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JaponismeWas thinking to stop reading when reached half but OK OK It Had Some Interesting Stuff That Was Unknown Writting it had some interesting stuff that was unknown Writting is very boring and not catching Facts are dry and based too much on Hannah Pritchard: Pirate of the Revolution personal experience Some chapters were really boring an gave nothing Really didn t enjoyed the book and can t understand the hype behind Take small iterative steps Take the time to check in with yourself and others and reflect without being too self critical Find balance take breaks savour the silence Get started Embrace the scrapes scars and grazes you ll get from trying Fall down seven times stand up eight And keep going This is what I want to convey through JaponismeI definitely loved the latter half of this over the first there isn t anything thatarticularly stands out to me as to why this is except that I just didn t feel as engaged or interested in the topics leading up to the chapter on Ikebana flower arranging After that oint though I started to really enjoy the flow and the writing as well as the subject matter Not that I don t enjoy flowers or calligraphy because as the subject matter Not that I don t enjoy flowers or calligraphy because do but I found the subjects on the body the home wabi sabi forest bathing and discipline and determination to be up my alley The many Japanese roverbs that are sprinkled throughout are also a really lovely touch and I highlighted so many beautiful uotes So maybe I m a bit mixed I really loved some A Speech on the Present Duties and Future Destiny of the Negro Race: September 2, 1872 (Classic Reprint) parts and was really underwhelmed with others OH and I read this on my Kindle not a good idea if you likehotography so all the cute illustrations and Kiss of the Spiderwoman photos are in black and white and obviously not as visually appealing as it will be in real life fromictures I ve seen of it online I would almost buy it just for the coffee table appeal because that cover and the inside The Mutants Are Coming photos are amazing Finished in one sitting since it s a short and uick read I don t understand theoint of this book The author has ut together a list of Japanese conceptsphilosophies threw in some ersonal anecdotes and finished off with a serving of royalty free images from unsplashcom Perhaps a clueless gaijin foreigner would have found this book informative or helpful even but sadly it did nothing for me As a fan of japanese culture this book gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into some traditions and understand many aspects of the japanese life The illustrations were ama Japonisme is a book on the Japanese inspired guide to living a happier fulfilled life I recently decided to check out the entire fad with books on Ikigai Lagom Hygge etc And so Alles in meinem Dasein ist Musik... preceding this I d just read Ikigai by Hector Garcia Between the two I would say Japonisme is the better written book It is of a memoirlifestyle book whereas Ikigai was based heavily on researchComing to Japonisme the author is born to an English father and Japanese mother She draws on memory and her heritage to elaborate on Japanese daily living their customs and little rituals that when turned into a discipline gradually go on to becoming a wa. A Japanese inspired guide to living a happier fulfilled lifeJaponisme explores the Japanese art of findingcontentment and includesractical tips and tricksto live a happier healthier thoughtful lifeWhat is your ikigai Witch Is Why The Moon Disappeared purpose How do youractice mindfulness in the unpredict. Y of life Along the way she illustrates the opular cultural customs beliefs and benefits thereofConcepts that stood out for me1 Ikigai a erson s raison "D Tre Or Reason For " tre or reason for that which drives you to wake up every morning and go about your day2 Wabi Sabi to be honest I related to this concept than Ikigai even This belief teaches one to embrace imperfection and impermanence Eg it would tell you to age gracefully rather than going to great lengths to look young or erfect Another example is the assing of time or concept of transience and how to accept this without hurrying without stressing and enjoying the resent moment It borders very close to mindfulness3 Shinrin yoku the concept of forest bathing or being nourished by nature This simply means finding the time to be with nature for a few minutes each day which greatly helps the soul and mind to replenish its juices something as easy as taking up gardening or going for walks outside in silence4 Penmanship and sumi e The Japanese art of calligraphy is about discipline and The Purposeful Graduate perseverance until you get each characterstroke just right This has to do with training the mind to focus on theresent task rather than waver Before you know it there is order and Inscriptions for Headstones precision in all things you doThere are various other things the writer touches upon tea Ikebana flower arrangement food and hot springs While it is one thing to expound the Japanese way of life onaper it s another to Thailand's Sickest - Hell To Pay provideractical examples of how to incorporate these in one s life To that end the writer definitely walks the talk by sharing anecdotes from her lifeWhat I liked about this book was how relatable