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Last Couple StandingY that this one is the best It covers so many important topics such as How can humans deal with their innate desire for sex Where is the limit for who you interact with and how And many important uestions The marketing C++ Primer paper that came with my ARC said that this is a great book club book and I totally agree This book comes up with so many interesting uestions that can be discussed and dissected for hours My only complaint is that it wasn t as sexy as the synopsis made it out to be but other than that I loved itFinal note This book takeslace in Balti MD area which was super cool The characters literally went to laces that actually exist and that I ve been to So that was cool Bottom Line45 StarsAge Rating R Content Screening Mild Spoilers Educational Value 00 Positive Messages 45 Love conuers all MarriageLove isn t just about sex Violence 15 Character kicked in the rivates Sex 35 Brief fade to black sex scenes Langauge 35 Fk sht dmn sshle DrinkingDrugs 35 Alcohol consumption Trigger and Content Warnings Divorce Losing loved onesCover 35 Characters 45 Plot 455 Publication Date March 17th 2020Publisher Ballantine BooksGenre RomanceContemporary The moral of the story is LOVE IS FKING MESSYalso this book is good and my evidence is that i read it in the span on two hours omg this book sounds like everything i ve ever wanted in a middle aged romance i can t wait Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram I robably shouldn t have read Matthew Norman s upcoming lovecomedy novel Last Couple Standing a month before my wedding but it was such a funny interestingly different romance novel I was not expecting to really enjoy this book as much as I did The story centers around Jessica Let me start by saying that I think this cover image looks like a diaper and I have to remind myself every single time that it s a bed Ha haAnyway this is a retty fast Zees Story paced book I didn t like the overallremise I am not one for cheating and no matter how you ackage it by saying understanding or open marriage or whatever it s still cheating in my book I couldn t stand the Jessica character and the author s reoccupation with her breasts got super annoying after a while I did like the Mitch character uite a bit and the rest of the supporting characters especially the kids were great The witty uick dialogue articularly with the kids and the whole ET fiasco drove this book and elevated it ast boring to entertainingThe overall message in the end is good but I didn t like how they got thereI listened to this as an audiobook and really connected with the narrator than I robably would have if I were just reading it on a age Anyone who has weathered the breakup of close friends knows the trauma it inflicts So I loved the All Lost Things premise of this book Four couples known as The Core Four have been friends since college In the space of one year three of the four couples get divorced And with all that carnage the fourth couple find themselves uestioning their own marriage I immediately appreciated Norman s writing style It s basic but it just rings true They were solid They were dependable Stable Safe They were the Subaru Outback of marriedeople There are numerous of these comparisons that I found myself highlighting one after another This book has a sly dry humor to it Not the laugh out loud kind but the nodding yes I get it kind Well except for the ending The ending is laugh out loud tears rolling down your face funny And you can tell Norman definitely comes from Balti or Smallti as he knows it s called Hell I could even tell which rivate school he

as the basis for where teached I loved the characters all of them I loved their foibles I really wanted Jessica and Mitch to find a way to keep their marriage together even as I knew their evolution lan made no sense I even wanted Scarlet to get her act together And One Man's Justice poor Luke What a sweetie Mitch has aoster with Kurt Vonnegut s eight rules of writing Number two give the reader at least one character he or she can root for Norman gives you an easy four if not 12 So five big stars for this lovely fun relatable book My thanks to netgalley and Random House for an advance copy of this book Find all of my reviews at StarsAfter watching the marriages of all of the other couples belonging to their friend group The Core Four disintegrate Mtch and Jessica come to the conclusion that A Little Hotel On The Side perhaps desperate times truly do call for desperate measures and decide the solution to a happy marriage might come in the form of a What couldossibly go wrong So I owe both NetGalley and Matthew Norman a giant apology since I m the one who reuested an early copy of this held on to it for an age and then actively avoided it because when I finally got around to reading the blurb you know your girl is all about a cover and this was a good one I assumed it would not be my cup of tea I have no idea Why I Decided To I decided to the Heute Ziehst Du Aus: Roman plunge yesterday but holy crap am I glad I did I read this author once before Domestic Violets when the library didn t have the book of his I actually wanted We re All Damaged and was a bit underwhelmed This time Oh yes indeedy are the comparisons to Jonathan Tropper spot on and I effing LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVED this After wrongreadng a book on Saturday due to alethora of reasons I m sure but bad dialogue was definitely one of them this little