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Marine Force Recon Declans Defenders #1Marine Force Recon is an overall easy and fun read Initially it does start a little sad for me You are introduced to Declan a military veteran discharged from the Marine Corps who is on a last hurrah trip in Washington DC He is homeless and down to his last few dollars Sad I know But then the story begins with a literal bang Yah things start looking up for our hero Being in the right lace at the right time Declan selflessly jumps in and heroically saves the life of a rich widow named Charlie who in turn saves him by giving him a new urpose and goal in life She decides to use her money and form a security group using Declan and his old recon team Declan gets immediately thrown into his first case where he helps Grace the heroine search for her missing roommate #A little breaking entering a small gunfight some minor espionage hostage taking and #little breaking entering a small gunfight some minor espionage hostage taking and course some major attraction between the characters ensues This book is an enjoyable read if a little redictable And despite the military title there is no real military involvement in the book other than the fact that the characters are former marines Yes there is a ton of action and lot but none of that over the top crazy super alpha male hooyah feel I sometimes crave Just a man who gets a second chance at life love and redemption and his fellow teammates too I do have to confess that Grace wasn life love and redemption and his fellow teammates too I do have to confess that Grace wasn my favorite heroine In several dangerous instances she is TSTL too stupid to live In one example she wants to back up Declan in a dangerous situation and says I ve watched all those special forces movies I know you re supposed to have someone cover your backshe ulls out a taser this is my weapon And I m not afraid to use it Seriously Cringe Otherwise she was redeemed in her devoted search for her roommate and her growing feelings towards Declan I read an ARC copy which I was glad to review Advanced Reader Copy ARC rovided By The Author And Publisher Via NetGalley In Exchange For the Author and Publisher via NetGalley in exchange for fair and honest review With a Harleuin Intrigue book there just isn t room for the extras that tend to jam up some Romantic Suspense books and balloon their age count to over 400 unnecessary Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates pages In this format the author has to uickly establish alot character interaction and romance Ellie James is one of the best and I love this new seriesDeclan O Neill is a dishonorably discharged US Marine He is down to his last few dollars when a kidnapping attack takes lace right in front of him in Washington DC The woman he saves is wealthy and grateful and hires him on the spot an her ersonal security advisor and for a little group she wants to เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร put togetherGrace Lawrence is on her way to a job interview when the attack takeslace The man beside her saves the day and now she finds herself needing his help to find her missing roommate I call lot devise here but I ll forgive it Grace and Declan are thrown into some scary stuff as they search for Grace s roommate but that just makes their chemistry that much hotter Fantastic start to the new series Declan is a Marine who was dishonorably discharged for disobeying orders losing the career he loved He was wandering around DC with all his worldly ossessions in his backpack and less than one hundred dollars to his name He was a little bit depressed over his lack of rospects and too ashamed to go home under those conditions While waiting to cross the street Declan witnessed an attempted kidnapping and being the type of man he is immediately jumped into action Declan may have been dishonorably discharged but a lack of honor was not his roblem I was on the edge of my seat as he took on the kidnappers single handed then had to endure unpleasant attention from the olice Fortunately the woman he rescued stepped in and cleared him of blame before offering him a job Charlie was a very wealthy woman who wanted to form a group that would help those who can t be helped through regular channels I liked the way th. Coming soon Marine Force Recon by Elle James will be avaiWrong lace wrong timeRight man for the job Declan O’Neill’s US Marines career is over but nothing can stop him fro. At Charlie could see the good man at Declan s coreGrace was a young woman trying to get her life back together after divorcing an abusive husband She did not expect to get caught up in a kidnapping attempt and end up with the hero s backpack and no way to find him To make matters worse she arrived home from an aborted job interview to discover that her roommate was missing After searching all night Grace was stunned to see her rescuer at her rescheduled interview Her future employer immediately assigned Declan to help Grace find out what happened #RileyThe action is nearly nonstop the events of the book take lace #action is nearly nonstop as the events of the book take Brainwashing of the German Nation place only two or three days Declan and Graceull out all the stops to find Riley but they aren t the only ones looking There were several nerve wracking situations as Declan and Grace searched for clues to Riley s disappearance Declan had to call on all of his skills to keep Grace safe The that they uncovered the apparent it became that Riley was involved in something very dangerous That involvement Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) put Grace in the middle of a deadly hostage situation The timely arrival of Declan s recon team and anotherlayer helped Declan even the odds The final confrontation was intense and I loved seeing Grace take an active role in her own rescue While the initial mystery of Riley s disappearance was solved there are still unanswered uestions Who was behind the attempts to steal the information that Riley was working on What happened to the man who broke into Grace s apartment Is there a link between the attack on Charlie and Riley s Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt project I also have the feeling that there was to Declan s failed mission and discharge than he knowsI enjoyed the development of the relationship between Declan and Grace The chemistry between them was evident though both tried to ignore it at first Declan felt unworthy of Grace because of his situation and Grace was wary of risking her heart again I liked Declan srotectiveness and