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Flame and Ember Regency Love #1Marginal 3 star MOC storySPOILERS AND SYNOPSISGive me a hard core mustache twirling villainous bad boy any day of the week over a milk toast weak H that doesn t want to hurt the heroineSaid beta hero who tears up at the drop of a hat wants a MOC to a friend since he lost the love of his life to a man of higher standing Oh but he ll hold his dear one in his heart like a flameshoot me nowThe heroine is a When The Light Went Out plump andlain spinster She s uite happy to be on the shelf In fact her dream is to move to her little cottage so she doesn t have to deal with the BS of London society Her now dead but loving father brother and well meaning but annoying SIL all know better for her and feel that any man is better than no manThe H swoops in for a MOC and when I say MOC let me emphasize the Convenience Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates part Poor form when he falls asleep his wedding night because he s thinking of his twue love and is too tired So he has low testosterone on top of everything else What was a charming friends to lovers story went south for me at thisoint and the heroine was not much happier It s not like she wanted hot sex cause she didn t know what that was but being treated like the ultimate wallflower her wedding night didn t lease her eitherTheir friendship improves She deals with a horrible and haughty housekeeper is shunned by some of the local beeyotches because she s too lain and other crapolaThe arrival of the H s horrible family with the love of his life in tow heats up the story but the hero sank even in my estimation At every given moment the OW bats her blue eyes and he s off and running No actual cheating but oodles of emotional cheating Secret babies and emotional cheating aren t big triggers for me but this was a retty bad case Like the Scarecrow if the H only had a brain I could while away the hoursConferrin with the flowersConsulting with the rain And my head I d be a scratchin While my thoughts are busy hatchin If I only had a brainOne line too many is crossed and the heroine lays it on the line what an idiot he is and leaves He is outraged at her lack of trust intelligence but slowly wakes up to what a snake the OW is Relatives and OW are dealt withHEA because the H does realize what he has in the heroine but too much tearing up BY THE HERO and the incredibly impractical fact that a Regency marriage was left unconsummated drove me crazyNice writing and no sex for those looking for a clean romance 35 StarsI have to admit that I m having a hard time deciding how to rate this book While I absolutely adored Mina and her strength I honestly didn t care for Simon all that much Even though he was obsessed with another woman I did like him for the first art of the book His relationship with Mina was starting to move from friends to something But then his family showed up and it went downhill from there I honestly can t see how he could go from retty much adoring her and spending all kinds of time with her to ignoring her and making her feel like crap He then had the audacity to get mad when she finally stood up for herself to everyone including him I have a hard time believing that he was that naive and dare I say stupid A erson would have to be retty blind to not see person would have to be retty blind to not see everyone else was seeingYes I get that he was a flawed character but his actions went a little too far in my opinion And honestly I do not think that he deserved Mina Maybe if we had less of the drawn out visit from his dreaded evil family and of him actually doing anything and everything to win Mina back I would have a different opinion of him But alas the book just ended and he didn t grovel enough for me Haha Now don t get me wrong I did not dislike the book I actually enjoyed it and it was because of Mina She s not your typical heroine

#And While The Odds Where #
while the odds where stacked against her she always managed to come out on top She has got to be the sweetest most loving and caring individual ever After going through everything she did in her life she had every right to be bitter and hateful but she wasn t not even a little bit She was an amazing heroine and the reason why I kept reading the book until the very end And she ll be the reason why I read the next book in the series Maybe Simon will be amazing and win me back over to his side Hmmm I m also looking forward to reading Graham s bookNominated for a 2018 Swoony Award vote here The story for this book had been bouncing around in my head for a while before I finally wrote it down and it turned out far better than I ever thought it could be It s definitely made me realize that I need to be writing sweet historical romances I had a hard time with this story though Baby Girl (Erik Ead Trilogy, parts of it were engaging enough Mina for exampleulled me right in as an aging she s thirty when the story 待つ [Matsu] picks up spinster who is as she terms it frumpy She doesn tut herself forward much and that doesn t help I really liked her conversations with Simon because it becomes clear that she s kind and intelligent and not so much shy as she is unwilling to dissemble Kindness and honesty together means that she s mostly uie. A heartbroken man a frustrated spinster and a marriage of convenience that roves uite inconvenientSimon Kingsley is in desperate need of a wife After years of searching he finally found love Unfortunately she wed another and now it’s time to settle for someone with whom he can share his life Love is no T in social gatherings and that means she s used to being overlooked So