diddy was a breath of fresh air come Sunday and I sat on the deck for the afternoon and sucked it right up I loooooooooooove dialogue driven stories especially witty dialogue that just flows without attempting to try too hard and this one was near erfection I also love realistic marriages and children and ensemble casts so this had soooooo many things going for it And yes the subject matter of cheating is absolutely one I generally avoid but this book covered this hot button issue with feeling and humor that made my end of book reaction simply As it reminded any happily enough married erson reading it that On your side of the fence the grass is green as fuck On this side there is no grass There s just booze and sadness and fucking designer jeans ARC Kapriolen Des Schicksals[Roman] provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley So from the first sentence you know to expect this story to be a train wreck Yet from the first sentence it s so engaging you steal yourself for the heartaches you expect to come and you read anyway The characters who make up the story are so engaging and so well formed you are immediately engaged in the story and begin hoping the train wreck won t really be so badAs you read the train wreck in the making is softened from time to time with some off beat humor as well as someassages that smack of total reality about Ust around them Jessica and Mitch Butler take a long hard look at their own marriage Can it be saved Or is divorce like some fortysomething zombie virus simply inescapableTo maximize their chance at immunity Jessica and Mitch try something radical Their friends’ divorces mostly had to do with sex having it not having it wanting to have it with other eople so they decide to relax a few things Terms are discussed conditions are made and together the Butlers embark on th.

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Ouples who fall in love marry and well into the marriage struggle to stay married for no apparent reason It s all highly Over Mintmarks and Hot Repunched Mintmarks plausible for anyone who has been married and gotten beyond the first years of a romantic loveIn this book there are eighteople who meet in college and eventually marry forming a four couple unit They are close knit in every way socializing together living close to one another and being actively involved in one another s lives The story begins with flashbacks to how they all became a group and essentially starts with where there are now almost two decades into marriage and cracks starting to show Without highlighting those cracks or recriminations on the art of splitting spouses three of the couples break apart This brings the story to the main focus of the story the forth couple Jessica and Mitch Suddenly they find themselves as the last couple standing and begin to uestion the energy in their marriageMost readers will find themselves rooting for Jessica and Mitch They seem to be a erfectly suited lovely couple and the desire is to see them succeed in maintaining their relationship Perhaps the truth is most readers also see Jessica and Mitch as the embodiment of what One Day in December people want a good marriage to be They want to see it succeed as it gives hope to those who want to have a successful marriage of their ownThere arelenty of oh no s in this book as well as well that s just funny moments There are times when the reader may find themselves wanting to scream at the book Don t do that Don t you know that s a huge mistake The characters and situations are real enough you want to reach into the Alamo Story: From Early History to Current Conflicts pages of the book and grab them by the arm toull them back from the recipice Of course it s a book You can t All you can do is read on and hope things turn out like you wantI won t give away the ending of the book That s something every reader should discover for themselves I will say there are some truths uttered here amongst the fiction the angst and the humor that might be beneficial for couples to read before walking down the aisle Or barring that when years after saying their I do s that famous seven year itch hits whether it happens at seven months seven years or even seventeen years What I will say is this is a book not to be missed It is filled with human emotions and situations without taking the reader to an emotional brink I might almost make it reuired reading for anyone contemplating marriage or divorceMy thanks to Ballentine Books with Random House Publishing and NetGalley for roviding me with an advance digital reader copy of this book in exchange for an unbiased review Last Couple Standing by Matthew NormanSource NetGalley and BallantineRating 2 5 starsJessica and Mitch are the last couple standing among their original group of four Known as the Core Four the group has known one another and been a group since college With the Isabel de Solis, Soraya: Un Cuento de Amor En La Alhambra pairings and marriages coming so naturally no one especially the Core Four ever thought there would come a time when they would be something other than together Life and adulting suck Yes life and adulting have a tendency to suck and a harsh result of the suckiness is Jessica and Mitch being the last couple standing They have seen their friends fall apart their marriages end and their lives radically changed and it uite frankly scares the hell out of Jessica Though Jessica and Mitch have no serious issues in their marriage Jessicaroposes a radical experiment a sort of Out of the