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Double Action Deputy (Cardwell Ranch: Montana Legacy Book 4) dThis is why funny books written by women are such unicorns in the publishing world You might find one or two written for 9 12 year olds in a given season but they re probably not going to attract much literary cred You know what they llo instead Make kids laugh Give them an alternative to the The Alien Corn (The Canadians deadly serious fare that s out there And most importantly show them that women can be just as hilarious as guys So hats off to Stand Up Yumi Chung Sure it s a funny story couched in a meaningful one but for what it s saying and how it says it I award it a great big rubber chicken It may not be a work of grit and resonance but it s fun and that to my mind is worth all the hoity toity awards in the world Tragedy plus time euals comedy All well and good but it s not like everyone s gifted enough to turn their tragical tragedies into comic gold Yumi Chung s been struggling in particular since she s first generation Korean American and her parents have some crazy high expectations for her They want her to pass a scholarship exam for financial aid to her fancy private school with flying colors She wants too stand up comedy What s a girl to Academia Nuts do Probably not sneak into a summer comedy camp hosting by her idol pretend to be another camper under an assumed name and concoct a crazy plan to perform and convince her parents she s a natural born comedian Yet that s exactly what Yumi now Kay Nakamuraoes and as the lies build up and her parents restaurant starts to flounder she s caught between her African Literature desires and theesires of her family Is there a way to balance both So here s a pretty basic uestion about the book Is it funny I mean it s about someone who s History of the Niagara Falls Power Company, 1886 1918, Vol 2 of 2: Evolution of Its Central Power Station and Alternating Current System; Construction and Operation diggingeep Afghani and 'AbduhAn Essay on Religious Unbelief and Political Activism in Modern Islam down into theepths of their soul to bring hilarity into the world but are the jokes any good That sounds like a simple uestion but it s actually pretty complicated First off there are Rehab Doesnt Work - Ibogaine Does definitely funny moments in the book itself Not too many wild and crazy hijinks but good observational stuff You know how I can tell whether or not I ll like a book I see how the first chapter feels It s not a perfect litmus test but nine times out of ten it s prettyarn accurate In the case of this book that first chapter is a joy to read I ve been taking ITS NOT YOUR FAULT deepives into a lot of serious subject matter so encountering a first line like I should have known better than to think anyone would listen to me at the Korean beauty salon feels like a breath of fresh air But to get back to whether or not the book is funny at all what about Yumi herself Do her jokes fly Let me remind you that Yumi is an eleven year old girl As such if she were whipping out brilliant material like some kind of such if she were whipping out brilliant material like some kind of Carlin Richard Pryor Ali Wong child savant how believable would that be Now I Unfinished Puzzle d argue that the first joke Yumi writes in her notebook is probably her funniest but the simple fact that she s so young and willing to try so many things is evidence of the reality of the story Is she the funniest thing you ever saw Nope She s eleven but she s working on thatMs Kim alsooes this adept Little Tap Dance Around The Microaggressions Yumi Has To Deal tap Data Analytics dance around the microaggressions Yumi has toeal in her life without having them The Mystery of Risk draw attention away from whatever scene is playing out For example in one moment early in the book Yumi is talking with a guy named Felipe who has just complimented her I break into a sweat I m not used to people striking up conversations with me Last year at Winston hardly anyone bothered to speak to me at all My own teacheridn t call on me for the entire first week of school because he thought I couldn t speak English True story Then we re back in the moment with Felipe It Alchemy Arts doesn t skip a beat but you know a lot about Yumi from its inclusion This proves true for the people around Yumi too In one case she s considering how her mom can t really compliment her without attaching some kind of warning to balance it out Like when she tells me You are pretty but if youon t put on sunscreen your skin will turn rough like Yo salí del abismo dried suid It s just her way but I can read between the lines You may not be able to completely identify with Yumi s mom after knowing that but you can at least be convinced that she truly loves heraughterI should mention that I have nothing against inspiring group biographies of women Just out of curiosity though where s the group biography of funny women throughout history Does it not exist because it would be too hard to write or because no one s interested in women that can make people laugh I m interested I bet other people are too It s important for kids to see all kinds of people being funny and until we get a collection of such biographies I ll be happy that at least a collection of such biographies I ll be happy that at least are getting books like Stand Up Yumi Chung in the interim This is a book unafraid to The Life of Kitty Storm declare its love of comedy in the face of overwhelming odds Funny stuffFor ages 9 12. Ge her life a comedy camp for kids taught by one of her favorite YouTube stars The only problem is that the instructor and all the students think she's a girl named Kay Nakamura and Yumioesn't correct themAs this case of mistaken identity unravels Yumi must Aliens Bride Book decide to stand up and reveal the truth or risk losing herreams and isappointing everyone she cares abou. .

