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D the MC s relationship The problem was that based on how the characters acted I had totally thought that it was the other that based on how the characters acted I had totally thought that it was the other around and the MC s behavior became fairly obnoxious in hindsight I just didn t see a reason for this information to be kept a secret for so long It was like the author felt like she needed to have a secret and that was the best she could come p with The MC s emotions and responses should have been realistically fit this situation maybe that would have even helped this character seem engaging This big reveal just put me off and made me even less invested in the relationship than I was beforeI was bugged by a few minor issues as well1 The scene with Nemo and Christina in the Rift was weird The MC just started fangirling over people she had never mentioned before and they didn t get brought The Winds of Winter up again before I dropped the book so I can only assume that this was a plug for another series Either way it felt awkward2 The author also switched the verb tense in the narration from time to time which was distracting DNF 62%I just can t The heroine istterly brainless and flits from thing to thing like a toddler on a sugar high She doesn t stand p for herself she is TSTL and she is tterly 2 dimensional She finds out a horrible secret that her family was keeping from her utterly 2 dimensional She finds out a horrible secret that her family was keeping from her literally does not care at all It doesn t even phase her Pass Calling all lovers of witches shifters fae vampires demons and this is the series for you With Kayla on the search to clear her name from a murder she didn t commit she encounters an assortment of other supernatural creatures along her journey As well as sing some wonderfully writtencrafted spellsGreat twist at the end for the next book Also I was reading this the whole time wondering if it s going to turn into a reverse harem book. Illed all over her new dress is suddenly the least of her worries When white magic won’t save her and black magic will taint her soul what’s a witch to do Urban Fantasy Reverse Hare. Rating 35Did I cringe a bit reading this book Yes But did I have a good time Absolutely This book was ridiculously fun The humor main Yes But did I have a good time Absolutely This book was ridiculously fun The Humor Main Hectic Storyline Genuine Plot That main hectic storyline genuine plot that going creatively in different directions and again humor made it all sing for me I don t see how it can be an RH yet though and there s pretty much nothing in the romance department here besides some smidging of hints but the book itself is all sorts of phenomenal fun Full review to come Witchy goodnessUniue take on supernatural thriller Just when you think you have it figured out here comes another plot twist Stayed p all night reading because I just had to know what happened next This was such an awesome read It was so fun and extremely entertaining I can t wait to read of this author s work FREE on today 5172019 great bookI love it I love when a book makes you laugh out loud You should see the looks my husband and son gives me when I do that I love the

in this story Kayla is 275 Stars Didn t hate it didn t love it just okay This had the elements of a book I d typically eat Lord Conrads Lady (Conrad Stargard, up but it was slow I enjoyed the parts with Solas but never really connected with the MC I probably won t continue the series DNF at 80% I didn t hate this but I didn t feel like spending time on it which was problematic because I felt like I was just dragging through this read The MC was fairly stupid andninteresting but I was pushed over the edge when I realized the author had awkwardly withheld some information that didn t need to be withheld It wasn t a major thing but since I was already somewhat annoyed while reading this it pushed me too farAs for the main character she just wasn t engaging to me 1 Apparently she s cursed to be Dont Read Poetry unlucky and clumsy but clumsy main characters are fairly popular for som. Kayla Harlow is annlucky witch A dead boss a demonic kitty in her bathtub and a smoking hot detective If only he wasn’t trying to pin her for the murder Between a mysterious fae pri.

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Black Spells and Twisted Souls Grey Witch #1E reason and most characters are nlucky to some degree to keep them realistic and drive events to some extent This MC did not seem nlucky or clumsy than any other character Of course maybe the Curse of the Gods book 1 Trickery series has set the bar high for me for noticeable and nusual clumsiness bad luck 2 Also the MC is a bit TSTL She summons a demon with very little attention paid to her conscience s protests though she later BEMOANS THAT HER MORALITY HAS SUFFERED SINCE SUMMONING THE that her morality has suffered since summoning the which is frowned pon for morallegal reasons and its danger and learns that her grandmother sed to summon this demon and once did so to obtain a necklace that she gave to the MC The demon wants the necklace and after considering it briefly the MC agrees At no point does the MC wonder why her grandmother would bother engaging in an incredibly RISKY and ILLEGAL activity for a NECKLACE The obvious conclusion is that the necklace is magic NECKLACE The obvious conclusion is that the necklace is magic necessary in some way but the MC is shocked when someone later points out that it is in fact those things Then the police focus on her for a murder she didn t commit and she needs to ask a demon for a major favor so that he can leave her presence However she cannot think of anything to ask him for even as she wanders around thinking that she needs to solve this murder and enlists others to help her do so ASK THE DEMON TO SOLVE THE MURDER I d say that counts as removing a major inconvenience from her life If this does not work because of Plot reasons I need the MC to at least be intelligent enough to suggest this idea Maybe she eventually thinks of this but if so she still should have thought of this before where I stopped 80% of the way throughAs I said the information that the author withheld was minor just the fact of who broke p with whom in Darren an. Nce with no sense of modesty or boundaries showing p having to call a vengeance spirit and demons than she ever expected or wanted to meet appearing in her living room an iced latte sp. ,