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The Little Book f Self Care for AuariusD I look forward to my self care through those rituals The nly reason I took Pentimento off a star is because I don t believe everything it says when it comes to an Auarius s personality and this could just be the rebellious non conforming Auarius in me but I did not agree that Auarius are not born leadersr are not discipline That being said La maga delle spezie of course it could just mean it s not a skill set we are not naturally good at So thatpens the possibility that you can attain those ualities through hard work and consistency Overall a fun and insightful book I found a lot f cool stuff in this "Book That I Can Do "that I can do refresh and restore my mental and physical healthHowever there are some ways that I can not apply it for mysel. 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I initially thought about writing a couple blog posts but I felt that a short ebook might ,