The Right Swipe (PDF)

Cabaret eLly to the story in their own wholesome ways I hope this book gets developed into a long drawn out spinoff series because I loved all the side characters The romance in this OOF And I m talking both the angst the pacing of it the consent the steamy scenesverything was spectacular this is SOOO healthy but is never boring or robotic because of it the characters are still sexy as hell and have genuine and cute and funny interactions alongside maintaining healthy boundaries and communication LOVED rhi and samson togetherThe only complaint that I had during the first half of this book that Rhiannon s bitter and rock hard side seemed a lot developed than her soft side definitely went away by the last half of the book It was so touching to see women championing other women and to see Rhi s growth in learning to trust and speak out against injusticeThis is NOT a book to miss and I cannot smash the preorder button on hard nough If this book was written published and read by Goodreads users the world over as part of an laborate plan to teach me mpathy let me tell you it workedI am usually on one side of the negative rating uation giving low ratings and rant reviews to people s favorite books that they find inexplicable presumably dropping to their knees and shouting WHYYYYYYY heavenward But oh how the turntablesBecause now I am reviewing a fairly low rated book well and I am SO CONFUSED Now I understand how you all feel when you see that I gave a Harry Potter book one star Well not really But I m closer to it than I wasI had to read negative reviews of this book to try to figure out why people didn t like it because I legitimately couldn t fathom it And while I don t understand the urge to comment on said opposing review and refute Trading Places: The Netherlandish Merchants in Early Modern Venice every point WHY DO PEOPLE DO THAT WRITE YOUR OWN REVIEW at least I can say that at one time in my life Injoyed a book and then immediately read a negative review of itWhich I must say has always seemed like an unhinged move from my perspective Hurting your own feelings on purpose Couldn t be meAnyway A lot of people complained about our main character Rhi being too abrasivehard headed and too inclined to jump to conclusions but I didn t feel that way I thought this was a realistic portrayal of people with trust issues a woman who has been traumatized by a past relationship This book didn t choose to glorify the aftermath of such manipulation Traumatized people can be hard to love and that s a difficult thing to reckon with but it s trueSome people took issue with the romance but I liked it too I liked the idea of two people being like hey we can both be difficult so let s just deal with it together and be in love That s niceAnd I loved that Rhi had a tight knit group of family and friends and coworkers who supported her because that besides potentially swoon worthy reconciliations is my favorite part of rom coms Honestly the only issues I really had with this were the kind of teeny tiny observations that are part of my charm by which I mean vidence that I have gotten completely out of controlHere are some of those minuscule things for your reading displeasure Talk shows don t have plastic single use Water Bottles They Have Water bottles They have WATER BRANDED MUGS THE PLASTIC OF branded mugs The plastic of bottle would be hell on a sound ditor for god s sake Though Rhi s love interest whose name I honestly don t remember is a former professional football player I at no point got the impression that the author is any kind of The Bookshop on the Shore expert WHY WOULD PORTLAND OREGON HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM The mechanics of the way people who are not our main characters treatach other in terms of suddenly deciding when they will date and who and why and for how long did not trackBut otherwise I found this to be a pleasant SurpriseBottom Line A Delight There S No line A delight there s no a rom com can t solve if this isn t true don t tell me i m fragile What s the romance got to do got to do with this book What s this heroin who hasn t Dance Real Slow even second handmotion Who needs to read this book when it gives you only disappointment TWO sulking unsatisfied B list STARS are coming from red haired lady Special apologizes to legendary Tina Turner for the worst cover of her songThis year I had terrible The Art of Memoir experiences with romance book all my favorite writers shocked me with their haphazardly released non creative stories with unlikable bunch of characters such as unwitty doormat heroines douchebag narcissistic heroes So I put all my trust to the romcoms lately I read really goodxamples such as Honeymooners There s something about Sweetie Bride Test Faker Don t you forget about meSo as I took this book in my hands and I thought I could work with online dating The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life enemies to lovers non stop texting or sexting kind oflements But lately I understood I couldn t be so wrongFIRST ALARM BELL RANGOh God I HATE THIS BOOK S CHARACTERS SOOO MUCH which gave me a real crazy ideaI m planning to be founder of Worst Literary Characters Extermination Club or SLAP YOUR WORST CHARACTER CLUB you can pick alternative names like punch the heroine club or beat the shit out scumbag womanizer hero club to help the devoted readers not to waste their precious time to understand their motives push themselves hard to connect with them and finally save them to get betrayed by the author s lack of character developing abilitiesFirst rule of the club Be free to talk about the clubSecond rule of the club Be free to talk loudly about club So all the authors will have second thoughts when they create their unlikable characters and they will hesitate to torture us Hell yeah My services will start to pull the plug of the characters I visualize to send hired killers to get rid of those unrealistic obnoxious characters who pissed us off so badly so by getting rid of them by sending those to the literary hell to burn forever would be best favor I could do for the loyal honest readers to save them from hurt feelingsRhiannon Hunter co. L dating app creator controls her love life with a few key rules Nude pics are by invitation only If someone stands you up block them with xtreme prejudice Protect your heart Only there aren't any rules to govern her attraction to her newest match former pro football player Samson Lima The sexy and seemingly sweet hunk woos