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The Bone CharmerI was one of the lucky The ABC of Communism people who got to read this book early The Bone Charmer is an intriguing fantasy that I just couldn tut down It s thought rovoking and romantic in all the right ways Easily in my top 5 favorite books See this full review along with others on my blog at foalsfictionandfiligreecom I received an ARC of this book from Page Street Kids via Netgcalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you All included uotes have been taken from an ARC and may not match the finished ublication Content Warning Death Murder Overall morbid vibe with the theme of bones Tomorrow my future will be decided by my dead gran s finger bones It s how my whole life has been determined with bones and blood and snapping flames The Bone Charmer is a twisty little devious book and I absolutely loved it To be completely honest I ve never read anything uite like it The Bone Charmer is creative exploratory and crafty You ll notice that my review for this book will be shorter than my normal reviews because I just don t want to spoil anything for anyone which should be everyone who icks up this book It d be very difficult to talk about certain topics without it becoming spoilery so I just won t Saskia is the rotagonist Living in the town of Midwood in a world where the bones of ancestors hold sway for everything life looks very different Masons craft the bone flutes that Watchers use to control animals and the weapons that Breakers use to When The Light Went Out protect our country Mixers blend boneotions that Healers use to treat atients And of course Charmers erform readings on us all Saskia comes from a family of Bone Charmers those who have the ability to read the ast resent andor future depending on their sight ability First sight is เพชรพระอุมา (ตอน 04) อาถรรพณ์นิทรานคร past second sight theresent and third sight is the future In this world Bone Charmers are the most esteemed as they are the guides for eople of the community When adolescents reach the age of seventeen they are matched with their future apprenticeships through the Kenning as well as their future artner Not having much experience with the Sight herself Saskia s afraid that her abilities will cause her to do harm instead of good Her mother has the third sight and can see into the future which obviously causes issues for Saskia s future She and her mother have differing opinions of what she should ursue After her Kenning Saskia disagrees with her mother about the ath that was chosen for her and she ends up breaking a bone that was used in the reading of her future also done by her mother When the bone breaks Saskia also has to live out the two different aths the one her mom chose for her and the one she chose for herself until her fate is decided While I absolutely loved this concept I had issues with two aspects First I have no idea what "The Characters Looked Like "characters looked like was really hard to feel attached to characters because they simply weren t fleshed out Secondly there was very little world building which I was so disappointed about There are several elements of this world that sounded amazing from the few descriptions given but that was it I want so much Despite this I really enjoyed this book The ending is set up for a seuel so I will anxiously be looking forward to thatVulgarity None that I recallSexual content MinimalViolence uite a bit considering there is a murder sceneMy Rating My Blog Bookstagram Twitter Pinterest Facebook UPDATE 128 The cover for THE BONE CHARMER is live and I couldn t be excited This gorgeous cover was designed by Kylie Alexander and illustrated by Mina Price I love the exuisite attention to detail and how many of the story elements they captured in both of Saskia s realities I hope you love the cover as much as I do and I seriously can t wait to share this book with all of you Originally ublished on The Nerd Daily Review by Nathalie DeFeliceThe Bone Charmer by Breeana Shields is a henomenal exploration of a young woman s desire to Review by Nathalie DeFeliceThe Bone Charmer by Breeana Shields is a henomenal exploration of a young woman s desire to fate into her own hands and how it can go so devastatingly wrong I was hooked from the start with these brooding characters full of secrets and lies Our heroine is left to tease out the way to her salvation with nothing but her wits and the bone magic in her veins This was exactly the kind of book to get me out of my reading slump What makes this even better is that the world in this story has been split into two realities and despite what you may be hoping foryou can be sure fate is the most unpredictable thing of allIn Saskia s world bones are the source of all ower and she and the women of her family come from a long line of Bone Charmers seers that can reveal the ast Brainwashing of the German Nation present or futureaths for the Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) people of Midwood On the day of Saskia s kenning the bone ritual that will reveal her apprenticeship her worst fears are realised Not only will she become a Bone Charmer like her mother but she s also been matched with Bram a young man with tattoos on his hands and a seemingly violentast Unhappy with the turn of events and knowing her mother deliberately chose the Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt path Saskia didn t want she argues with her mother resulting in the breaking of the bone used in her kenning A bad omen to be sure and one with. In Saskia’s world bones are the source of allower They tell the future reveal the ast and expose secrets in the resent Each village has a designated seer who erforms readings for the townsfolk and in Midwood the Bone Charmer is Saskia’s motherOn the day of her kenning a special bone reading that determines the apprenticeships of all sev. .