it was charming to see Simon find her engaging and interesting because she enters into his enthusiasms and they have much in common Nichols does an outstanding job making that frumpiness real and Encounters with Rauschenberg: (A Lavishly Illustrated Lecture) present throughout the book and not something that a makeover orositive thinking overcomes I really liked thatOffsetting this is that Simon is an utter moron emotionally speaking Nichols tries to make the case that he mistakes lust mostly obsessive attraction for love Which makes him all kinds of shallow and that doesn t go away for much much too long The Vögeln ist schön: Die Sexrevolte von 1968 und was von ihr bleibt problem with this setup is that his expectations of love aren t at all shallow and involve all the deeper expectations of binding two lives together in common cause for long term contentment So if love were architecture it s like if you mistake the foundation for the fa ade but are still aware of all the weight it ll have to bear to actually work It doesn t hold together is what I mean because any idiot can see that if you build a second story with nothing but a fa ade you re going to end up with rubble His ruminations are just that shakyBut that s only the start of him being an idiot He s also way too clueless for my liking when it comes to supporting Mina against all the rubs in her way Like when the nasty housekeeper kicks up a fuss and he tells Mina he doesn t see why they should disrupt things Or when view spoilerhis nasty family shows up with his old girlfriend in tow and starts dissing Mina right off and he doesn t immediately show them the door hide spoiler Another angsty friend zoned moc that could have been so much better The H is nice but such a beta bustard He kills with his distant kindness Now I know why the unrepentant cruelty of alpha holes isreferableThe story is nice but so slow The romance is naaaice but so tepidThank God for the evil family and the owview spoilerI liked and disliked this book in eual measures Veeerrry angsty when not boringThe h is an ever hopeful sweetheart but such a martyred doormat the kind outside say a stadium that has a huuuge footfall No one treats her nice and hasn t for yearsThe H is caring and callous and clueless in eual measuresHe likes and respects his wife but is in thrall of the ow for whom he ines like a lover in a oem He marries the h for her common sense and maturity but doesn t allow her to use it On top of it this book is not low steam but zero steam with neither a bubble or a sueak underneath Comparatively the H s family and the ow are farcically immoral and self absorbed but without them this book would have been a deadly bore They bring in the missing spice and the not so nice in shovel fulls No hysical cheating by the H despite a not so coy offer by the Ow But A Huge Amount but a huge amount emotional physical cheating by the H despite a not so coy offer by the ow but a huge amount of emotional Yes he sees sense but at the fag end of the book up till when he keeping chanting the ow mantraAt the end he grovels fine but the author demeans him so much in front of the h s friends Is that supposed to make us happy Yes he is a beta but I don t like a blubbering snotty mess He roclaims his love but I am still not buying the Principles of Isotope Geology passion So suddenly he will feel lust for hislain frumpy than Ouroboros plump wife This is what is wrong with clean romances You don t believe what you don t see We may see their happiness and fulfillment in the follow up books of her brothers and the kids of this series But a book has to be complete in itselfCould have a solid 4 if the h H shysical compatibility could be believedBtw I love her friend Thea s husband Fredrick and how he cattily takes down one of the evil ones Best scene of the book hide spoiler This was engagingly written and I couldn t help but root for the heroine of this story However the hero left much to be desired Unfortunately there s no nice way to say this he was an idiot His inability to fully realize his own feelings for the heroine was understandable and I would have been able to tolerate it had it not lasted Hollendartida i Norge: 1550–1750 past the 80% mark The fact that his wife the heroine wasroved on than one occasion to be an excellent judge of character while he was not should have clued him in earlier on to what was really going on in his home And while I really enjoyed the chapter where the heroine basically says that she s done being a doormat and tells her husband every true thing she d been storing up inside I wished that it had happened earlier on There was also definitely not I may not marry for love but marrying a bubble headed twit is not articularly appealing either Flame and Ember 2018 M A Nichols by M A Nichols first in the Regency Love series is a Regency romance set in an unspecified year Ms Nichols is one of my Goodreads friends I read her reviews to get book ideas for other family members Since I m a fan of Regency romance she wanted to get my impression on Flame and Ember which is her first Regency Note While I have used uotes in my review below lease be aware that it s ossible that the uotes I used are no longer erfectly accurateRating 5 stars based on lot alone as I do not know. Onger an option for a man whose heart is irrevocably brokenMina Ashbrook longs to marry for love but knows she’s too old too lump and too lain to catch a gentleman’s eye And a marriage of convenience is better than being a spinster sister living off her brother’s charity Simon may not love her now

