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One was no exception Even though the premise is a bit unbelievable i found both the a bit unbelievable I found both the and heroine are interesting characters The children are also well drawn and gave the story depth This book is part of the Royally Wed series and makes me want to pick up the other books in the series even though they are written by other authors My rating 4 Stars 4 Fun Fairytale Romance AudiobookA fun sweet romance with a fairytale twist The audio was enjoyable The narration was well done and the delivery of the funny and sexy lines were so fun I m sure I Looked A Bit looked a bit to other drivers that might have seen me cracking up in the car Kate is a princess looking for her long lost brother and she believes that he might be the business partner of Trey Sutherland She s been trying to get a meeting with Trey to inuire about her possible brother but couldn t ever get a meeting When Trey holds interviews for the position of Nanny for his two kids she sees it as her opportunity to go undercover as a commoner and be in a great position to find out about Trey s business partner Kate was exactly what Trey and his kids needed She was able to bring light and good and most especially LOVE back into their lives which are all the things that have been missing from their lives since his wife passed Kate was sweet and kind and caring but with an intelligent iron will when needed Polite as hell and a little bossy on the outside sex goddess when the door s lockedTrey and the his kids were a bit broken and lost and Princess Katherine of Wynborough known only as Kathy Wind to the Sutherland family as their Nanny was exactly what the family needed to find their happily every after I wrote a wonderful review for this book and my computer burped and I lost it I hate that Okay here we go again I love the audio for this book The narrator got the upper class British accent perfectly for Kathy She also voiced the other parts with nuance and the whole thing was fantastic You never know what you will get with an older book but this one was wonderful Suzanne Brockman even managed to throw in some mystery suspense and humor ust the way I like my romancePrincess Katherine Wyndham is on a mission to track down a man who could be her long lost older brother The trail leads her to New Mexico and his business partner Trey Sutherland She is having a tough time reaching the very busy Mr SutherlandWhen Kathy shows up at his house he mistakes her for a applicant for the nanny position Trey lost his wife under mysterious circumstances three years ago his children are rebelling he can t keep a nanny and his business partner has disappeared off the face of the earth leaving his with a business *to run kathy takes the ob in an *run Kathy takes the ob in an to find her brother and ends up falling in love with the children and their father This is a review of the Kindle Edition of Undercover Princess originally released as Silhouette Intimate Moments 968Twenty five year old Princess Katherine Wyndham comes from a small principality in Europe She is the youngest of her sisters and in her own eyes very plain compared to the other princesses and her mother all of whom are heart stoppingly gorgeous Katherine has had only one love affair up until the moment of the story The man involved used her to get ahead and ultimately dumped her leaving Katherine very cynical about men who know her true identityKatherine s brother the heir to the throne was kidnapped as an infant and her family recently has had leads in America as to several possibilities for his location One of those leads is Trey Sutherland Her brother was raised in an orphanage and he may currently be Trey s business partner Katherine has been trying unsuccessfully for days to get an appointment with the reclusive Trey then suddenly when she calls his office his secretary gives her an appointment for an interview that very day at Trey s home Katherine grabs at this unexpected opportunity and rushes over to Trey s house which appears like a small castle than a home with Trey s office located in a turretKatherine discovers that the reason she has finally been invited in so readily is that Trey desperately needs a nanny and the secretary assumed that Katherine was applying for the ob Katherine does not want to deceive Trey as to her purpose for seeing him but several things happen to. Nce Her cover nanny for handsome tycoon Trey SutherlandCaring for Trey's kids came naturally than any royal duty And falling for the brooding widower was effortless But. 228 Deep frustrated sigh Why is it *so difficult to put details about any series a book may be part of on the front *difficult to put details about any series a book may be part of on the front Do publishers really think we should all walk around with internet capable phones ready to check what position a book is within a series Or should we ust not care I get so annoyed when I realise that a book is part of a series and that it s not the first book This seems to be happening to me and at least once a month now an It doesn t matter what Brockmann writes it s now an It doesn t matter what Brockmann writes it s good This one is no exception Love her strong characters Every book teaches and this one than most especially a fictional one great story most especially a fictional one Great story plot great characters what could you want I bought this online used as a whim This was apparently part of a series put out by the publisher in which different authors tackled different royal sisters who go in search of their long lost brother the heir to the throne Despite the very hokey premise I enjoyed this book Brockmann s usual flair for characterization carried the story She almost makes me want to read the rest of the series but I have heard that Brockmann s was the best of them all so I will give the others a pass 15 starsThis book uses the Lord s name in vain so often I wasn t sure if I was reading a Christian romance novel or a secular one It is full of people who desperately need counseling and comes across very very 90s I kept getting flashes of the Parent Trap remake At the same time I must admit this book fulfilled my craving for something mindless and ridiculous Undercover Princess by Suzanne Brockmann is apparently part of a series Whatever I picked it up because Suzanne Brockmann is the author of a romantic thriller starring a gay couple and so I now automatically grab whatever she s writing lately because there might be ueer people in it This is my lifeSadly there are no ueer people in Undercover Princess What there is is a lot of weird awkwardness sexual tension and an oddly rushed ending in which the original mystery of the book never gets solved To whit Princess Katherine Wyndham is looking for her long lost brother and runs across as possible lead in business tycoon Troy Sutherland He s a widower suspected by the general populace though not the police of killing his wife who s desperately looking for a nanny to take care of his two children On the spur of the momeny Katherine decides to be Kathy Wind nanny extraordinaire Naturally she and Troy fall in love Naturally there s the Big Misunderstanding tm over whether he killed his wife spoiler he did not and whether she intentionally decieved him about being a princess she obviously did but with the best of intentions Even naturally they get married There is zero resolution for the brother plot but since this is part of a series that s probably why Eh it was okay The vast majority of the book with Katherine and Troy falling in love was actually really well done The beginning was pretty good and the child psychology pretty spot on actually the psychology in general is pretty spot on It s a romance but it s also about grief and recovery and that bit is good It s We Sell Drugs just that the ending the resolution to the Big Misunderstanding tm is really rushed and sort of out of nowhere Though Brockmann did her best to set it up earlier in the book it still feels like the entire climax moves way too fast and resolves things way too uickly especially for a book that had been so low key and non dramatic up until then well as non dramatic as you can get in a book about an incognito princess and a tycoon who may have killed his wife That endingust left such a meh impression on me I doubt I ll be reading the rest of the seriesInstead I will reread All Through the Night Because it is a romantic thriller about a gay couple getting married and I will never stop loving it Princess Katherine Wyndham is on a mission to locate her older brother who was kidnapped as a child and presumed dead This leads her to handsome Tycoon Trey Sutherland who may know something about her brother Since the only way Katherine can get in to talk to Trey is to pose as a Nanny looking for a ob she ends up caring for Trey s children Soon she finds that she is a natural at caring for childrenand for their fatherI m working my way through Suzanne Brockmann s backlist and find myself enjoying each story This. THE NAME'S WIND KATHY WINDWith those words Princess Katherine Wyndham went from sensible sister to secret agent Her mission to locate her brother the long lost crown pri. ,

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