Catastrophic conseuences For now instead of one future Saskia s future has become split in two and she must now live two lives simultaneously Unfortunately for her there are dangers awaiting her She needs to figure out how to fix it before it s too late and there s no future for her at allWith that summary out of the way let s talk about this book I was definitely sceptical of how this story would Ouroboros play out with two separateaths happening simultaneously but it honestly flows so well You know as much as both Saskia s know and as the story goes on the Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 pieces come together the way auzzle would The world building is simple and adeuate nothing too elaborate going on The magic system is something that I would have loved a little elaboration on because while I got the general gist of all the types of bone magic that exist in the world I wanted to delve a little This is definitely an aspect I would love to see explored in the following book That being said I uite loved the air of mystery that ermeated throughout the book even through the endCharacter wise I would definitely say that I felt that Saskia had the most to grow and learn in the story She s very naive and brash and driven by her emotions As you can guess this definitely gets her into trouble than actually helping her solve her roblems Her love interests Bram and Declan I wanted to get to know a little better than we did There is a lot of otential for growth for both of these characters and I think we re building to that but that makes the romance in this story a definite slow burn In both worlds you get to see the same characters but maybe in a different light than before And the villain I loved that there was some vulnerability there however brief it may have been giving us some hint as to what was motivating his actions I also didn t see the villain coming so needless to say I felt uite betrayed by my own reader s intuitionThere s such a melancholy that Saskia has about seemingly having this redetermined life when there are so many aths that could have been chosen That was something I loved to see explored The relationship between mother and daughter is very thoughtfully looked at and examined However themes of free will or a redestined fate as well as family are what really made this such an interesting read for me I loved the implications that magic has on these themes Especially how bone magic affects the narrative of free will vs redestined fate The realizations that she makes throughout the story help the reader come to the understanding that the future is malleable despite our best efforts and knowledge we re only in control of how we choose to react to those situationsHonestly there wasn t much I didn t love about the book Maybe a little world building and a better explanation of the magic system But Other Than That I other than that I in love with this book and it s charactersespecially Saskia and Bram I need to know what happens next I m rating this book a 910 Not only did it get me out of my reading slump but gave me lots of things to think about Pick it up if you get the chance and let me know your thoughts I d love to know what you think This book is utterly brilliant I texted a fellow author last night after I finished because this is what we do to hash out my thoughts and feelings but I had nothing negative to "Say The Characters Are Well "The characters are well the world building and magic system are exuisite the lotting including dual realities is spot on I was worried I would be invested in one storyline than the other but by the end I realized I cared for both of them eually Smart and expertly crafted Read it Reviews like this can also be found on my blog Vicariously Voraciously ARC received via Netgalley for a fair reviewPublish date May 21 2019In a world where your future can be told by a bone charmer society is balanced by those who can set a erson on the best fit ath But when Saskia has her own reading and is given a future she didn t think she wanted she accidentally breaks a bone in her reading The breaking of the bone splits her future into two and she must find a way to consolidate them as well as Punainen metsä piece the bone back together before she may cease to exist All the while something seedier islaying in the background that brings danger lurking at her doorThe Story This book was so much than I expected At first I only really cared about one of the POV but I learned to cherish both sides of the story Obviously in the end one of the stories is thought to stop existing but I was definitely set up for a surprise with the direction the story wentFighting the future is reminiscent of time travel and going back in in time to fix things Except instead of changing something in the Forever Im Yours past and then seeing the reaction you don t uite know if the future is what your reaction is going to be Anyway all if it is so mind boggling and I guess I can understand how someeople don t really care for futurestime travel books but when they re done this well I relish itThe World Building So the world building isn t super in depth We have this society where there are Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown people with bone magic andeople who don t have it to and they get some specia. Enteen year olds Saskia’s worst fears come true She receives an assignment to train as a Bone Charmer like her mother and even worse a match making reading that Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work pairs her with Bram a boy who has suspicious tattoos that hint of violenceSaskia knows her mother saw multipleaths for her yet chose one