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He air during the Battle of Stalingrad shooting down any Russian plane that dares get too close During one flyover Gerhard sees some of the atrocities being done to large portions of the Jewish community only later learning that it is the done to large portions of the Jewish community only later learning that it is the Solution ramping up Vowing to himself to bring down the Nazis Gerhard must carefully destroy the political machine without being caught with a brother who is fully engaged in the Nazi movement and smells a rat As Saffron returns to the African continent to help build her Backstory She Spends Some Time she spends some time family and renews old acuaintances only to be pulled away and sent to Belgium Her actions may not be as covert as she hoped but she can hope to remain one step ahead of the Germans hunting her down With the War reaching its climax both Saffron and Gerhard will have to work hard to return Europe to its proper course though Nazis are ruthless and are happy to scrub out anyone who does not respect the Reich s power Brilliant in its delivery and full of wonderful storylines Smith and Churchill show that this is one saga to which dedicated readers can return with pride Recommended for those who love the Courtneys in all their gloryIt was a difficult decision to choose this book having been "so disheartened by some of the recent novels in this saga That said I had to tell "disheartened by some of the recent novels in this saga That said I had to tell that those novels that took things onto the high seas many generations ago were part of a sub series that never caught my attention With some of my favourite characters and 20th century history mixed together I new that Wilbur Smith alongside his writing companion David Churchill should get the benefit of the doubt This is a return to the great Courtney stories and the reader should find it easy to glide into the comfort of familiar names had they read much of the previous novels while finding the plot riveting and eager to comprehend Saffron Courtney remains a strong independent woman who even though she is madly in love finds little issue with remaining grounded and able to make snap decisions She has become a powerhouse character in previous novels and only grows likeable and independent minded here Her tactics will likely have the reader cheering her on as she makes her way through early 1940s Europe in an age where women were still not given their due Gerhard von Meerbach proves to be as interesting as he is cocky though some of that is surely a ruse as he hides within the Nazis in order to bring them down He is strong willed as is seen throughout and particularly in the last segment of the book always hoping that he will be reunited with the woman he loves While there may be an imbalance in that love between the two characters the reader can surely feel the connection throughout the parallel plots as they develop The story itself is strong and uses Second World War history and some of the less familiar angles to Distant Echoes Finding Keys To Life After Abuse keep things from becoming too predictable Saffron s seeking to penetrate the Nazis is as intriguing as it is unpredictable while Gerhard seems passive in his attempts to weaken the military might for which he fights The handful of worthwhile secondary characters do well to push the story forward particularly as to go to either support or suppress our aforementioned protagonists I can only hope that the reader will see some of the vilification that I did throughout the book from actual Nazi officers as well as those who support National Socialism in other domains The narrativeept a good pace giving the reader action throughout However with unnumbered lengthy chapters some segments seemed to stretch out without that literary breath that invigorates a stellar story Let s be glad the Courtneys are back in fine formKudos Messrs Smith and Churchill for returning the Courtney saga to its rightful place with a strong novel I can only hope this will continue as you boasted Mr Smith in your recently published memoir that you loves this series with all your heartLikehate the review An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge Did I expect yes I did but it just wasn t my cup of tea I just could nt get into it I have loved all the Courtneys just not this one I love really thick meandering novels set during some dramatic period of history with larger than life protagonists and cast of thousands think Leon Uris or MM Kaye Sadly this is a genre that seems to have largely died outExcept for Wilbur Smith This wonderfully larger than life tale is set during WW2 and follows our heroine Saffron a daughter of a wealthy Englishman living in Kenya and Gerhard the younger son of an evil German industrialistThey fall in love at first sight in the 1930s. Sua unità si ritrova coinvolta nell'inferno della battaglia di Stalingrado si rende conto che le possibilità di uscirne vivo si affievoliscono di giorno in giornoSaffron che nel frattempo è stata reclutata dal SOE l'Esecutivo Operazioni Speciali e inviata nel Belgio occupato per scoprire in che modo i Nazisti sono riusciti a infiltrarsi nella rete dell'organizzazione deve trovare il modo di sfuggire all'impla. ,

