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Schools to close because of low scores encouraged cheating by school personnel in order to survive took money away rom working to strengthen schools by providing better supplies teachers and aides and training Instead it blamed teachers demonized schools and encouraged charter schools Atlanta Georgia was one of the hardest hit and became a Dona Flor famous target In 2013 thirtyive black teachers and administrators were charged with racketeering and conspiracy Rocker Babies Wear Jeans for changing answers on students tests to improve their scores by a vindictive judge The media went wild pushing the scandal theory While there were incidents of that occurring in both schools that were primarily white as well as integrated or primarily black only the black educators were charged The trials went onor an excessively long time Eventually many of those charged even if they were not guilty admitted guilt so they could get on with their lives and stop increasing their co None of the Above rom Shani Robinson and Anna Simonton tells a contextualized version of the Atlanta cheating scandal Events in the public sphere do not happen in a vacuum and knowing the background helps to keep everything in perspectiveFirst this book reviews the various orces that have come together to undermine this country s public education system While some may complain that this is not on a par with a book devoted to analyzing these system While some may complain that this is not on a par with a book devoted to analyzing these that is a disingenuous way of displaying their inbred elitism I don t rewrite Foucault every time I use his ideas This book summarizes accurately the studies and theories used That is sufficient Sono with Visits from the Seventh for a book using this as contextor the main narrative Applaud the person who wants applause or name dropping as a way of denigrating but pay it no mind it is empty pseudo intellectual blusteringAlso while Robinson maintains her Innocence She Does Contrary she does contrary what another reviewer with a red ballcap agenda no doubt claims acknowledge that there must have been cheating and the work she did contextualizing the entire situation in Atlanta points toward motivation or whomever did it Not condoning or approving but making the motivation at least understandable Such is the nature of testing in contemporary American schools Maybe you ll believe Robinson about her innocence maybe you won t but she is not claiming there was no cheating and she is not condoning cheatingTo look at any issue within a public school system in the United States one can not in good conscience do so in isolation rom "The Other Facts That Have Contributed To "other acts that have contributed to larger problem To do so either means you don t understand how these things work together or worse you condone hurting poor children and children of color Heroes Adrift (Hero, for political and economic gainThe value of this bookar outpaces the writing At times it was slow and plodding and probably caused some of these reviewers to uit reading and run their little dog whistles out to show their true allegiance If you have an interest and care at all about the children being hurt in this current regime s joke of an education system you should read this book Less Chuck and Danielle for whether you believe Robinson and to understand what using Atlanta as the example is wrong with the corporatization and privatization of the education of ouruture generationsReviewed rom a copy made available through Goodreads First Read. Communities becomes increasingly brutal and racial and economic disparities gape even wider In None of the Above Robinson and her co author journalist Anna Simonton go back through the history of education racial oppression and the criminal justice system to show that black children in Atlanta were being deprived long before some teachers changed the answers on their students' test. ,
As well as their amiliesI thank LibraryThingcom Dogs Behaving Badly: An A-Z Guide to Understanding and Curing Behavorial Problems in Dogs for providing this book to meree of charge in exchange Gray Bishop for an honest review This was really disappointing I tried really hard to like this book I wanted to learn about the socio economic and racial issues that plague Atlanta and how they disadvantage the youth that are stuck in an underfunded school system Instead this book presents an extremely cursory and deeplylawed analysis of the impacts of slavery Jim Crow redlining crack cocaine heroin desegregation the rise and Puckster's First Hockey Sweater fall of public housing in Atlanta and a spree of child killings all in theirst 50 pages Then probably due to the act that the book is much too short it eels like it makes every theme about her personal persecution and prosecution as opposed to illustrating theme about her personal persecution and prosecution as opposed to illustrating the actual victims are in Liar fact generations of disadvantaged African American children who are stuck in cycles of poverty violence incarceration and death It s clear the author understands this and it sleshed out at the end but a book of just over 200 pages doesn t have enough space to make a nuanced argument and also tell her own years long story That s why it Noir feels disingenuous when the author puts scare uotes aroundailing schools especially juxtaposed to the story she tells of a 9th grader that can only read at a 5th grade level but had her test results Renovate: Changing Who You Are by Loving Where You Are falsifiedIt would have been a great book if itocused on the injustices she Gaffer faced in the courtroom I would have loved to read a book twice this size about her story and the stories of the other educators the ridiculous prosecution the inappropriately emotional judge and her struggles with stress and PTSD and pregnancy during that time I would have also loved a book twice this size about the educational impacts of any of the hundred