her one magical. Uld be most detestable fictional character In my opinion being ruthless shark over competitive at the work side are not the definitions of feminism This is definition of a woman who read Atlas Shrugged million times and turned herself into worst savage version of incarnated Ayn Rand She acted like somebody stabbed a fork in her ass that she had no intention to take it off indeed she njoyed her situation She is so paranoid and accusing when it comes to form a relationship with a manAlso the Samson is not a credible character He is overly prefect too good to be true I didn t want to buy the brain injury concussion kind of baggage stories too because lately it seemed like all the authors made a pact to use the same background traumatic story instead of finding another heart wrecking solution to help us mpathize with the characterThere is no angst no heartbreak no dgy conversations no deep sexual chemistry in this story So I m out for new romance take out because I have craving but this book is LEFT ME HANGRY RTC 3 Content and Trigger WarningsSexual harassment cyber bullying and harassment domestic verbal abuseFrom Saniya s short but amazing review that I loveBlog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchThis was the August pick for the Dragons and Tea Book Club Don t you just love it when a book lives up to your xpectations THIS WAS SO GOOOOOOOD If you re looking for a sexy and smart romance with a strong ass female lead THIS IS THE BOOK FOR YOU I loved it SO MUCH Rhiannon Hunter worshipped at the altar of no man The Right Swipe was my first time reading Alisha Rai filled with promising tones of mpowerment and feminism it held so much potential Unfortunately this one was not for me and while I loved discovering about online dating and the power that female Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography emancipation can show through text I failed tonjoy it for what it was primarily advertised as romance Our Characters I will always credit an author for creating a unit comprising of diverse and uniue characters This book focused on people of color as well as different sexualities and The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, ethnicities However my first problem arose when I couldn t relate to our main character Rhiannon Hunter This has to do with success If that success was also about revenge well Rhiannon couldn t help that I ll talk to Samson Listen to him talk to him get my closure Rhiannon shrugged And then I ll ask him for a favor When he was feeling bad Firstly do not get me wrong I like many others that read contemporary romance absolutely loathe a main characterspecially a female that is a human rendition of a welcome mat I love my gals powerful and confident Yet I found Rhiannon to be at the xtreme side of this and her hard headed and callous attitude towards uite a lot of things to be off putting I was hoping we would see her character traits develop through the novel but she remained intensely indignant and cold throughout Additionally her character arc leaves so much room for the audience to want to understand of why she is so hard but I felt like verything could have just been On the other hand I also found the love interest Samson to be bland and for the most part Their story although cliche had such a great premise and I njoyed seeing the plot unfold rather than being told what was happening During my initial read of this book I was really xcited and I njoyed meeting all our characters initial read of this book I was really xcited and I Exile and Pilgrim enjoyed meeting all our characters understanding their backstory During this time I thought things would pick up and the chemistry between Samson and Rhi would spark Sadly I didn txperience the usual flutters and satisfaction that I adore when reading an xhilarating romance novel Yet I still think many people will and have come to love this book simply for its different approach to romance I also think many people will and have think this is a kickass book all in all Still I remain true to my it s not you it s me mindset Our Plot I actually reached out to the author to understand a uote in this book that I was unsure of and her reply lead me to a bunch of articles on feminist theory that had me digging deeper It started becoming apparent that I was interested in that then the story between Samson and Rhi In truth there were just too many things that I didn t connect with in this book Even though this wasn t right for me I can say that I could definitely feel the passion Alisha Rai has on certain topics and it showcases with a high degree of sophistication I only wish I related to the characters or the storyline The true intent and message of this book warrants five stars in itself but I was told I would be getting a swoon worthy romantic comedy and while TRW is not without merit I felt like it was lacking uite a bit in that department It has a plot filled with relevant topics that debate the misogynistic and uneual demographics of the tertiary workforce as well as women mpowering other women that isn t often found in contemporary romance For that it s a triumph The uotes in this review are taken from an ARC and are subject to change preceding final publication i am on a roll this month with ANOTHER super solid romance ven after reading only one of her books i feel confident saying that alisha rai has a real talent for writing lovable characters and handling their struggles gracefully i was surprised at how uickly i became invested in the character s gracefully i was surprised at how uickly i became invested in the character s usually dating app development and football injuries are not things that take up a lot of my limited brain space lol and i feel completely satisfied with how verything wrapped up in the nd the only thing i wish had been different was regarding the actual romance itself it was adeuate i definitely njoyed the dynamic and there were some cute scenes sprinkled in between the greater plotlines but i found myself invested in samson and rhiannon separately rather than as a pair the new soft bitch in my brain was waiting for the overwhelming wave of tha. Night and disappears Rhi thought she'd buried her hurt over Samson ghosting her until he suddenly surfaces months later still big still beautiful and in league with a business rival He says he won't fumble their second chance but she's wary A temporary physical partnership is one thing but a merger of hearts Surely that’s too high a risk. The Right Swipe