35 starsWhile this book is part of a series "IT CAN EASILY BE READ AS A STANDALONE THIS "can easily be read as a standalone This my first time reading a Wilbur Smith novel and I was fascinated to learn it is the longest running series in publishing history according to the book s back cover And while I might not be interested in the books featuring the Courtney family all the way back in the 1600s I wouldn t mind checking out the ones that take place during the 20th centuryIt s 1939 and Saffron Courtney and Gerhard von Meerbach are deeply in love but they are forced to separate He Is Going To Fight For Germany is going to fight for Germany though he opposes the Nazi regime Saffron is recruited AS A SPY WORKING FOR THE a spy working for the and is sent to Belgium to see how the Nazis have infiltrated Special Operative Executive s network War forces a person to make tough decisions and soon choices must be made just in order to survive What I enjoyed most was Saffron had an interesting story line and not one you typically see with female characters in historical fiction about World War 2 She wasn t a nurse or working in a factory she was actually in the thick of things as much as Gerhard My only criticism is at almost 450 pages I felt like it was slightly too long and would have benefited by trimming off at least 50 pages Overall it s a good story and I definitely recommend to long time fans of the series as well as those who like World War 2 historical fictionI won a free copy of this book from Bookish First and the publisher I was under no obligation to post a review and all views expressed are my honest opinion Thank you Simon Schuster for this Arc copyThis is a WWII book and although I read many WWII historical novels I found this one hard too get into It start s in 1939 Paris with two lovers Gerhard Von Meerbach and Saffron Courtney But when the war breaks out Gerhard is sent to fight for Nazi Germany and Saffron is recruited for the opposition as a spy I have to say Saffron s character was very interesting and not your typical one as a female in WWII novels This book is 16 in a series but can be read alone I won this copy and have never read anything by Wilbur Smith before Disappointed in the extreme This is not the Wilbur Smith I so admired many yeas ago I literally consumed his early novels on the Courtney Series the Ballantyne Series and several of the Standalones I was mesmerized by the tales of Rhodesia and South Africa His treatment of whites and blacks seemed even handed I realize these were fiction and so I do not have a well grounded academic understanding of the realities of the tragedies that occurred in that blood soaked corner of the world The novels ept me engaged and I could barely put them down Now twenty years or later I was looking forward to the same experience I spent two rainy days here in Idaho giving the novel my best effort I had to uit at page 115 I will respectfully shelve the book for now and not send it on its way The characters and writing style shocked me in their sophomoric uality It was silly and like reading something for teenagers The word craft did not have the smooth rhythm that carried the reader along that I remembered Character development was simple linear and without the flaws that gave Wilbur s previous characters their believability and humanityI want to be fair and perhaps my own changing standards and the passage of time have distorted my memories and redirected my literary tastes Maybe I will l come back to the book in the future but for now it will rest uietly among companions in my library First and foremost a large thank you to NetGalley Wilbur Smith David Churchill and Bonnier Zaffre USA for providing me with a copy of this publication which allows me to provide you with an unbiased review After a few novels in the Courtney saga proved to be complete duds I was pleased to see Wilbur Smith team up with David Churchill and returned things to the 20th century where the series has flourished In the Spring of 1939 young love is blossoming between Saffron Courtney and Gerhard von Meerbach Highly educated and politically savvy both Saffron and Gerhard can feel the tides turning in Europe and anticipate the Nazis will begin their push through Europe triggering another massive war After spending time in Paris these young lovers must part vowing to find one another as soon as possible Fast forward to 1942 where Saffron Courtney is deeply embedded into Baker Street a covert group led by a handful of British spies Her goal will be to infiltrate the National Socialist movement in Belgium and the Netherlands with hopes of learning Nazi news that can be fed back to the Allies Meanwhile Gerhard has become a valuable asset to the Germans working in Due eroi Un legame indissolubileParigi 1939 Separati dalla guerra a migliaia di miglia di distanza l'uno dall'altra Saffron Courtney e Gerhard von Meerbach lottano per sopravvivere al conflitto che sta dilaniando l'Europa Gerhard ostile al regime nazista è deciso a rimanere fedele ai propri ideali nonostante tutto e combatte per la madre patria nella speranza di poterla liberare un giorno da Hitler Ma uando la. But alas history has other plans Eventually war