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Hese tales are pulled from stories past but were a bit too creepy and dark in some parts for my taste I did like a couple of them okay but some of the fetishes were a bit odd to me It just wasn t my thing as a whole I was on a uest to get a couple of erotica books a few years ago This was one of the ones I picked up that looked interesting Unfortunately this was pretty much an awful book I was expecting a series of erotic stories based on fairy tales this "Was Really Not That "really not That AllEach Story Starts With allEach story starts with nursery rhyme and that is supposedly what the story is based off of which is a bituhweird There is absolutely no element of fantasy in these stories there is a bit of magical realism in one of them I guess These are su Enchanted was I think the first explicitly erotic book I ever read I loved ow the author managed to blend fairytales deeply embedded into European lore with all manner of female sexual fantasies without it turning out obscene or somehow marring fond childhood memories So naturally I was curious about the continuation of the series and went on to read Enchanted AgainWhile the first collection of stories did enchant me I m Blargh Lots of self Matlhasedi Bosa BO Sele Setlopha SA Tlelase Ya B hating women whining and thinking stupid thoughts and occasionallyaving decidedly untitillating sex When did smut get so soul suckingly boring Don t pad the stories with insipid characters and maybe they ll do something a little inspired in the sack or elsewhere Not bad but I probably would not recommend For the genre this was pretty dark and depressing I know nursery rhymes which these stories are based on usually ave A Dark Twist To Them dark twist to them I didn t expect them to be translated in to odd and sometimes downright creepy stories with unhappy endings I really only enjoyed two Curly Locks and Hot Cross Buns the two with appy endings The others just left me feeling uncomfortable A slightly disappointing seuel to the refreshing book Enchanted Imaginative tales cleverly written but too dark and intense for me. Ica who torn between two men may be lured into the wrong webPeter whose wife's wandering eye arouses is libido As well as an interesting assortment of characters who will entertain and arouse the adult in you. ,

L Well this rating could either be because I don t even know the nursery rhymes these stories are based on and thus missed the interesting connections or because the stories were just odd There was WAY sex than in Enchanted Erotic Bedtime Stories f Awful Complete fail The first book was good and ad a greater variety of situations I didn t even finish this book Who s fantasy is it to Post Modernizm ve Alımlama Estetiği have a murderer beat the crap out of them as foreplay That s not sexy and that is basically the whole book Ionestly think that Madore and team didn t
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to write seuel and The Spanish Civil War As a Religious Tragedy had to settle on who knows what what fairy tales I researched and still couldn t find out what tales she was usingere which was ticked me off I wish she Wedding-Night Baby had just used the same fairy tales and characters from the first book and told new retellings Fairy tales are endlessly adaptable and it wouldave been better than this What a pile of rubbish These tales were based around nursery rhymes although they were linked in the most ridiculous and far fetched ways Yes they contained some smut but La maladie de Gougerot-Sjgren: Vers la gurison avec les mdecines alternatives how any of these situations could be described as fantasies I do not know Most of the tales were about women being sexually abused secretly loving it and then realising that their partners weren t abusing them at all butelping them to realise their inner selves One of the tales was about a man giving is neighbours mechanical devises and them realising that although e was a disgusting pervert e awakened their sexual desiresWTF Yes I ve secretly always wanted to meet "An Ugly Older Man "ugly older man d give me a giant dildo instead of perhaps aving a great sexual relationship with a man I find attractive Ok rant overit s awful and I ll be sticking to JR Ward in future Having not read the first book Enchanted I picked this up with the expectation that it would be naughty fairy talessomething fun and steamy at the same timeMaybe I expected the book to be light earted than it was especially with the beautiful ethereal type coverT. Uched and decidedly darker modern day interpretations of classic nursery rhymesMeet Dan the andyman whose toolbox is full of surprisesGeorgie Porgie no longer the boy who's content with only kissing girlsJess. ,
If my resources are correct This Book Into "this book fits into literary of erotica instead of in these stories are conseuential result a part of the conversation and expression of person It s not sprinkled there just to get you off It s there to emphasize the characters their burdens and worries and mislead contentment Like Gunships A Pictorial History of Spooky Vietnam Studies Group series 6032 how a good fiction is supposed to be It s detailed and sexy oh don t get me wrong The stories do contain the explicit details of sexual approaches but they re written with so much depth and thoughtfulness What differentiates between smut and literary erotica is that the characters do not stop being characters once the action commencesSex is like food right We don t forget our thoughts and feelings when we eat nor when we make love mate no matterow violently the bed rocks or The Canning Season how sumptuous is the food In fact we become aware of ourselves once reflected so intimately by the ones who share our beds and tables How easily we get bored once we ve managed to secure the relationship we want with the person we tried soard to impress It s not bad it s just the way things are with us people We do get bored And it s a reason so blatant that most of us would rather glorify the drama that follows that boredom insteadI fell in love with anotherI was not Archivist Wasp happy in that relationshipSo if I can pick a favorite out of the entire selection it d be the one with the man who isn t afraid to see a woman ruffleer feathers and vent Ladang Hitam di Pulau Dewa her feelings The one where the man forcefully protects the womane loves and the sustainability of their relationship by choosing to ignore Diary of a Minecraft Ender Dragon: An Unofficial Minecraft Book her bouts of feelings and by physically controlling and subduinger And there is a whole Economists with Guns: Authoritarian Development and U.S.-Indonesian Relations, 1960-1968 huge lot of difference when control is exerted with love or with fearAnd it s a kind of strength that reuires practice And does not get better with age because feelings are contagious and impractical And we can onlyope that we can share it with someone who deserves the sacrifice of emotional self contro. Following the overwhelming success of Enchanted author Nancy Madore I Am Sam Phonics Chapter Books has responded toer fans' pleas for a follow up with a brilliant second collection this time comprised of superbly sensual delightfully deba.

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