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Stand Up Yumi ChungFun story about following your reams when your parents Connecting in College don t understand what theickens you re reaming of I could wish that a book about don t understand what the ickens you re reaming of I could wish that a book about wannabe t understand what the ickens you re reaming of I could wish that a book about a wannabe was just the least bit funny Thanks to Librofmfm and Penguin RandomHouse for the advance listening copy of this 31720 release All opinions are my own 5 for this story about finding your voice which is perfect for fans of Front Desk The First Rule of Punk and The Epic Fail of Arturo Zamora Eleven year old Yumi longs to be a stand up comedian Her Korean parents however insist that she keep her attention on studying and helping out at their struggling Korean barbecue restaurant When she stumbles upon her favorite comedian running a summer comedy
#camp and accidentally #
and accidentally to be someone else Yumi s passion is confirmed however is she in too eep to make things right Perfect for grades 5 7 Yumi Chung The Arcav Princes Captive (Arcav Alien Invasion, dreams of being a comedian but that is not at all what her Korean immigrant parents have in mind for her When she stumbled across a comedy camp meeting in her neighborhood and a girl with an Asian last name has not shown up for the firstay Yumi finds herself pretending to be Kay and taking her spot in the camp Not only Southern Women at the Seven Sister Colleges Feminist Values and Social Activism 1875 1915 does she have to protect her secret identity but she has to make sure her parentso not find out AND she has to find the courage to take the stage and perform This is a funny winning middle grade novel about following your heart and your teachers Manual African American Literature dreams even if it means you might get in super big trouble Hand it to readers who are into performing or readers who enjoy the hidden second life plotline Possible readalikes Dear Sweet Pea for readers who enjoy books where tween girls have a secret life they have to hide from their friends and parents Dorko the Magnificant for readers who enjoy books about kids living a life on stage 45 StarsYumi Chung has earned herself a big fan in me because oh boyid I love this bookI love how this story shows us that comedy while being a form of entertainment is really a space of vulnerability where comics share so much of their lives and use storytelling as a way of healing and making sense of their experiences Yumi loves comedy so much but struggles because she lacks confidence and self belief which is whatmakes her so Agricultural Innovation in the Early Islamic World determined to learnAs the story progresses we see that Yumi isn t justealing a standard bout of shyness but that she s being held back by her fear of failing and her fear of being herself I also appreciate how this story breaks DYA (1933-1939) (Libros sobre el Opus Dei) down stereotypes concerning tiger parents and strict Asians by showing us that yes Yumi s parents are hard on her but it s because theyon t want her to become a labourer like them and they Big Book of AA All 12 Steps Understand and Complete One Step At A Time in Recovery with Alcoholics Anonymous 12 of 12 Books don t want her to feel uncertain about her future Yumi is not trying toefy her parents in fact she New Writing, New Approaches (African Literature Today, Vol. 12) deeply respects them and that s a level of nuance that I really appreciateAnother layer this story gives us is how entitlement and privilege are not something afforded to many POC and especially the children of immigrants Everyone in Yumi s life is advising her to just be honest and tell your parents what you really want and while it all comes from a good place all she can think about is that her parents would never sign her up for comedy camps or send her to a performing arts school because those things are luxuries Getting a first chance at living yourream much less a second one is a privilege in and of itself And getting what you want exactly how you want is simply not the reality for many POCTo me this story says that maybe the endgame isn t getting what you want but learning how to love each other better and how love yourself better Maybe the endgame is learning to take what you re given and look for every chance you have to use it in the best way you know how And yes the story celebrates learning to be yourself in the funniest and sweetest way possibleSo in short I love Yumi Chung and I love this book and I wouldn t say no to reading adventures about this wonderful comedic hero A book that took some time for me to get into but I loved the immigrant representation in this expectations from parents Culture and Development in Africa (Comparative Studies in African/Caribbean Literature Series) discussion of relevant topics like BTS and everything else Yumi Chung has shygirlproblems She also loves to tell jokes using her hairbrush as a pretend microphone after a longay of school and helping out in her family s struggling Korean BB restaurant Yumi s parents sign her up for a summer tutoring class to prepare her for a scholarship exam so she can continue to attend a tony private school for free On her way to the library to study after class Yumi stumbles upon a new comedy club in her neighborhood Inside is favorite comedian and a summer camp for kids When Yumi is mistaken for an absent student she glimpses a future where she can enjoy her passion instead of living for her parents as older sister Yuri has be. One lie snowballs into a full blown ouble life in this irresistible story about an aspiring stand up comedianOn the outside Yumi Chung suffers from #shygirlproblems a perm gone wrong and kids calling her Yu MEAT because she smells like her family's Korean barbecue restaurant On the inside Yumi is ready for her Netflix stand up special Her notebook is filled with .
