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Bicycling ScienceAs a and a hysics nerd it was delicious This book outlines the hysics of the most erfect machine devised by the minds of men This book should BE THE PRIMARY TEXT FOR PHYSICS the The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes that Keep You Lean! primary text forhysics high schools everywhere It introduces concepts in a very directed and Witchcraft for Tomorrow practical way giving students a useful framework to reference in understandinghysics and how our world operates Niche but nice this book exposes a lot of what we know about bicycling and hysics If you read between the lines it also shows how little we understand and how much of bicycling innovation is driven by tinkerers garage work only to be explained later by scientists as Nissim Taleb describes in his book Antifragile Well I can t say I actually finished this book like reevaluated it It s a reference book or canshould be and I m going to treat it as such I got about halfway through at a marginal ace before deciding this For what it is it is the reference on Human Powered Vehicles far beyond simple bicycles Anyone considering a HPV record in flight on two or wheels should check this one out before startin. A new updated edition of a The Wedding Redux popular book on the history science and engineering of bicyclesThe bicycle is almost uniue among humanowered machines in that it uses human muscles in a near optimum way This new edition of the bible of bicycle builders and bicyclists Rolling Thunder provides just about everything you could want to know about the history of bicycles how human beingsropel them what makes them go faster and what keeps them from going even faster The scientific and engineering information is. Bootie and the Beast papers about bicycle mechanics not so much if you want a leisurely read on the subject unless you are a total dork like me The math isretty light but there are euations in here than you are going to find in most leasure reading My favourite reference This reading was my second or third read I appreciate the combination of hysics and experienceopinion to convey each oint The history and futurism chapters that bookend the science show how the same ideas come up repeatedly Ten years on can we have a 4th ed Do other readers have reading suggestions for industry developments or for different viewpoints The finest book on cycling that I ve read Clear and concise explanations of the hysics and mechanics of riding bikes without the dryness of technical language My experience reading this book at this The Art of Mary Beth Edelson point in my life 1 star My expectatio. Of interest not only to designers and builders of bicycles and other humanowered vehicles but also to competitive cyclists bicycle commuters and recreational cyclistsThe third edition begins with a brief history of bicycles and bicycling that demolishes many widespread myths This edition includes information on recent experiments and achievements in human owered transportation including the ultimate human owered vehicle in which a supine rider in a streamlined enclosure steers by loo. .