she knew Saskia wouldn’t want Their argumen. L training to hone their skills The skill vary depending on the bone magic and none are really ut in depth but I don t think I would have appreciated the book as much if a thorough report of how each one worked was included The amount that was there was sufficient to keep the Tilak Kathalu plot going I loved the multiple dimensions to bone magic It wasn t just that Saskia was read to be a bone charmer but the type of bone charmer she was and the fact that there were types as opposed to one all seeingerson was clever I love that there was unraveling of the ast seeing the future and in her case seeing the current happeningsI think it s important to remember that the book is called Bone Charmer which means we don t really need to know all about the society and where they live and what it looks like etc The story was about the bone charmer Therefore the fact that I am normally enthralled with world building I was still satisfied with what amount I got The focus was on that articular magic and that was enough If you re expecting a lot of differential in the boneblood magic included in this there really isn t much going on so lease don t be disappointed Aside from different types of bones doing different readings and the infusion of blood with the readings there isn t too much to itThere was a little bit on how the society revolved around these bone readings and I found it super intriguing because not everyone could get one and there are obviously than just the regular rofessions So it ended up being this idea of this magic that is built upon an already functioning non magical type of world There was one instance in fact of how the dangers on how one could overly spend and invest in bone readings and how that money could be better spent eualizing the bone readings to those of lower classesI loved the allegory seen there that The Why Cafe portrayed the idea of something that should be accessible to everyone as it being a common right not just something extra for those who can afford itThe Characters Saskia is such an entitled brat in the beginning that I almost immediately hated her I loved her character ARC and how she learned through her own unsheltered experiences how to view the world Her whole life was somewhat controlled by her mother as she constantly was able to do bone readings on her as she was growing up her mother is a bone charmer as well and the way she breaks the barriers that her mother sath sent her on was smoothly written She obviously stumbled a little on the way but I love how she comes through at the end Despite her desires she still holds true to her nature and is completely honest with herself if not with othersThe Soundtrack Maren Morris The Bones DNF at age 77 This is following some all too familiar aths with love interests and is simultaneously going nowhere Really wanted to get lost in this tale of bone magic and blood but it s too uneventful to Satisfying Mommy’s Pregnant Needs (A Psuedo-Incest, Mother-Son, Sleep Sex, Pregnancy, BDSM, Erotic Romance) push through any further His crestfallen expression tugs at a tendril of sympathy inside me I long to confide in him to let himull me into his arms like he has done so many times before and assure me that everything will turn out erfectly for both of us But I m afraid telling him the truth would only make things worse How can I ossibly explain the seed of doubt the kenning has lanted in my heart Note uote taken from an Advanced Reading Copy I really enjoyed this Sliding Doors esue story The two Timelines Saskia Ends Up In Were Both Saskia ends up in were both intriguing that they kept me turning the ages Bram totally stole my heart The magic world and characters are well crafted and compelling I loved how The Bone Charmer explores the conseuences of choices and their outcomes The Bone Charmer is a gripping read that will charm you and keep you up late at night reading until the end ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you I had Shadow Game pretty high hopes for this one but I m uite disappointed the writing was good but the world and characters were weak This book reminded me strongly of Tessa Gratton s Strange Grace the heroine Saskia is the daughter of the town s leading Bone Charmer a witch who uses bones to see the future But when a bone reading to see her future goes wrong Saskia becomes trapped in two realities In one reality she s beenaired with Bram a boy she s spent her life being terrified of in another she s with Declan a boy she used to love but is now acting suspiciously In both realities she s in danger Okay so first of all the worldbuilding was I really liked the author s Poison s Kiss duology so when I saw this one was from her as well I hopped right on to read it The idea of the story line being dual POV from the same MC but with a different version of herself was a neat concept Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you d taken a different ERIS: The Patsy (Warped Comedy Adventure Book 1) path I ve often wondered that and this story gave a cool glimpse into two separateaths with a "Fantasy Spin On It I "spin on it I have to say Saskia s bone charmer chapters were my favorite though And can I just say BramThe writing created uite the We Give a Squid a Wedgie page turner and there were twists and tons of interesting descriptions Now based on the ending I m assuming there will be another boo. T leads to a fracture in one of the bones Broken bones are always bad luck but thisarticular set of bones have been infused with extra magic and so the break has devastating conseuences Saskia’s future has split as well Now she will live her two Verräter der Magie potentialaths simultaneously Only one future can survive And Saskia’s life is in danger in bo. .