[EBOOK / PDF] (Lost Boys Slateview High #1) BY Eva Ashwood

Mes and businesses They call her names push and shove her and basically hassle her non stopShe also finds out that ven the teachers and administration won t step in and help her while the other student curse at her and call her step in and help her while the other student curse at her and call her slut right in front of them She finds out that The Lost Boys run the school and they are the three guys that live across the street from her They are called that because none of them have parents they all live with foster familiesThere were a few things about this story I didn t understand like the fact that the lost boys seemed to be as mad about what Cora s father did as the rest of the school and just as willing to take it out on her They ven said when they made the deal with her that they would protect her from the rest of the school but they would punish her But then they never do They just take her to parties and kiss her But I did really like the story and I will read on That is not nough for me to lower my ratingBlog Goodreads Facebook Instagram Twitter BookBub 5 stars for Lost Boys by Eva Ashwood This is book 1 in the Statview High Series This is my first book by Ashwood but I can tell you she has made a fan out of me Cora s life has been turned upside down She has gone from being the rich girl to now being the poor who s dad is in jail for fraud She is now having to attend Slateview Public Her start here is not what she One Ticket To Texas expected Everyone hates her because of things her dad did Then she meets the lost boys Bishop Misael and Kace She hates all three of them but is attracted to all three of them They take her under their protection Slowly their relationship begins to change Then Bam cliffhanger I Love Coralee s character she is not going to let anyone walk all over her She might be afraid but she still stands her ground I am loving this book and can not wait to read Wild Girl Genre Romantic Suspense Bully RomanceHeat 55HEA Not yet Cliffhanger Yes and it is a doozie Feels 455 Cover 45 HeroHeroes 55 Heroine 55 Overall 5 stars Second buddy read with Briana I don t really know where to begin with this book I felt like it had the potential to be a really good storybut it seemed like the author didn t really know how to form it Was this worst book I havever read no Was it the best book I have Helpmate ever read also no The writing wasn t poor and I kept reading so that says somethingCora was this rich girl who lost basicallyverything when her father went to prison I found her transition from riches to rags too Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy easy for her She struggled for like two days and I don t really think those first days were that bad considering how angry people seemed to be with her because of her father It just didn t really make sense to meI also thought her relationship with her parents were confusing Like do you like them or not Do you care about them or not Yeah I get it you want your mom to focus on you yada yada yada but when your mom probably actually need youdid you care Nah Also reading about polyamorous relationships was new to me I wasn txpecting that until I put the book down to look up who she was supposed to be up who she was supposed to be until I read in one review that she was with all of them Oh I guess I don t have to cheer for one dude any I don t really think it s my thing but it didn t ruin the story for me Kace is my fave though just throwing that out there The nding of book jus I am actually pretty damn impressed with this book So if you ve been following my reviews for any length of time you ll. I’ll survive until graduation is to make a deal with three gorgeous dangerous devils the ones veryone calls the Lost BoysIf I accept their bargain Bishop Misael and Kace will protect meBut they’ll own me too This is the first book in the Crazy Vicious Love series a reverse harem bully romance It contains mature themes and is intended for readers 18. Good readNice read not uite light but definitely not heavy in the bully department It was a tad bizarre for a slight bully romance because I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop I was pleasantly surprised that thr guys didn t torment the FMC before hinting at their true feelings I would have liked to see of the relationship building between Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader everyone I think it would have made her feelings a tad credible The book just summed it up oh she had known them for 3months or so Also another reviewer hit the main issue on the head Cora s transition from riches to poverty appeared tooasy Minus the first 2 days of school she didn t go through much Her mom had depression and a suicidal moment Cora just took Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead everything in stride I mven surprised Ava didn t turn back up Overall decent read Just A Few Plot Holes That I Hope The Next a few plot holes that I hope the next will address Fantastic debut novel by Eva Ashwood I just happened to scroll and see this on KU read the blurb and thought what the hell Boy am I glad I did Cordelia has grown up shelter for all of her seventeen years She s beautiful rich a real high society girl She s too remain prim and proper at all times but underneath all of that is a girl who wants something The van Rensselaer name is a lot to live up too But her life is about to change Gone are the cocktail parties the big mansion and servants the Bryozoan Evolution expensive prep school is all torn away the night her father is arrested Now she s leaving on the other side of town going to Slateview Public where she snemy number one Enter Bishop Kace and Misael three boys who are about to turn her world upside down These boys own Slateview high and they will own Cordelia This is a reverse harem book for sure and it s finally one that isn t all light and fluffy Yes It s hot in uite a few places and I can t wait too see where Eva is going to take the storyline Yes it Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) ends