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A ierce humanoid Sandra was and that she strengthened them all in ways than one there was nothing left to do but to risk their all going The Somme: Heroism and Horror in the First World War forward with their plan in what will turn out to be the most dangerous uest of their livesA really well written steamy story whichlowed Sicilian Lives from the beginning Enjoyed the possibilities of the satellite Aurelians they encounter on their adventure as well as the world this author created Lookingorward to reading stories I really liked this read I m always a bit skeptical when it comes to Alien romances but *this had a great story It was action packed ull of adventure and *had a great story It was action packed ull of adventure and of steamy interludes in the midst of war battle being stranded on an unknown planet and survival The world building was very well done especially when you take int Me Jane You My Tarzans An Aurelian Law Enforcement Suad triad Ryder Adrihan and Xzavic are assigned to a human military unit headed by Sandra Bellinks after the planet Caladin is laid waste by Rav nok the Aurelian planet killerSandra thinks all Aurelians are arrogant sobs so she can boss these three men around because they are just above cadet grade in the Law Enforcement Agency OOPSNot happeningWhen their ship comes out of phase shift at Caladin s coordinates the planet is gone Then they re attacked and their ship damaged so bad they have to crash land on another isolated planet Miss Smarty Pants will soon ind out she has three new bossesARC Received via Booksprout I also got the book with KUGreat world building descriptions some battles and a good story had me absorbed in this Adult Alpha Alien Romance with BDSM elements Non stop action with unexpected twists Please read series in order Highly RecommendFor adults only 18 years Contains subject matter that may be a trigger or offensive to some including adult language throughout steamy detailed adult intimate scenes MF MFM MFMM spanking bondage etc and adult language throughout steamy detailed adult intimate scenes MF MFM MFMM spanking bondage etc and ighting murder kidnapping etc If any of these are a trigger or offensive to you then this may not be the story or series The Protestant Temperament for youDo not read this review if you have not read theirst two books of the series as it may provide spoilers That's So '90s Pop!: A Fill-In Activity Book from one or both of those storiesI have been waiting on this story and it did not disappoint It has a great plot surprising and unexpected twists loaded with lots of action and sets up some additional story linesor the The Radiant Child future This one also has a different take on theated mate bond between Aurelians and emale humans which I uite enjoyed although Sandra had a distorted view of the previous two emale heriones and what the bond did or did not influence Hopefully there will be another story very soonOkay last chance to stop before there may be spoilers rom the previous 2 storiesHere is a high level overview of how the story beginsSandra Bellinks is an Inspector with the Human Alliance the youngest to ever achieve this position She is very driven by her desire to wipe out the cartels and working her way up to be the Police Commissioner which is her ultimate goal She was enjoying her day off with 1 of the infantrymen when she received an alert That Reuired Her To Report Right Away Much To His reuired her to report right away much to his left immediately and reported to her superior and mentor John Marrock On her way she was able to read about Rav nok eradicating another planet Caladin the water planet that resulted in the loss of 8B people John assigned Sandra as their representative along with the other teams rom the various areas under the Human Alliance She can choose her own team but must accept an Aurelian triad She is not happy about their inclusion because they are known or their dominance over human emales in their harems Therefore Sandra wants them to assign her new agents 1 step above cadets as to hopefully minimize their interference and trying to take over the investigation She exited John s office and called out to 5 people she wanted on the case excluding Grant based upon their previous historyAdrihan and Ryder were sparring when they elt true agony and grief through their triad bond They rushed to Xzavic and held him against the wall while he gained some control over his emotions When they completed their 100 years. L marble skinned aliens assigned to my team stare at me with open lust Behind their slate grey eyes hide tortured pasts and violent pain Used to treating human women ,

Of service Xzavic was the only one to take a Talking to Dragons (Enchanted Forest Chronicles, female Rebecca They were notated mates but he loved her above all others and swore he would have no others She had traveled to Caladin to visit amily and perished when Rav nok destroyed the planetThen they Are Called To Their Commander S Office Which Is Confusing called to their commander s office which is confusing them since they are new officers just 1 step above cadets When they arrive the tension begins to build when they ind Emperor Reagan ueen Jasmine and the rest of their triad as well as Ella and her triad Ella was the human that set Rav nok Three Times the Love free accidentally when shereed her The Drowning Man friend This is too muchor Xzavic Adrihan and Ryder due to what just happened but only Xzavic loses it and they have to remove him The Bride of Willow Creek from the office They are being placed on the Rav nok investigation which is a confusing and unexpected opportunity but they are given clear instructions to not try and take over the investigation which they know will be hardor their leaders to enforce once they leaveSandra drops off her team at their new offices and gives them clear instructions on what she needs and when She is going to get Rav nok and not let the Aurelians take over the investigation Then she GREAT INVESTMENT, THE feels their ship landing and goes to meet them It is important to start off as she meant to continue They arrive on a reaver and she realizes exactly how large they are when they exit Unfortunately they are exactly her type but she is still surprised at theeelings she has when looking Adrihan and the others After some interesting introductions Sandra tells them she is going to see what if any clues can be discovered at Caladin and asks them *IF THEY WANT TO COME THEY TAKE THE REAVER *they want to come They take the reaver to its size Sandra is a little concerned about being isolated with Aurelians after hearing about how they can be lost in a mating renzy but things stay somewhat professional No matter how aroused she becomes Sandra is not crossing the line of being with a subordinate Then they phase shift and arrive at what is basically an asteroid ield Sandra spots