different socio economicactors that were briefly touched on in this book Charter schools alone could have taken a tome over 1000 pages instead charter schools are depicted as extremely malicious basically casting charter school CEOs as the school version of slumlords until 3 sentences at the very end of the Epilogue which say in relevant part not all charter schools are bad p 216 All in all I think the book tried to do so much in so little space that everything came out jumbled and it s a shame because I honestly think that the author s story is an interesting one There s no reason to believe that she actually changed the scores or that she should have been ound guilty although I m still confused about how the StD was so high in her classroom and there were certainly procedural issues with her case ex parte communications the judge s jury influence the judge s knowledge of jury deliberation the jury pool issues the extremely dubious RICO charge the consolidations of the cases the prosecutorial misconduct the discovery shenanigans all of the perjury etc but sadly the book really glossed over every single one of these issues Maybe we ll get a seuel when hopefully the author wins her appeal Riveting and educational I listened the audiobook and met the author today The No Child Left Behind "the audiobook and met author today The No Child Left Behind while sounding like it would help children achieve higher academic scores had some very serious repercussionsOne of the primary ones was the money that lowed into schools as a result of scores It Lone Star Justice: The First Century of the Texas Rangers forced many. Or allegedly changing students' answers on standardized tests At the time of her arrest the youngest of the accused Shani Robinson was just 28 years old She was unjustly convicted under the RICO Act aelony punishable by up to 20 years in prison As Robinson and her co defendants appeal their case the corporate led education reform movement runs rampant policing of black and brown. None of the Above is the story of the Atlanta cheating scandal of 2009 as told by one of the educators convicted of cheating I will make known my prejudice at the start whatever happened I believe the sentences were way out of whack or the possible crimes committed Also I ind it suspicious that it was primarily African American educators who were targeted when the cheating apparently took Place Throughout The CityThat Being Said I Was Sympathetic To throughout the cityThat being said I was sympathetic to s claims of innocence And if her account is to be trusted and it is backed up by references the trial itself was a scandal of A Chicken in Every Yard: The Urban Farm Store's Guide to Chicken Keeping frightened people making plea bargains that can hardly be trusted since naming names was the way to personalreedom All the makings of a witch hunt And the scandal served the purpose of distracting the city Island of the Lost Horses (Dora and Friends) from plans to turn over public schools into the hands of chartersRobinson began as a hopeful Teach For America participant TFA is devoted to the destruction of public schools and with replacing career teachers with usually white Ivy League graduates looking to pad out their resumes with two years of public service before heading off to corporate or political careers As a public school teacher with strong beliefs that public education is a necessary prereor a democracy I am not a an of TFA And although there are some excellent charter schools as a group despite the ability to choose their students or better test takers most charters do not score appreciably better than public schools and often do worse All of which is not to deny that there is plenty of work to be done to make public education euitable providing high uality schools or all But I believe the answer is to invest in public schools not destroy themIt was difficult to read Robinson s book The destruction of African American neighborhoods the effects of mass incarceration the greed of corporations and the destructive actions of neo liberals in both the Democratic and Republican parties is extremely painful to read And if the trial was accurately described than the judicial system also comes off looking incompetent at best and indifferent to innocence or trust at worstI eel I need to read accounts of this scandal to reach a better understanding of the case However applying RICO charges designed to catch gangsters to this group of educators even if guilty seems excessive And again the act that the convicted people "The Ones Who Refused "ones who refused make plea deals were people mostly women of color seems to me suspicious As in the case of the charter school takeover after Hurricane Katrina the people who are held up in one way or another as unfit to teach are less affluent women of color to be generally replaced by young white usually rom affluent backgrounds women and men also On the Right Side of a Dream feels indicative of both this country s racism as well as conviction that the best modelor education is that of businessSo I recommend this book to educators and to those interested in the destruction of black neighborhoods in the interest of wealthy white inhabitants and investors with the warning that it is 1 clearly slanted in avor the warning that it is 1 clearly slanted in avor the author and the other convicted educators and 2 it is an enraging and painful albeit I believe important indictment of the political and corporate powers that are the ones who actually cheat the poorer students of color. An insider's account of the infamous Atlanta Public Schools cheating scandal which scapegoated black employees Operation Iceberg : The Invasion and Conquest of Okinawa in World War II for problems caused by an education reform movement that is increasingly a proxyor corporate greedIn March of 2013 thirty ive black educators in Atlanta Public Schools were charged with racketeering and conspiracy the same charges used to bring down the American mafia None of the Above