he claimed to show that vaccinations cause autism They don t as Yates relates clearly and concisely Nonetheless the news traveled rom Britain the USA where it has become gospel to millions who have no need of the acts They accept the headline as all they need to know The result is a resurgence of diseases long thought banished with thousands suffering needlessly Perversely parents even mail licked lollipops to each other so children can be infected They believe the Road Map to Holland: How I Found My Way Through My Son's First Two Years with Down Syndrome false headline and are ignorant of the death and disfiguration ratesrom these so called rites of passage diseases It is craziness suared because the numbers were cooked and won out over the actsThe Math of Life and Death is an endlessly diverting pleasing engaging and horrifying look at how lives are affected by the math It is math in very human terms and Yates excels at making it plain And you don t even have to do the math to see itDavid Wineberg I was never very good at math growing up in China where I never ully understood why I needed to do the proof of euations in math classes Now as a professional I am doing a job which Fashion Faux Paw forces me to work in math a lot Slowly seeing the magic of math everywhererom pharmaceutical to industrial production Pillars of Light from sales to oil and gas and see the value math brings I started to appreciate it a lot This will be a book I want to send as a gift to my kids and my nephews to get them see the power of math in everyday liferom when they are little I want them to understand that math is a powerful tool when you use it wisely it produces society with great impact If you didn t use it right it could blind people and lead to huge loses and unfairness or cost lives below are just some notes I made or myself There Are Seven Chapters In The seven chapters in the Thinking ExponentiallyUncover the connection between exponential behavior with everyday phenomena eating snacks bacteria growth deposit in bank credit card late payment Pyramid scheme nuclear reaction ice bucket challenge and population explosion This has made the point very clear that the rule of exponential growth can be seen everywhere in life2 How math makes medicine manageableLots of the medical tests are imprecise eg23andMe and the BMI breast cancer test sometimes the high alse positive will make people uestion the cost benefit balance of the testscreening programs Knowing these shake the unuestioning attitude towards the accuracy of health test Solibo Magnificent for us even extremely accurate test can be hugely imprecise This chapter really reminded me of the broad brushed percentile record the doctors gave to me and my husband when we were doing ultra sound test during pregnancy ecologicalallacy and reminded me the time when I have my baby did x ray suggested by a dentist which now I think might have done her harm than discovering any true problem 3 Mathematics in the lawThis is probably the saddest chapter in the book with Sally Clark s story told through the chapter The author Discussed Several Problem With The several problem with the guilty until innocent the wrongly calculated 73 million to one probability the independence mistake and the ecological Cheetahs' Craving fallacy the prosecutor sallacy blinded by math 4 Debunking media statisticsThis is the chapter that I relates to the most The author has describes cases where media manipulate data One example is Lanc me ad New People for its anti aging line pseudoscience There are also cases where the mediaudging the headline to make their story stands out or create French Impressions:: The Adventures of an American Family fake news The author suggests that ultimately the degree to which we believe the stats we come across should depend on how complete a picture the artist paintsor us If it is a richly detailed realist landscape with #Context A Trusted Source Clear Expositions And Chains Of Reasoning #a trusted source clear expositions and chains of reasoning we should be confident in the veracity of the numbers If however it is a dubiously inferred claim supported by a minimalist single statistic on an otherwise empty canvas we should think hard about whether we believe this truth As a practitioner I also know how easy it is to manipulate result or present it to bias people s view It always benefit one party or another to put a spin on a particular Driving Hungry: A Memoir finding to suggest correlation to promote argument or advance someone s agenda We need to be really careful o being too readily to be convinced Let s be skeptical and askor explanation before start to draw any conclusionNot only media consulting service sometimes also have slants on stories when it comes to interpreting numbers or reporting The Museum of Us facts They may even call it the artor science So again knowing that Statistics can be cherry picked to present a particular angle on a story The author has done a great job help to demystify the tricks traps and expose mathematical manipulations employed Rather than perceiving them as indisputable Hard to Hold facts There are also some practical tricks we can use to getree drinksfood rom bets Like how many people do you need in a group to ind one pair who share the same birthday which I A Bedtime Yarn find very interesting 5 Number system6 Optimization algorithmIn this chapter the author described one of the 7 millennium prize problem N vs NP hard It is often easier to verify a correct solution to a problem than it is to produce the solution in the. Tes hidden principles that can help us understand and navigate the chaotic and often opaue surfaces of our world In The Math of Life and Death Yates takes us on aascinating tour of everyday situations and grand scale applications of mathematical concepts including exponential growth and decay optimization statistics and probability and number systems Along the way he reveals the mathematical undersides of controversies The Math of Life and Death 7 Mathematical Principles That Shape Our Lives
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