it is not just to my own memories of growing up but also to many often forgotten or cast aside Indian cultural norms yogapranayama in the mornings followed by bathing and Huumetsaarin jouluyö praying to your God and ancestors eating a balanced diet rich in all essential nutrients inroportion being frugal in means upholding community values maintaining a work life balance staying fit and active Retail. De digitale hysterie voorbij passing on family traditions etcThe only reason this wouldn t be a 5 star book would be because somearts felt forced I found the recipes uite interesting but I could also have done without them The ortion on tea on the other hand was A but then I uite like teaAll in all this book is worth its salt if you re looking to dip your toes into the Japanese lifestyle genre This is one of the most aesthetic looking books I have ever owned It was romising at first sight And Certainly Worth Keeping certainly worth keeping s generally a short and easy read on a topic I am rather interested in But when I ut it down and ask myself what I have learned the truth is not much I am contemplating learning ikebana or chado but aside from these considerations this isn t some life changing book I was imagining it to be It s really just a scrapbook of random snippets about Japanese culture shallow self help advice walk in the forest be mindful find your urpose in life ran. Ability and chaos of everyday lifeFrom shinrinyoku forest bathing calligraphy ikebanafl ower arranging to tea ceremonies and their approach tofood the Japanese have found contentment through traditionsphilosophies and the ractice of art This book shows how we can all incorp. Dom recipes for snacks and food random art and design instructions But yet it is clear that this book was a roduct of loving labour and the assion ut into the ages really stood out to me even if I didn t learn a lot from it Also The illustrations are really leasing to the eyes but it would be great "if there s an illustration accompanying each jargon The inconsistency makes the reading experience a little unsatisfying Overall a "there s an illustration accompanying each jargon The inconsistency makes the reading experience a little unsatisfying Overall a interesting and aesthetically leasing book that covers the most basic aspects of Japanese culture But I would be very very surprised if readers who are keen on the subject are very very surprised if readers who are keen on the subject are with the depth and organisation of topics this book offers If there is something I love besides reading that s certainly travelling And one of the destinations I keep closest to my heart is and will always be Japan I have always regarded Japanese culture with fascination Tradition hilosophy ART This book explores the concept of Japonisme through the roots and 4000 Meilen durch die USA: Meine Reise zu den großen Fragen des Lebens pillars of the Japanese way of achieving happiness and fulfillmentA true delight outside with a gorgeous cover design and inside beautifully illustrated and drawn upPerfect coffee table book for lovers of the Japanese culture and art of living I received an ARC from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review It is unclear for me why everybody rates this so high Yes it s a soothing book that isleasant to browse through with lot s of Interior Designs: An Adult Coloring Book with Beautifully Decorated Houses, Inspirational Room Designs, and Relaxing Modern Architecture pictures But that s about it the lack of any reference material is troubling Japonisme only hits the absolute surface of these Japanese terms andhilosophies that have to be looked up in other in depth books if you re interested in actually fully grasping these concepts It s nice but not good enough This is one of the most beautiful books I have read It s so delicate personal and approachable with every aspect of japanese and approachable with every aspect of Japanese it discusses The Gläsern photography within it is breath taking This book is a must have for anyone who enjo The Danish have Hygge Italians have Dolce far Niente and the Japanesewell they just seem to have everything covered in the art of living a calmeaceful and Detention of Doom productive life Japanisme is a wonderful book I have always been interested in their traditions and ceremonies and devoured the wisdom within it sages It will be a well thumbed guide for me if only just to remind myself to sometimes stop Every thing in the Japanese way of life has a meaning everything is done with mindfulness and ritualIn three Fromentin parts this book covers life food crafts self improvement and generally helps us findeace and contentment Our lives are a continuous rush to get things done and rarely do we enjoy the Punishing My Slutty Little Sister process we do not take time tolease ourselves and find time to relax With the tips and information Blood+: Russian Rose, Volume 2 provided there are recipes also included we can at least find small steps to enrich and improve our daily habits It is a must have for those of us who needersonal time and cannot find a way to have of it. Orate aspects of Japonisme into our daily livesEnhance your lifestyle and enrich your mind by looking at lifethrough the lens of wabi sabi the transient nature of lifekintsugi repairing broken ceramics with gold or kaizenhabit forming techniues in an accessible ractical way.