comes and Saffron "a British spy in the captured territories Gerhard secretly is Nazis "British spy in the captured territories Gerhard secretly is against Nazis and Saffron becomes a British spy in the captured territories Gerhard secretly is against Nazis being a Luftwaffe pilot and their love appears as doomed as my free time reading this behemoth of a book Our protagonists are amazingly gorgeous brave and talented The events the author places them into are often delightfully improbable But sometimes the trend of dour books about miserable people in sordid circumstances spending hours introspectively staring at their navels is too much Sometimes one wants a book about amazing heroic people engaging in somewhat improbable and wonderful adventures with severe side of misery it is true Sometimes one just wants to be swept away into an epic If you do this one is for youNote that despite the fact that this book is listed as n17 in the series it s pretty much a stand alone though reading the previous book War Cry also about Saffron and Gerhard would probably be a good idea 35 stars rounded up to 4Thank You Simon and Schuster for sending me this ARC through LibraryThing I enjoyed this historical fiction book It a love story set during WWII Gerhard von Mee Wilbur Smith is a well established author with over 130 million of his novels sold worldwide and today I decided that I needed to get to now him Courtney s War is a WWII spy thriller packed full of action intrigue and the horror endured in the camps of Sachsenhausen and Dachau The Courtney in uestion is Saffron Courtney a white South African recruited by England s Special Operations Executive Saffron does fall into a bit of a cliche that I have witnessed in spyaction thrillers She s drop dead gorgeous and she can An Alien Heat kick ass But Wilbur Smith makes her so relatable that I loved reading her book parts despite the aforementioned cliche The other protagonist we follow is German pilot Gerhard von Meerbach who hates the Nazi cause and is separated from Saffron who he loves Honestly he was a bit of a cliche too and I felt he needed to be a bit fleshed out as a character Also much of his storyline was intriguing but sometimes appeared to be lacking clear execution What I do feel was very evident is that Smith brilliantly weaves a strong sense of what the world was like during the war years the dangers spies and Resistance leaders faced and how disenchanted some enlisted Germans felt with Hitler and the Nazi regime especially after Stalingrad That alone makes me confident I would give Wilbur Smith another chance in the future Are you a Wilbur Smith fan What books would you recommend Let menow in the comments section below Although this is technically part of a series I didn t feel as though I needed to have read any of the others It could easily be a standalone This book is heartbreaking and emotional and fast paced but it was such a good read The characters were instantly likeable and I was routing for Saffron and Gerhard from the start I was nearly crying at the end and my heart aches a little at some of the situations and horrors that they lived through and saw It s been uite a while since I ve read any books based in the war and this was a good one to delve back into it with It s written in a way that draws you in and The Alchemy of Culture: Intoxicants in Society keeps you hooked until the very end I would definitely recommend it to those who enjoy historical fiction set in the war What the what Apparently this is the 17th THE 17TH book in this series Holy NAZI Romanticization What the hell I DNF d this book at the half way point I found myself first falling asleep mid way through into 2 pages every single night and I have no problem with romance novels which is what this book seemed to be billing itself as But it was a dual narrator some parts told by Saffron who was born in South Africa and was being trained by the English to fight against the Nazis one of which she s in love with I don t freaking get it either stay with me here and the other Narrator is some heart of gold isn t really a Nazi is just related to a bunch of them and is fighting with them because his family threatened a bunch of the people he really loves so instead of escaping and going to fight with Saffron which is what any other self respecting fictional hero would do he puts on his Nazi uniform and is present at the gassing of thousands ofokay I literally cannot go on at this point I have no idea what the hell the author was trying to accomplish and I don tnow who could finish this book after this This shit is ridiculous I couldn t finish it Whatever the authors motives were they got lost in translation and your one protagonist is literally in love with a NAZI That s not how this works guys that s now how any of this works Burn your book. Cabile spia tedesca che le dà la cacciaCostretti ad affrontare forze malvagie e orrori indicibili i due innamorati sono chiamati a prendere la decisione più difficile sacrificare se stessi o cercare di sopravvivere a ogni costo nella speranza che il destino un giorno permetterà loro di ritrovarsi Una storia epica di coraggio tradimento e a imperituro che porta il lettore nel cuore della Seconda guerra mondial. ,
Courtney's War