how Grace s strength and determination drew him to her I also liked Grace s belief in Declan s goodness and that he d had a good reason for what he did The sparks between them flared hot in reaction to the danger they were in deepening the connection they felt I loved the way that they acknowledged the otential of what was growing between them rather than experiencing insta loveI liked the introduction to the other members of Declan s team From the small bit of the story of their failed mission it was easy to see that they all have a great deal of respect for Declan I loved seeing their teamwork both then and during the final confrontation Each of them is uniue and I m looking forward to reading their stories starting with Mac and Riley The first book in the new Declan s Defenders series is a non stop thrilling read that keeps readers on the edge of their seat as Declan O Neill ends up in the wrong lace at the wrong time Declan and Grace are strong bold characters that demand the readers attention from the word go and the chemistry between is an electrical force that readers can Social Media and Social Movements: The Transformation of Communication Patterns practically feel leaping from theages It s sweet it s Principles of Isotope Geology passionate and full of intense happenings and emotional turmoil that Declan and Grace handle it all with a strength that readers can t help but admire The starts off with an exhilarating event as Declan steps up and interferes in some bad guyslans and the story only gets thrilling from there as Declan Ouroboros partners up with Grace to uncover the truth behind her roommate s disappearance Lots of intrigue andulse Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 pounding events takelace throughout ensuring that there is never a dull moment and the start of Declan s new organization that aims to help eople who can t defend themselves ensures that readers are going to come back for The author brings this story to vivid exciting life with well written words that make it easy for readers to imagine each and every detail as it happens making it impossible to ut this non sto. M saving lives When he starts an organization that aims to help eople who can’t defend themselves his first client is a woman desperate for answers Grace Lawrence knows some.

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P thrilling story down This is the first book I ve read from Elle James and really love her writing style Marine Force Recon is full of drama always something new coming from each age The suspense will have you at the edge of your seat I really loved Declan s character you can t help but fall for him And the connection between Declan and Grace can be felt through the ages Really enjoyed this book and can t wait to read from Elle James This is the first story in a new series and it certainly has me looking forward to reading in future It is an action acked with great characters and lenty of intrigue and romantic suspense Declan O Neill has been dishonourably discharged from the US Marines but he s such an honourable man I m still hoping to find out about what happened especially given the respect shown to him by some of his team mates I m assuming some of this is going to be a key element as the series developsThe focus in this story is Declan s first assignment in his new job endeavouring to discover what has happened to the room mate of Grace #Lawrence An Investigation That #an investigation that them working together to uncover the truth in a story filled with danger deceit and daring I was impressed with the characters and how the romantic elements developed within the story There are lenty of uestions still to be answered in future books but I liked how this ended Definitely a great start to a new series that I want to read of I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who enjoys reading intriguing romantic suspenseI reuested and was given a copy of this book via NetGalley This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it Had an exciting and romising start but the lot ended up being unbelievable *AND THE CHARACTERS WERE ONE DIMENSIONAL *the characters were one dimensional furious intense action in a story that took me for a wild ride from the very first scene and delivered an entertaining and engaging action thriller type on edge of your seat suspense with a touch of ardent yet deliciously tender romance on the side like an extra treat to be savored I absolutely loved the fact that both hero and heroine while being strong and capable characters were not Punainen metsä perfect they had faults they had weaknesses and they were a bit broken That brought humbleness and humility into them that was easy to relate to Both Declan O Neill and Grace Lawrence were likable and easy to admire and swoon over when they act upon the sizzling attraction between them And they had chemistry the budding feelings towards each other that they both were hesitant to let grow and linger yet found it impossible to ignore the time they spend togetherThere was not much time or opportunity for them to build a deep meaningful relationship and the author didn tush it to the forever HEA but gave a satisfactory ending and solution that had me beaming it was so erfect for Declan and Grace and for the beginning of the new series All Declan s team members as well as Charlie were intriguing secondary characters that I look forward to getting to know better in the future installments of the series I have a feeling that there is a lot of fast action severe suspense and ardent love stories in the store for the readers so you better buckle your seatbelt and enjoy the ride Four Spoons with a teaspoon on the side Lacking in lausibility but engaging Marine Force Recon by on the side Lacking in Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown plausibility but engaging Marine Force Recon by JamesFirst in a series Ex Military hero hottie steps in to abort a kidnapping on the streets of DC It s the start of a new career for Declan and his former teamlus a new love interest for DeclanHarleuin intrigue romantic suspenseNon stop action Easy fast read I articularly liked Grace s fighting spirit although at one oint I wanted to tell her to stand down and let Declan do his jobPotential future books for his team mates I want to know about Charlie the support for this new team I get the feeling there is a lot intrigue surrounding her we don t know about yet. Thing happened to her roommate and she’s certain she can trust Declan to uncover the truththough she wonders if she can trust herself with a soldier like Declanable Apr 01 20.