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E exposure to Lowell Enjoyed this ite a bit Jonathan Edwards in Western Massachusetts This was my reading of a book of poetry by Robert Lowell I d was my first reading of a book of poetry by Robert Lowell I d familiar with his name for years and his books were often recommended to me In this collection Lowell covers a broad range of topics across these poems namely social issues and historical subjects while still a few other poems are of a confessional nature I m glad that I took the time to finally reuest one of his many poetry collections from the library I ve now read it through than a few times and have come to appreciate it with each
"Reading There Are Several "
There are several which stood out for me in this book three in particular The Drinker Hawthorne and The Severed Head Both Jonathan Edwards in Massachusetts and the title poem impress me as both timeless and memorable as well A great collection that I ll look forward to reading again I really liked this collection and continues Lowell s confessional writings Now the midwinter grindis on me New Yorkdrills my nervesas I walkthe chewed Gone til November up streetsAt forty fivewhat next what nextAt every cornerI meet my Fathermy age still aliveFather forgive memy injuriesas I forgivethose Ihave injuredYou never climbedMount Sion yet leftdinosaurdeath steps on the crustwhere I must walk Middle Age pg 7 I long for the black inkcuttlefish April Communistsand brothels of Florence everything even the Britishfairies who haunted the hillseven the chills and feverthat came once a monthand forced me to thinkThe apple was human there than herebut it took a long time for the blindinggolden rind to mellowHow vulnerable the horseshoe crabsdredging the bottom like flat ironsin their antiue armorwith their swordgrass blackbone tailsmade for a child to graband throw strangling ashoreOh Florence Florence patronessof the lovely tyranicidesWhere the tower of the Old Palacepierces the skylike a hypodermic needlePerseus David and Judithlords and ladies of the BloodGreek demi gods of the Crossrise sword in handabove thenshavenformless decapitationof the monsters tubs of gutsmortifying chunks for the packPity the monstersPity the monstersPerhaps one always took the wrong side Ah to have known to have lovedtoo. Jures First watching the construction of the nderground parking garage beneath the Common makes him think about his childhood and how Boston had changed; in particular the South Boston Auarium that he'd visited as a child had recently been demolished in 1954This leads him to think about the Robert Gould Shaw memorial and the history associated with the memorial including Robert Gould Shaw and the all black 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry that The tag next to Robert Lowell s corpus in the museum of literary history designates him the most influential American poet of the 20th century s second half less the founder of a school Confessional Poetry than an author the gravity of whose work legitimated anyone who followed him in abandoning the modernist impersonality extolled by Eliot and exploring instead the ncharted paths among personal experience poetic form and historyLowell s contemporaries and successors could have gotten this from say Ginsberg or other Beats the raw poets Lowell himself praised but I wonder if they needed to hear it from a writer with Lowell s command of traditional verse form and dare I say Boston Brahmin pedigree And this scion of Puritans and Transcendentalists temporary Catholic convert though he was hence Confessional perhaps reminds s that suffering inwardness and commitment to self expression defined American literature from the start From one of my favorite poems in For the Union Dead Jonathan Edwards in Western MassachusettsAs a boy you built a boothin a swamp for prayer lying on your backyou saw the spiders flybasking at their easeswimming from tree to tree so high they seemed tacked to the skyYou knew they would diePoor country Berkeley at Yaleyou saw the world was soulthe soul of God The soulof Sarah PierrepontLowell does Hawthorne tooLeave him alone for a moment or twoand Read this the other day while bookselling Truthfully only the eponymous poem warrants these two stars the rest though with an occasional shining line is so dated as to feel like its from another century of
"Pure Fuddy Duddy Recitation "
fuddy duddy recitation drawing room cambric This is a man who is a contemporary of Jack SpicerBerryman this collection is from 64 5 years after Spicer s After Lorca the same year as the first book of The "Dream Songs and nearly ten years after Howl for some points of relative reference and it seems Lowell really can t "Songs and nearly ten years after Howl for some points of relative reference and it seems Lowell really can t a hint even when it s a scream everyone else has jumped ship for contemporary and relevant aesthetics while Lowell dodders behind on stilted rhymes Amazing he Has Any Reputation At any reputation at A tad problematic in parts but it s still sort of Robert Lowell sing his powers for good My first tru. For the Union Dead is a well known 1964 poem by Robert Lowell published in a book of the same name and originally written for the Boston Arts Festival in 1960 where Lowell first read it in publicThe title references Allen Tate's 1928 poem Ode to the Confederate DeadThe setting of the poem is the Boston Common near the well known Robert Gould Shaw Memorial In the poem Lowell's visit to the park leads to a series of associations that the dug p park con. Many Davids and JudithsMy heart bleeds black blood for the monsterI have seen the GorgonThe erotic terrorof her helpless big bosomed bodylay like slopWall eyed staring the despot to stoneher served head swunglike a lantern in the victor s hand Florence for staring the despot to stoneher served head swunglike a lantern in the victor s hand Florence for McCarthy pg 13 14 Think of Leonidas perhaps and the hoplitesglittering with liberationas the combed one another s golden Botticellianhair at Thermopylae friends and perhaps and the hoplitesglittering with liberationas the combed one another s golden Botticellianhair at Thermopylae friends and bride and the bridegroom and moved into position to die Epigram for Hannah Arendt pg 23 This might be nature twenty stories hightwo water tanks tanned shingle corsettedby stapled pasture wire while bed to bedwe two one cell here liegazing into the ether s crystal ballsky and a sky and sky and sky till death my heart stops This might be heaven Years agowe aimed for less and settled fora picture out of style then and now inof seven daffodils We watched them blowbuttercup yellow were the flowers and greenthe stems as fresh paint over them the windthe blousy wooden branches of the elmshigh summer in the breath that overwhelms the termites digging in the nderpinning Still over Oracle Web Application Programming For Pl/Sql Developers us still in parenthesisthis sack of hornets soppingp the flamestill over Present Pasts us our breathsawing and pumping to the terminaland down below we two two in one waterdropvitalised by a needle drop of bloodupp Les Altaens : Peuple turc des montagnes de Sibrie upp and The Possible Police upsoon shot soon slugged into the overflowthat sets the wooden workshoe working here below New York 1962 Fragment pg 65 These are poems that make me feel so close to their author that I find myselfite taken aback when I m forced to remember Robert Lowell is dead I love the sense of horror and wonder in his poems Lowell sees a world rife with trouble and pain and yet replete with beauty and wonder Spiders are mentioned several times in the book and yet they feel like omnipresent companions reminders that nature permeates our lives and watches immutable Shed skin will never fit another wearerIn For the Union Dead Lowell balances the historical allusions and symbolism of modernism with the conversational intimacy and confessional style popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s Highlights include the title poem Beyond the Alps The Old Flame and Caligula nothing is on fire. E led Finally Lowell thinks of the then controversial civil rights movement and the images of the integration of black and white schoolchildren that Lowell had recently seen on televisionThe final lines of the poem which read The Auarium is gone Everywhere giant finned cars nose forward like fish; a savage servility slides by on grease are particularly well known for their rather dark description of the large American cars that were popular at the tim.