Box preemptive strike to keep their solid marriage from going the way of their friends To Jessica s way of thinking if they get out ahead of theroblem then There Won T Ever Be won t ever be The First Secret of Edwin Hoff problem and she and Mitch can go about their lives and live to tell the tale of their happily ever after According to Jessica each of their friends lives and marriages fell apart because of sex With Mitch in agreement Jessicaroposes she and Mitch stray from their marriage and vows and have sex with other eople in an effort to ultimately strengthen their own bond In order to be fair they set a series of guideline that will dictate the terms of the experiment and should not be violated by any arty According to Jessica once the experiment is completed she and Mitch will be stronger than ever and roof ositive that some marriages are meant to go the distance Though Mitch agrees to Jessica s madness and even contributes his own thoughts to the rulesguidelines he isn t as certain as his wife is that this experiment even needs to take País íntim place Mitch is happy in his life he loves his wife and their family is damn nearerfect While having a free Under Lock and Key pass to sleep with other women sounds awesome on its face the reality is far different than the fantasy Mitch not only struggles with the idea of sleeping with someone other than Jessica he actively works to avoidarticipating in the madness Jessica on the other hand takes her free ass and runs with it right into the arms and bed of a sexy young bartender who desperately wants than Jessica is repared to give The ultimate result of the experiment is a very ublic display of lunacy which results in a small car wreck one swift kick to the balls and everyone including their young children knowing their business The Bottom Line Oh how I struggled with this book and it all comes down to one character Jessica I found Jessica to be a tremendously selfish Arrogant And Rather Stupid Woman Rather Than and rather stupid woman Rather than admitting her fears to her husband a very understanding and accommodating Mitch Jessica concocts a ridiculous lan that will allow her to screw some young guy with zero guilt andor conseuences This whole mess boils down to Jessica wanting to have sex with someone other than her husband and her selfishness threatens to destroy a solid and remarkably good marriage Jessica wraps her Something Wicked plan in logical andsychobabble as a means of justifying her actions and in an effort to support his wife and continue to make her happy Mitch agrees to the madness As the whole Velvet Ropes (Club Undercover plan unfolds Jessica s selfishness becomes magnified and she becomes harder and harder and harder to like On the flip side Mitch is a rockstar and I wanted nothing but the best for he and his kids even if it meant keeping Jessica and not kicking her sorry ass to the curb At the end of the day I can t say I liked or even enjoyed this book One bad character really can ruin a book and Jessica is a fine example of this Finally I don t at all understand how this book is billed as hilarious andor heartfelt I found it to be frustrating ridiculous and the furthest thing from either hilarious or heartfelt This is a novel ofettiness and selfish behavior that ultimately ends up nearly destroying something that is in actuality uite good. E great experiment of taking their otherwise happy functional marriage and breaking some very serious rulesJessica and Mitch are convinced they’ve hit upon the next evolution of marriage But as lines are crossed and hot bartenders Freud and His Followers pursued they each start to wonder if they’ve made a huge mistake What follows is sexy funainful messy and completely surprising to them both Because sometimes doing something bad is the only way to get to the heart of what’s really good. Can you save your marriage by tearing it apart Matthew Norman s new novel Last Couple Standing attempts to answer that uestionThey were the Core Four four couples that met and aired up in college and remained inseparable friends But 15 years later one by one the couples are breaking up leaving Mitch and Jessica the only couple still togetherWhile the two don t feel unhappy with each other or their relationship although raising two kids and working can be exhausting they worry that they too will fall rey to whatever brought their friends marriages to a halt There has to be a way to inoculate their marriage and save their relationshipThe they think about it they realize the biggest roblem for their friends was the desire to have sex with other eople So what if they head this off at the ass and allow experimentation won t this uench the desire and then let everything get back to normalThey go so far as to set ground rules and approach everything methodically No one they know no repeat erformances etc But they don t count on handsome bartenders recently divorced neighbors coincidences misunderstandings and how the flush of desire actually feels with someone other than your spouse Will this experiment save their marriage or actually destroy itThis is a fun moving and thought rovoking book about relationships The characters were real flawed eople who feel familiar and while you ve seen this story before Norman s wry humor and his ability to create emotional upheaval without real melodrama sets it apartThis has movie or television adaptation written all over itCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomFollow me on Instagram at Still not sure if this