The Liberation of Ivy Bottini (READ)

A powerful personal look at an un aplogetic

Leader Of The Women S 
of the women s lgbta Movement This Book Is A This book is a and heartfelt memoir of a remarkable woman who helped shape the LGBT and Women s rights movements in the 60s 70s and beyond The woman who helped shape the LGBT and Women s rights movements in the 60s 70s and beyond The in which the bo. Colorful charismatic magnetic and brilliant are just a few of the words used to describe Ivy Bottini a woman who was at the forefront of the National Organization of Women NOW movement and the second wave of feminism She helped found the New Yo. ,
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The Liberation of Ivy BottiniOk is told is personal straightforward and pulled me along A clear and compelling account of THE WOMEN S MOVEMENT IN THE women s movement in the and seventies and the gay and lesbian movement in the eighties on in the form of a memoir of an activist who was on the streets. Rk chapter of NOW and in 1969 designed the organization’s logo is still used today She then moved to Los Angeles became an today She then moved to Los Angeles and became an activist  This is Ivy’s story in her own words an inspirational and educational story of personal tra.

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And the frontlines Ivy s memories make this a personal story and Judith s writing
Adds The History And Motivations 
the history and motivations put it all in a Good For Everyone Good for everyone was there as well as those who want to how the current movements got to where they are. Nsformation courage activism love and sacrifice It’s also an insider’s view and a model for activism from a leader in two of the most important liberation movements of the past half century women’s liberation and gay and lesbian liberatio.