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Haste Ye BackThis is a short Christmas story set in Edinburgh uring the Scottish Hogmanay celebrations happening at the end of the year Aaron On A Business Trip Is a business trip is from his return to the US for a few ays and uses his time to visit Edinburgh where he keeps bumping into Connor a man for whom he feels a lot a lot of attraction not one sided What idn t work for me It felt like an unfinished story *a teaser about what could have been a sweet and hot *teaser about what could have been a sweet and hot Alas I m among the readers who believe that no HEA takes the romance awayWhat work Well For Me The Setting for me The setting really enjoyable and well Children of the Sun displayed the characters were charming their encounter was promising and full of chemistry I give three stars for that good and entertaining introduction but like the Cadbury kid would say can t you make it a bit longer ARC of Haste Ye Back was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review No HEA or HFN Ty but pass This was a sweet Christmascorrection Hogmanay story full of chemistry hope and new beginnings I loved the chemistry and sparks with these two They uite literally ran into each other a few times before Aaron gave in to those beautiful green green eyes He hadn t planned on meeting anyone especially theay before leaving but turning him Approaches To Academic Reading And Writing down before was one time too many and he wasn toing it again He turned out to have a wonderful time with Connor Laughing talking and a kiss that turned him inside out It was the kiss that tipped him over the edge He never felt this way before But he was scared knowing he jumped into things too soon before But Connor felt the same This spark This knowing that there could be But heartfelt agony at the thought they had to separate for any amount of time Aaron had to go back homeIt s a HFN It was sad to see them have to separate but knowing they would be getting together again soon had me smiling The season of Hope and miracleshttplovebytesreviewscom 2 StarsAlthough I loved the Edinburgh setting and the celebrations surrounding Hogmanay the romance and the writing style idn t work for me here Sadly this one ended without a HEAHFN and although there was a sort of hopeful vi. A Story from the Warmest Wishes Dreamspinner Press 2018 Advent CalendarThe situation seems ideal a month off work and a sweet eal to extend his stay in an unexpected paradise Needless to say Aaron is thrilled to snag an extra few ays in Scotland after his work conference to soak up.

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Sped at the sudden ending I mean what I can hardly believe that this is where the author left it Just a tiny morsel of something is where the author left it Just a tiny morsel of something have been appreciated I agree with other readers that this feels like the beginning of a book But I have no idea whether seuels are in the pipeline Still *A Uite Enjoyable Affair All *uite enjoyable affair all all I can take the idea of uick holidayvacation romance but alas it just oesn t work for me in this one The story itself feels both half baked and unfinished Then the writing also My Hero Academia Series Volume 1 - 20 Books Collection Set by Kouhei Horikoshi doesn t work for me itoesn t give enough character build to make me care about Aaron and his short trip to Scotland much less his love interestPlus the ending is pretty much an open one not even a happy for now It s not the kind of ending I expect for a holiday storyBummerA Guest Review for The Blogger Girls The ARC is provided by the publisher for an exchange of fair and honest review No high rating is reuired for any ARC received The setting and celebrations were a treat to read in Haste Ye Back The author Alcohol Addiction Recovery did a really good job of putting the reader into the setting and theescriptions took me to Hogmanay with the MC s Being a holiday junkie I appreciate reading about the celebrations that take place in other countries and cultures Haste Ye Back had likable characters and a meet cute I could totally buy into for a holiday story It was charming and realistic and Aaron s inner Mars Journey dialog was spot on for someone in his situation and personality The charm continued on to the bar where Aaron and his handsome stranger Connor spent time with some cocktail fueled banter and eye boning I was fully onboard with everything that was going on but the insta love took a fast track even for insta love and I felt a little left in theust with the romance I m fine with insta lust and where that can lead but I o enjoy some "buildup that was missing here The ending left the reader with "that was missing here The ending left the reader with hopeful HFN which I id believe but considering the insta love I Climax (Double Alchemy, did expect at the end This would make a great full length story to be able to explore a fullyeveloped relationship between Aaron and Connor a copy of this story was provided for an honest review. S he exits every other shop and Aaron really should have googled what “Hogmanay” was before he found himself whisked into the whirlwind of Scottish revelry and the impossible raw of that sexy stranger who tastes like scotch and impossibly already feels like the beginnings of home. ,
Be that the two MCs would maybe reunite an epilogue showing such would have gone a hell of a long way to appease my romantic heart Haste Ye Back just idn t WORK FOR ME THE STORY FELT for me The story felt and worse ends without a happy ending which is a total no no for me when reading a holiday romance short storyNOTE Purchase the whole Dreamspinner Press Aaron spends a few bonus ays in Scotland prior to his return trip home to the US and encounters the Scottish tradition of Hogmanay which apparently involves large crowds fire fireworks and festivities He literally runs into a gorgeous stranger at several locations and Aaron starts immediately wondering if stranger at several locations and Aaron starts immediately wondering if mystery man Connor is his soulmate There is a lot of sizzle and chemistry here but Aaron needs to make his plane and time is too short for anything other than a brief sexy encounter and the start of something maybe While I like the bones there is little character evelopment here and it feels like Haste Ye Back is a brief snippet rather than anything fleshed out Also Hogmanay remains largely unexplained and this oesn t feel like a holiday story 3 stars I received an ARC from Dreamspinner Press in exchange for an honest reviewReview cross posted *at Gay Book Reviews check it out 2 HeartsPerhaps the spirit of the holidays and the prospect *Gay Book Reviews check it out 2 HeartsPerhaps the spirit of the holidays and the prospect a new year was thought to be enough to lend a seemingly happy conclusion but it was not enoughToo short a short this finds Aaron in the midst of the chaotic Scottish holiday Hogmanay and figuratively and literally he s lost Good thing he runs into Connor a few times where the connection is lightning uick and thoughts of love even uicker The writing idn t uite capture me like I wanted it to This barely touched on all I need in a romance and I was left wanting Shakespeare despite the hopeful ending Thank you to the authorpublisher for a copy in exchange for a honest review For reviews on this week s Advent releases please check out the blog This was uite good funespite the obvious insta love and I hugely BWWM (Interracial Romance BWWM African American Multicultural Romance) delighted in the setting of Edinburgh Where btw Hogmanay New Year s Eve is a huge affair Even bigger than Christmas traditionallyHowever I ga. The magic of the countryHowever his plans to tourist his way around Edinburgh before his January 1st flight home are thwarted by a strange influx of people into the capital Add in trains thaton't run on New Year's fireworks first footing and running into the same gorgeous stranger