in a cliffhanger and it s a shocking one I will be stalking Eva too see when I can get my hands on the next one I liked all the characters and for it being a debut novel she did a fantastic job Definitely one too check out for sure Incredible Absolutely loved it You get sucked in so very uickly I literally did notven realize I was 88% through it before taking a break to grab a protein bar then went right back to it and once it was over I went straight to book 2 and just took my short break It s really incredible as well You just don t want to stop I bet I will get zero sleep tonight and I m soo OK with that REVIEW Cora Cordelia is an Silvers Edge elitist he family are THE family Until her father is arrested on grounds of fraud felony Her life is switched within a week from Maybe 25 However I didn t like itToo similar guys I d prefer characterization TSTL heroine Thending annoyed the crap out of me I ve never heard of a reverse harem book until probably last year so I don t ven know what is considered good or bad in this area I honestly don t ven know if I have read it before or not Love the idea thoughThis story was half annoying and half good I am SO conflicted on if I Going Berserk even like the book Here s whyCora She s a stupid little girl She keeps on saying she s smart but she s actually really stupid and just for that alone I find her rambling just none sense cause it s not like she s going understand what s going on until last minute in the first place The stereotypes represented in this book was terrible Like this is in the 21st century right So if she is apart of thexact same Slateview Public High is no place for a girl like meMy whole life I’ve been groomed as American royalty raised to be the perfect daughter of the wealthy liteOn my sixteenth birthday my father bought me an Aston MartinAnd on my seventeenth birthday the Feds took verything awayWith my father in prison for fraud and nothing left to our name my mom and .
Eneration that has a term like to chill why does she not know what chilling is Why does she have to be a so called rich bitch to not understand basic social normalities within her own generation no matter where she comes from Also she always mentioned the boys as Lost Boys and I kinda hated that Like she could ve graduated to just saying the boys or Come Hell or High Water: Feminism and the Legacy of Armed Conflict in Central America even throw in a possessive name like my guys Literally anything other than a name that doesn t seem like teenagers in jacked up life situations wouldven care to coin I get why it s the name but to hear lost boys here and LBs there It s annoying Like it could ve been a great character and relationship development if the author had Cora grow with them including the name she calls them just as they did with her Autobiography and Other Writings ending her name change to Coralee It s cute She just got on my nervesHere s what saved the storyThe boys actually were great I loved the dynamic between them and gotta say I don t mind the situation they got going on here Each intimate situation they had with Cora was done well Theyven had development that made sense and I loved it Why the author didn t make her actual main character develop in a way that was idk good I Don t Know Honestly switch POVs at this point damn Can you tell I m annoyed Overall this was a solid 30 star rating It s a bummer because this could ve been SUCH AN AMAZING BOOK Like you don t know how bummed out I am over this So bummed This was a uick one night read for me so I m just gonna read the next one cause Kace Bishop Miscael still don t know how to say his name lol I m going with a Michell type of sound Buddy read with Artalee Sorry girl I finished uicker than I anticipated haha30 star rating Another terrific bully romance But there are no rich bullies hereI really like when they combine the bully romance with the reverse harem trope ven though is is a bit there to think that a Virgin in high school or ven a girl who has had a boyfriend or two before is suddenly ready to handle a polyamorous relationship and all that comes with it I mean I can t imagine the slut shaming that would occur between high school girls in case like this ven if the guys she is with are the ones that run the school like even if the guys she is with are the ones that run the school like lost boys do in this book They certainly aren t with her all the timeBut that is beside the point because this is all fake so I can just njoy it as is This book was a bit different than a lot of the books I have read where the girl suddenly is in a rich neighborhood or school and she is ither on scholarship or has moved in with family that is rich and is bullied by the rich kids who think she doesn t belong In this case Cordelia Cora is from the wealthy side of the tracks and she is one of the wealthiest She has no idea how the other half lives but her life is not perfect ither though she really doesn t realize how imperfect it is until things change Her father is arrested for fraud the FBI seizes most of their possessions and Cora and her mother are forced to moved to a two bedroom rental on the other side of the tracksShe lives across the street from three very hot guys who live in separate houses all next to Apocalyptic Cartography: Thematic Maps and the End of the World in a Fifteenth-Century Manuscript each other but the three guys are always together and act like brothers and stare at her like they know her The first day of her senior year at the public high school Cora finds out thatveryone in the high school hates her because of business deals her father made which basically made a lot of people lose their ho. Are forced to move to a tiny house across town and I transfer to Slateview PublicThe only problem is nearly veryone at my new school has reason to despise my family name They want to see a princess brought low and they’ll do whatever it takes to make me fallMoney was the language of my old world but violence is the language of my new one The only way.

Lost Boys Slateview High #1