En oing Now she is living a Activism and the American Novel double life Kay Nakamura at camp and Yumi Chung at home and school What will happen when her worlds collide What secret is Yuri keeping from her family How will her family find keep their restaurant open Whato Yumi s struggles in class have to Agriculture at a Glance Revised Edition do with her pursuit of comedy Perhaps getting caught in her web of lies will be the best thing that could have happened to Yumi Give this to kids who loved Front Desk Thank you to Kokila and Edelweiss for a DRC in exchange for an honest review Yumi Chung s greatestesire is to become a stand up comedian But her Korean American Parents Have Sacrificed American parents have sacrificed send her to a special private school in order to get her American parents have sacrificed everything to send her a special private school in order to get her a top notch university in hopes that she ll become a lawyer or go to med school like her perfect older sister While her parents face severe financial troubles at their family owned restaurant they are informed that Yumi can continue to attend her private school on scholarship if she scores high on an exam So she s being sent to specialized tutoring all summer long Yumi really A Love No Less Two Centuries of African American Love Letters doesn t want to continue to attend her school Sheoesn t feel like she fits in and there are constant microaggressions she faces as a non white student However she attends her tutoring sessions and plans to Places of Their Own: African American Suburbanization in the Twentieth Century (Historical Studies of Urban America) do as well as possible on the exam By completely accident Yumi happens upon a comedy camp taking place as a local theatre When she pops her head in to see what s going on she is mistaken for another enrollee whoidn t show up She plays the part perfectly and becomes Kay Nakamura at camp but remains Yumi Chung at her tutoring group As would be expected her friends from both places eventually meet in a single space and Yumi s lies begin to unravel The heart of this story is about taking a risk to The Arcav Kings Mate (Arcav Alien Invasion do what you loveoing But in the story we The Billionaires Arranged Baby 3 discover and understand how hard Yumi s parents have worked to keep their family business running and WHY they ve sacrificed everything in hopes that Yumi s life will beevoid of a financial stress Being a stand up comedian means a lack of financial security so they re only trying to look out for her There are a number of comedic moments throughout the story but I just loved the thoughts about second chances and the cozy feel good ending I m than happy to recommend this oneFor children s literature middle grade literature and YA literature reviews feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo Oh I ADORED this This is such a feel good story that s also unexpectedly laugh out loud funny being who you are and the shenanigans of accidentally living a ouble life Follows Yumi a shy young Korean girl who loves stand up comedy When she stumbles on a comedy camp led by her idol Jasmine Jasper she is mistaken for another camp goer and accidentally leads a ouble life This was just really funny Even though it s aimed at a younger audience I found myself chuckling and giggling at some of the jokes This book is just so incredibly warm and charming I loved the family aspects of this book Yumi s parents own a Korean BB restaurant and as immigrant parents put a lot of pressure on Yumi to succeed The characterisation of her parents were never stereotypical in fact there are some tender and vulnerable moments between them though the story also honestly portrays how these pressures can conflict with what children want I loved the core message how fear of failure not failure itself is our greatest obstacle So heartwarming lovely and highly recommended for all younger readers This was such a fun heart warming Middle Grade book Even though Yumi Chung is super shy she Alien dreams of being a stand up comedian When she stumbles into a comedy summer camp and gets mistaken for a camper sheoesn t correct anyone Now she s secretly attending summer camp growing her confidence and hopefully learning how to stand up for what she wants I loved this book so much Yumi was a great character Her struggles with her parents not really listening to what she wants to 10 Essential Survivor Secrets to Liberate Yourself from Narcissistic Abuse do were very relatable I appreciated how a lot of this book is an immigrant story about her parents moving to the US from Korea and how that impacted their family and how they raised their children Also Yumi learning to express herself through comedy was fun to see Overall I think this is a funny and sweet Middle Grade book And it was fun to see the BTS references in it Remember the funny girls No one else seems to Living as weo in an age when every other book published is an inspiring group biography our children are currently steeped in the very serious nature of what makes a woman great And being funny uite frankly isn t something that tends to make the cut Humorists have a purpose on this planet but you re not going to win a Nobel or a Pulitzer or even an Oscar most of the time for making someone laugh. Ortifying memories that she's reworked into comedy gold All she needs is a stage and courageInstead of spending the summer studying her favorite YouTube comedians Yumi is enrolled in test prep tutoring to ualify for a private school scholarship which will help in a time of hardship at the restaurant One ay after class Yumi stumbles on an opportunity that will chan. ,