is a three star or four star book The A'dan Z'ye Yaşar Kemal premise threw me off and was hard to get beyond I ll be back with a full reviewFull reviewThree and a half stars rounded downThe writing in this book is fantastic and for that reason alone it deserves three stars It s the story that threw me for a loop because honestly it s a subject that I really don t care for I know there are a lot ofeople who have relaxed marriages or relaxed rules about marriage but that s just not my deal and I have a hard time sympathizing with couples who have Nacht problems following that decisionThe characters were well developed and likable even though I absolutely found myself liking Mitch than his wife Jessica And there wasn t a lot to like in the other characters honestly because theylayed such a small role other than to refer to them as the Core Four than once which grated on my nervesAnd that bartender OMG are you kidding His whole story was absolutely unbelievable You ll need some suspension of disbelief on this guy for sure The end of this book was absolutely absurdevery single bit of it and it lost a star for thatAll in all a decent read If you like chick lit andor you don t mind reading about open marriages you ll robably love this It just wasn t for me so muchMany thanks to NetGalley and the ublisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Well Last Couple Standing by Matthew Norman is sure a lot of fun I listened to the audiobook and the narrator Kristen Sieh is a freaking master I loved her different voices and tones that she used to sound different for different characters and when she voiced Jessica and Mitch s kids I would almost die laughing I loved the book in general but if you are looking for a great audiobook this one is it I enjoyed so much about this book the format the characters the hilarity it was a little like a fun train wreck filled with lots of drama and a tiny bit of steamI have never read a book by Norman before but after reading Last Couple Standing you best believe I will be looking up but after reading Last Couple Standing you best believe I will be looking up he has This is like THE erfect beachsummer read and erfect for when you want something lighter There are still a few serious topics but the overall feel was light and easygoing I saw the humor of this book described as a bit dry and not laugh out loud funny but for me I laughed out loud uite a bit and I do agree that while the humor is on the drier side it was the kind I like clearly and the end is enough to leave you in tears laughing Frankly I NEED to see Last Couple Standing as a movie so I hope someone is The Collaborative Habit: Life Lessons for Working Together paying attention out there I also loved so many of the characters and I loved what each one of them brought to the book Read this if you need a light hilarious and fun train wreck in your life Because how is that not what you re going to get when a couple decides to relax their marriage Many thanks to Ballantine Books for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review The romance genre has itsroblems which I discussed in my latest booktube video that you can click here to watch but there are occasionally books like these that break down the Curse of Rocky Colavito problematic tropes Skip to 1037 to here my thoughts on this specific book and what it does toush back against roblems with the romance genre And now an interview with the authorWhat inspired you to start writingI ve been writing since I was a kid like third and fourth grade I used to write little stories in encil complete with my own terrible illustrations and read them aloud to my arents Nothing in articular inspired me to do it other than the fact that it s what I wanted to do Writing has always been wired into my ersonality Still isWho inspires you to continue writingAt this oint writing is simply what I do and it s my job So I don t need much inspiration HoweverREAD MORE Relax she said You re just a married man going online under a fake name to find sex What could ossibly go wrong What do you think the answer is1 A lot2 A ton3 So much4 All of the aboveIf you guess 4 all of the above you are right SO WHAT S THIS BOOK ABOUT what s this book about Couple Standing follows Mitch and Jessica They are apart of the Core Four a group of four men and four women that met in college They all graduated at the same time Got married at the same time Had kids at the same time And now got divorced at the same time Mitch and Jessica are now the only remaining couple who hasn t gotten a divorce And they intend to keep it that way They just don t know how After much discussion they come up with an experiment They will have sex with other eople There are a few rules1 No repeats You can t have sex with the same erson twice 2 No one you know etc As the experiment
Mitch and Jessica begin to obstacles and soon begin to learn what it means to truly love someone I haven t read that many middle age as in age 35 not the middle ages with diseases and stuff romances but I can still confidently sa. A couple determined not to end up like their divorced friends try a radical experiment and get in way over their heads in this hilarious heartfelt novel from the author of We’re All DamagedThe Core Four have been friends since college four men four women four couples They got married around the same time had kids around the same time and now fifteen years later they’ve started getting divorced around the same time too With three of the Core Four unions crumbling to