something that lets them determine where Rav nok is potentially stationed Then they are hit by an orb beam The ship is damaged and they are either going to die The Lively Art of Writing from lack of oxygen in deep space or phase shift without knowing where they would end up and get lucky enough toind a place to crash landI am going to stop there enjoy Sandra loves her job even when ate gives her three aliens who are going with her when she is on a mission to stop the evil alien or destroying even planetsThe three aliens are not just aliens they are a triad and they are good looking tooWhen they have a look at the place where the last planet was which was destroyed they get in trouble and the end result is crashing down on an unknown planet There Sandra inds out she can not only resists the three men but is also their bonded mate No way she wants to be that but in the mean time the moments together with all three of them pfff so hotThey have to ight on this planet and show what they can doNext they go on with their mission and there is no time to think about being a bonded mateWill they get to the evil alien on time And what happens when they have time to discover what they want with the The Glass Ocean four of themFor that you have to read the book You won t regret it when you are into hot aliens the way they take care of their woman action and a strong woman Catching up on reviews Didn t realize kindle wasn t marking these completedSince I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in theuture2 stars This book was not very good and I won t be reading any rom the author3 stars This book was ok but I won t go out of my way to read But if I ind another book by the author or under a dollar I d pick it up4 stars I really enjoyed this book and will definitely be on the look out to pick up rom the seriesauthor5 stars I loved this book It has earned a permanent home in my collection and I ll be picking up the rest of the series and other books rom the author ASA. S simple pleasure toys the three brutal warriors Adrihan Ryder and Xzavic rankle under my lead Will I be able to tame the beasts and take down Rav'nok the planet kille. Mated To The Alien Warriors (Aurelian Empire, #3)On the The Leadership Gap fenceShe was so needy considering she was the supercop The best part was the last two chaptersshe seemed like the character I expected her to be based in her introductory chapter in the beginning of the book Also disliked that she always had to be saved like come on already girlThere were also a ton spelling and grammar errors than the previous books This book could use a thorough editing Wow what a absolutelyantastic book this was to read There were so many things i just loved about this story it will be hard to list them all First off all i Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) found that it was great toinally come across a great story that had than 15 chapters in it It gave the story body detail so that in itself was a plus Serenity Role Playing Game for meI also loved the story as it had action throughout the whole book and it intrduced a whole differnt type of Aurelians exciting i tell youAsor the Characters i loved all three of the men they may be a triad but they each know each others emotions Oh and i cant let the act that they are tall and they certainly know how to please *A Women As For *women As or im glad her character had a submissive side Tressed to Kill (Southern Beauty Shop, for myself im not aan of a total controlling womenThis Author has really done a Tressed to Kill fabulous job Thank youSandra Bellinks has been put in command ofindind Ravnok he has just destroyed an entire planet With the new relations between the Aurlians and humans she must work with triad AdrihanRyder Xzavic These our must work together to overcome the dangers that they ace SubmissionIn a time such as now when women are still seeking eual pay so many stories of women placed in BDSM submissive roles have risen in the erotic genre I The Dancer Who Flew: A Memoir of Rudolf Nureyev find them titillating but not compelling enough to want to explore myself and yet this story I can really appreciate A strong woman of strong almosterocious character inds herself in the grip of lust or 3seemingly overpowering Aurelians Ms Cain handles a woman s need or euality within sexuality deftly and orthrightly At no time did I eel that the heroine was mistreated or coerced to participate in any sexual situation that she hadn t ully consented to She made her own decisions and her grew to not only lust The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School for her but love her as well The story was a joy to read It had elements of all genres I adore erotic romance scienceiction and thriller Ms Cain combined all 4 in a sweeping saga of a story This story would have been great without the angst of the bond It didn t eel natural and or such an all consuming thing it needed to come naturally In previous books the submissiveness the bond causes has tended to overtake all else about the heroines which killed the books The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School for me While in this one the author tries to walk it back some and show the heroinesrom previous books having a life outside of giving birth it doesn t resonate or The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense feel natural I ve read other books that work well and involve women having lives that are controlled by their men but contain that submission to the home or have that complete submission as already being a part of their personality This series just can t seem to strike a balance It want s to take strong willed and alpha type women and make them happily and totally submissive with no gradual build up ofinding a new aspect of their personality Maybe if these were dark romances with non consent or dubious consent that would be okay but trying to keep them as just Ds doesn t workI decided to review an ARC of this book Chasing the Planet Killer Inspector Sandra Bellinks gets exactly what she expects when she meets the triad of reshly graduated Aurelian Agents Adrihan Ryder and Xzavic the team she was ordered work with as Sandra is granted the huge boon to
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in charge of most prestigious case her superior has even given her hunting down Rav nok the Planet Killer She has no choice but to work with these three hulking arrogant aliens to capture the one responsible or the recent utter destruction of the planet Caladin and its eight billion inhabitantsThe three experienced but young Agents were of one single mind hunt down and kill Rav nok There was a very personal reason or one of them one which kept Sandra rom him at arm s length But once they realized what. Inspector Sandra Bellinks My job To avenge 8 billion souls And I'm not going to let three cocky arrogant Aurelians derail my investigation The imperious seven oot tal.