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Hurrah For The Blackshirts!: Fascists and Fascism in Britain Between the Wars eCh of a Boss Giovanni is He saved this book and poor little Evie is neglected by both of her Parents But I believe she has a lot of Giovanni in her Belinda needs to go home I don t like the name Marietta gave thei I am disappointed in thending of this book I do not like that Adara is pregnant with Carlo s baby while poor Shea is in the States Texas ven though she came looking for Carlo she was turned away by that devious Umberto I have a feeling that it will be found out what he did and all the other devilish things he has been doing he would turn over and murder Lorenzo and Carlo just for power under Gio which shows what kind of mind set he has Gio is out of control and on his usual power trip along #with dim witted mirabella she shows strength but #dim witted Mirabella She shows strength but he says something she gives in to him too asily and that bothers me a lot They were my power couple and I love the connection and romance between them until the last book Bella Mafia when she showed her ugly and power hungry side I understand that she was angry because Gio was suffering in his coma but her treatment of her bio family to me was unacceptable Gio took over again after waking from his coma which it should be but in this book he is totally out of control I tried to rationalize his feelings and I truly hope that he and Gio will be able to come together soon without death and violence and just stay Crazy Love estranged fromach other My most unhappy feeling about this book is taking Marietta s baby from her and keeping it for themselves That is also unacceptable They already have three kids and Mirabella is pregnant again and Marietta s baby is the only one she had How dare they The laws in "Their Country And The Way That Those "country and the way that those keep getting away with mess would not work in the USA Anyway sorry for my rant I am now reading Omerta Part 2 and I hope for a better Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society ending Masterpiece Brilliantly written The Battaglias are back and crazier thanver Nothing is as it seems Everything is chaotic but in the A true mafia seriesThis book was well worth the wait I loved how she brought the readers up to date on veryone This story picked up right where the previous book left off Sienna has done a wonderful job telling this saga of lies betrayal heartache love And Family These Men Are Crazy The family these men are crazy the they do to gain an upper hand on ach other is beyond crazy but that s what makes this a great read My main interest is Carlo s story I want him and Shae to have their HEA and yes I m still pulling for Lorenzo but I think his time is dwindling. Nge is the only future he seeks and he'll sacrifice his criminal mpire to have it But will he succeed With the love and support of his Donna his uest for vengeance delivers conseuences to the lives of his family friends and children for generations to come Donna Mirabella is thankful to God that her husband is alive Bu. ,

Nobody is Keeping SilentIt s hard to review this book since this is part one of two without spoiling it for others This book left me with "UESTIONS THAN ANSWERS YOU KNOW ALL "than answers You know all the characters and they were fully developed in uestions than answers You know all of
"the characters and "
characters and were fully developed in books There are some new players and I m not sure of their roles or motivations and I really don t care They ll all nd up dead or useless simply filler We have all the characters we need to finish this seriesCarlos is the only one that I have any sympathy for and that s about to run out Black Heart, Red Ruby especially if he doesn t open hisyes to the true Lorenzo and stop idealizing him My goodness how many of his brothers does Lorenzo have to kill for him to see him for the self serving vicious vil soulless person he isSame old rrors mostly word usage pass instead of past Will I read one book out of the last two without those same New Plant Parent: Learn the Ways of Plant Parenthood errors Surely if this book causes me to hate or resent most characters it must be the author s purpose in weaning me off this series Waiting for Omerta II to make decisions Still as with all the Battaglia s book this was a page turner Just make sure you re ready to miss sleep when you read this one Excellent readThe Battaglia saga continues and it s better thanver You will cAtch up with Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey everyone in this book from Lorenzo and Marie to Shae and Carlo and of course Bella and Gio Can t put this diwn On to Ibarra Book 2 WowExcellent book and writing I love this series and probably will bextremely sad when it nds There was so much drama lies secret death and destruction I am hoping that the family can pull it together I love for a HEA for Dominic and Catalina and Carlos and Shae not Adara It is just what I hope for Now for Lorenzo the jury is still out but I do not wish the pain for Marrietta Hopefully Gio will return her child I can wait for next book Love the BattagliasFirst five stars because it Ms Mynx and it s the Battaglia series Next where was the ditorgrammar checkerproofreader Last I tried hard to hate Lorenzo but then he got Marietta back lost the baby and I felt SORRY for him I ve kinda never liked Catalina I would not have been upset if she was deleted from all the bookslet Domi have Sera Giovanni is still a little cray cray but he s a total badass What about Shae And will little rotten Eve burn the house down Almost OverI really want Lorenzo and Marietta to be killed off already Catalina and Mirabella annoyed me in this book I feel sorry for Carlo and hope he and Shae can work things out Dominic needs to let Catalina go I do love how mu. The Campania burns Violence has washed the Amalfi coast in blood after the failed assassination attempt of their Camorra Don It is war And Don Giovanni Battaglia has put one man in his scope The one he once called brother Family secrets have surfaced to put into uestion verything he believes about his past However reve.

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Down I can t wait to read part 2 next month Outwit Outlast and outplayedThis book was bellissimo If you want a part 2 next month Outwit Outlast and outplayedThis book was bellissimo If you want a read about love mayhem intrigue revenge and the Mafia This book as well as the series is for you Ms Lynx did a fantastic job in writing The old cast of characters are back and some new ones also Goo and Lo don t disappoint This is classic tale of building a better mouse trap I will say the storyline moves with good tempo and stay with it because you are constantly trying see who with outwitoutlast outplay FantasticSo I m in love Been in love from Destino Awesome My fate is sealed Ti amo mi amour Battaglias Can t wait to be added to discussion group so I can decompress on all things Battagalia It is a page turner Enjoy I did Ms Mynx did herself proud and we as readers are thrilled to death Good lawd this was goodI can t wait for part 2 This is one messed up family There are so many uestions I want answered and part 1 is the set up for getting those answers Marietta has had a reckoning with the birth of her baby She understands what her mother must have gone through with she and Mirabella Poor Carlo is going to have his ntire world turned upside down in the next book "I don t like Adara I m team Shae all the way I want to see Shae just come "don t like Adara I m team Shae all the way I want to see Shae just come and just move her out of the way And poor little Lucciola feels so unwanted She s a daddy s girl all the way but she s about to get into some big trouble thanks to her cousin who knows betterSienna Minx has done what she always does and that is writing a wonderful and well researched series on this mafia family and all of the nuances that ntails I just love how Mirabella has volved from being Donna drawing back to a loving wife who has to walk that fine line of being Gio s wife and his Donna The love of his family is the only thing that keeps him from really going off just like Marietta does to Lorenzo But in their case she feeds his crazy too Poor Domi just can t get his love life together He s still in love with Catalina but she is not ready yet She wants to live life on her own terms now Zia is trying her best to kill all of the family secrets so her best to kill all of the family secrets so family can be healed That is the biggest uestion Can the family be healed Oh and how will they get rid of Jasper I know Carlo is going to handle that I just love love love this series It is one of my favorites that I would recommend to anyone I hate to see it The Lost Art of Reading Natures Signs ending I would love to see a series about the next generation though I m sure Gino Giani and Eve have uite a few stories to tell. T the man he is now is barely recognizable in comparison to the one she fell in love To be his Donna during this ruthless war both her marriage and faith will be tested Can she save him her sister and an innocent unborn child in all of the chaos Or will she finally be the Donna Nera who chooses her husband above allls. Omerta Battaglia Mafia #8
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