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What the final copy looks likeThe heroine Wilhelmina Ashbrook lives in her brother s household After being mistress of his house for some time Mina lost her job upon his marriage so to speak To top it off Mina s sister in law Louisa Margaretta simply had no idea how condescending and insulting it was to have a girl roughy twelve years her junior elevated to the Punainen metsä position of chaperone Anyone with sense considered Mina far too spinsterly to need suchrotection but that did not matter to the Ashbrooks Much to Mina s chagrin Mina would still like to have a family of her own which is looking impossible at this Forever Im Yours point At 30 she hasreviously had many unsuccessful seasons with no suitors to show for it Society had long ago rejected her as a debutante When Louisa Margaretta and yes the book does indicate that the name seems Basilio Boullosa Stars in the Fountain of Highlandtown pretentious attempts to redirect an invitation to dance toward Mina I was reminded of aolite version of Mr Elton in Jane Austen s Emma That does sound delightful he said to Louisa Margaretta making Mina blush even further but I Honey, I Wrecked the Kids: When Yelling, Screaming, Threats, Bribes, Timeouts, Sticker Charts and Removing Privileges All Don't Work promised Mr George Orbrook I d join him in the card room if you were unavailable Later during the ball No one around her ever seemed to see her It wasn t even a blatant snub That would reuire someone noticing her first The hero In therologue Simon Kinglsey is infatuated with Miss Susannah Weston He roposes to her is rejected and learns that she has just become engaged to someone that she had only known for a couple of weeks In despair Simon thinks Love may exist but it was not meant for him Two years later Simon is still affected by the sight of Susannah now a married woman and decides it s time he got married I doubt I will find love but there is no reason I cannot find a helpmate Christian elements This is not at all Christian fiction but I found that the morality in the story is well in line with Christian rinciples Which made it a joy to read Is it cleanchaste YesWhat I liked This book s heroine is atypical She is A Spectre Is Haunting Texas particularly uniue in that her figure didn t have a good advantage And later Mina s overabundant figure appeared to advantage standing sitting only made her look heavier and frumpier than she was Mina is competent and wants to be independent I love her character What I didn t like It takes Simon a long time to realize he loves Mina This isn t a spoiler it s a Regency romance after all I gave Ms Nichols a list of whatever issues I found in her second draft and I know that she made revisions after thatoint So I can t speak to how neatly drafted the final copy was but I d imagine it s Tilak Kathalu pretty good Apart from any issues I shared with the author the writing was aleasure to read Coincidentally my son recently Read Ms Nichols The Drogue And Ms book The Drogue and it a lotThe bottom line This is a delightful Regency and I can t believe it s Nichols first one I recommend this book to fans of Regency romance and those who enjoy a romance with an unusual heroine If Ms Nichols ublishes another Regency I d definitely like to read it CHAPTERS 1 THROUGH 29Heroine to hero I love youMother in law to heroine You cowOW to heroine If that s your man if that s your man if that s your man he wasn t laaaaaast nightHero to heroine Go away I love the OWCHAPTER 30Hero to OW You know you re a bit of a skank after allHero to mother I won t invite you to my Most of the story took lace in London 1811 Contained a faux hero with a middle name obtuse Simon ortrayed the hero Mina the heroine Neither Simon s father nor his mother honored fidelity So oor Simon did not have a model of real married love Minaran her household until her brother married then she feltpurposeless Simon The Why Cafe proposed a MOC w Mina after knowing her only 6 wks He thought Mina smart a good conversationalist but dowdy unattractive Simon obsessed on his beautiful love Susannah who wed another man He thought of herad nauseam I wanted to say get over it Simon invalidated Mina s concerns RE his horrid house keeper Mona fired this woman and replaced her yet it took Simon 1 week to realize this The 2 leads drew closer then the H s birth family and Susannah and her family showed up unannounced around the 66% mark The story went steadily downhill from there Simon flirted with Sus could not see her manipulative nature Duh Simon tacky when botharties are married to another erson to flirt like this Duh other eople in the room can see you 2 flirt Simon described himself as a lackwit I agree He spent most of the story indifferent to Mina he seldom defended her from verbal attacks No consummation by story s end Simon loved VS hated himself and was too selfish and immature to love a real woman Mina had BFF Thea whose spouse Frederick served as the real man in the story I don t know how I came about this book but I am so glad I did This is a new to me author and I really enjoyed the story This is a marriage of convenience and that is one of my favorite tropes The characters are so likeable and you just root them on to find love and happiness This is the first in a series and I look forward to reading the next installmen. Ut Mina knows there’s hope if she can convince him that love comes in many formsWill Mina find a way to heal Simon’s heart Or will the shadows of the Satisfying Mommy’s Pregnant Needs (A Psuedo-Incest, Mother-Son, Sleep Sex, Pregnancy, BDSM, Erotic Romance) past keep them from finding happiness together Thoughart of the Regency Love series each book is a standalone sweet romance and can be read in any order.