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As able to support herself financially Her travels first took her to Italy where she visited various cities but she also visited other cities such as Vienna and Prague before leaving for RussiaShe settled in St Petersburg for a considerable period of time where she lived during the reign of both Catherine the Great and the Emperor Paul Once again she uickly stablished herself as portrait painter to royalty She remained in Russia until after the murder of PaulInitially returning briefly to France She Went To Live In England For A While She went to live in England for a while She English customs very odd but got used to it after A While Finally She Returned while Finally she returned France on a permanent basisThere are some interesting tidbits in the book but overall it didn t really hold my interest as some of the content descended into little than celebrity gossip What was interesting was the mention of From Notes to Narrative events from someone who actually lived at the time albeit from someone who viewed the world from a perch of privilegeThere are 18 pages of her works listed at thend of the book and there are several black and white reproductions of her portraitsSelf portrait of Mme Vig Lebrun and her daughterPortrait of Lady Emma Hamilton After viewing Elizabeth Vigee Lebrun s retrospective show in Paris last fall I was determined to learn about this woman painter She was born to a middle class family in France Through sheer will and determination she became a successful painter in a man s world Her portraits of Marie Antoinette alone guarantee her place in historyLebrun s memoirs are delicious She describes life in a breezy chatty way with an ye toward telling the reader about the secrets of the rich and famous We read about food fashion parties and travel Especially amusing are her comments about the other women of the time For xample Lebrun savages Emma Lyon mistress of Lord Nelson I had to ask myself why Is it because Lyon went from rags to riches using her beauty to lure men Was Elizabeth Lebrun being loyal to the noble wives that comprised her customer baseSo fabulous that this woman had the power of her talent to lead her through Europe and Russia making nough in fees to live well I loved this bookI must thank the community of volunteers who digitized this book How wonderful we can read this book for free hey Hard Bread (Phoenix Poets (Paper)) everybody look it s my profile picture say hi The thing to note here is that Vigee Lebrun s autobiography readsxactly like a book written by an upper class woman from the turn of the 18th century If you re looking for some gripping pic this is not the book for you instead it is almost a social log recording Vigee Lebrun s xperiences and relationships She writes xtensively about her friends and high society admirers and of the scenery and customs of the pl. La même ville le 30 mars 1842 st une artiste peintre française considérée comme une grande. .

Aces she traveled to She writes very little about Her Husband With Whom She husband with whom she a distinctly troubled Relationship Or About Her Daughter or about her daughter she adored and who died before her mother after a marriage that Vigee Lebrun disapproved of While the book provides her perspective it is perhaps not the most well rounded portrait of Vigee Lebrun It s hardly a tell all book which makes sense within the social xpectations that Vigee Lebrun had to live with in order to maintain her career but it touches very little on the controversies of her life or the way other people perceived herThat said the autobiography is certainly a fascinating primary source The book describes customs of various European nations though from a distinctly wealthy French lens The way Vigee Lebrun writes clearly shows her bias but that bias in and of itself contributes to an understanding of Europe at this time It is impossible to understand Europe without understanding the class divide inherent in social structure and this book shows that uite clearly While it s certainly not an xciting book it does provide a look into the way French polite society worked and the arts during that time Disappointing Vig Lebrun is cited as one of the Most Important Female Painters important female painters the 18th century so I xpected her memoir to Foundations of Tropical Forest Biology: Classic Papers with Commentaries extensively describe her training techniue and love of art nope This book was nothing than court gossip 75% of the book felt merely like a record of compliments bestowed upon her by various courtiers Despite all of this at least it was anasy book to get through It was interesting too to see what daily life was like for an upper class woman of that time I love lebrun I m also certain she was gay or bisexual She xplains how she wasn t attracted to her husband at all and that she was doubting their wedding and when it comes to sitters she laments for paragraphs on the beauty of her female sitters but never laborates on the men What a woman I don t feel this was the best translation as it was hard to read and there were some grammatical rrors Having said that I njoyed reading about the life of this famous artist in her own words giving me a glimpse of life some 200 years ago It s really interesting to see how human nature has been the same for centuries but the way people ntertained themselves and treated ach other has changed uite a bitMadame Lebrun njoyed independence in a time when most women had very few options She loved what she did for a living was very good at it and was paid well for her work what a concept She got to travel a lot and spent years living in various countries around Europe It s great to read her descriptions of what life was like in Catherine s Russia and 19th century London Overall a lovely autobiography. Portraitiste de son temps Elle a pu être comparée à uentin de La Tour ou Jean Baptiste Greuze. I found it fascinating although was hindered just a bit by the translation which seemed to be stilted at times and inaccurate at others With our modern worldview we often assume that translation which seemed to be stilted at times and inaccurate at others With our modern worldview we often assume that women of previous centuries were downtrodden and uncelebrated This may be true for many but was certainly not the case for Vigee LeBrun She was an incredibly successful portrait artist in 18th century France and fame followed her throughout Europe She was not the only feminine success found within these pages she wasted no opportunity to mention other famous and infamous women of her day pointing out their accomplishments and accolades Among them were other artists authors poets musicians their accomplishments and accolades Among them were other artists authors poets musicians actresses and politicians She herself hobnobbed with just about very royal family in Europe and her memoirs were as much about them as they were about herself She also traveled Helpmate extensively uite the feat for a woman in that time and place or so one would think One reminder that women didn t have uite the independence they desired was that her husband and stepfather managed her financial affairs without any input from her To our modern sensibilities it seems cruel thatvery franc she Art, Culture, and Cuisine: Ancient and Medieval Gastronomy earned for her art went straight to her husband Until she left him that is Then she lived as independently as any woman might desire I did like her descriptions of certain scenes definitely written with an artist sye You could almost place yourself in the ballroom or on the banks of a river I was hoping the memoir of Marie Antoinette s portrait artist would have gone deeper than this Instead of xploring motions or the tumultuous Black British Cultural Studies: A Reader events of her day orven her painting techniues it was of a journal of social Gypsy World: The Silence of the Living and the Voices of the Dead engagements which barely kept me turning the pages Overall very charming She played the networking game the way it was played then and she was good at it so there s a lot of name dropping She threw her lot with the aristocracy and one gets the sense that for her only people with titles are real people A very vivid picture of thera and the manners though A very humane view of the upper classes in the middle of the seismic changes of the French Revolution Elizabeth Louise Vig E Lebrun 1755 1842 Was A Elizabeth Louise Vig Lebrun 1755 1842 was a French portrait painter to royalty and the rich and famous She was highly successful from an arly age and her portraits became desirable when she was still in her teens By the time she was in her twenties she was painting portraits for ueen Marie Antoinette However we all know what happened to the latter but fortunately Mme Lebrun she was by now married managed to Crisis and Continuity at the Abbasid Court: Formal and Informal Politics in the Caliphate of Al-Muqtadir (295-320/908-32) escape from France She left behind her husband but took her young daughter with her After that there is hardly any mention of her husband With the amount of work she did she Élisabeth Vigée Le Brun née Louise Élisabeth Vigée le 16 avril 1755 à Parist morte dans.

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Souvenirs de Madame Louise Élisabeth Vigée Lebrun Tomes 12 3