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Ught provoking soul searching books I ve ever readThis is a masterpiece of a novel exuisitely written intense and profound a book that should be reuired reading for all It should be given every prestigious award for iterary excellence I most highly recommend it This book was given to me by the publicist in return for an honest review AudioBook Review Stars Overall 4 Narration 4 Story 4 Let s be honest it will be the characters and their choices that will ultimately make or break this book for each reader or istener and unless one is Buried looking for a what could go wrong while on a humanitarian mission the story follows struggles of time immemorial power haves versus have nots right versus wrong and theong asting effects

of colonialization and 
colonialization and subjugation of peoples believed to be ess than In this book Nick is a thirty something engineer iving in London pottering along as expected until the death of his father pushes him into a spate of self examination He decides that even though newly engaged he is drawn to put his skills to work in helping with a construction project in Africa Arriving in country Nick is placed with a host family and finds that the project much as he feared and was warned about has been delayed and beset by many of the issues that thrive in the developing world ow skilled abor corruption ack of infrastructure theft overly ambitious plans and a general sense of this is how it always is that provides a cushion of sorts that seems to soften the missteps and bring them a sense of acceptable And as Nick s work becomes problematic his ife in the host family home also becomes entangled with complications some as a result of his presence some due to the young son and his ever increasing observations and most due to a relationship struck with the woman of the house I m not sure that the affair actually was Reuired But The Expectations but the expectations Nick s overly invested approach to the people and the dire situations found after drought and a water monopoly push him to a choice that while morally correct becomes one of those can two wrongs ever make a right situations Narration for this story is provided by Dominic Thorburn a new to me narrator who presented the story in all of its permutations with care and clarity The story mixes third person narration with flashes of the host family s son s input in first person detailing his recognition of the situation both in his home and in his country as the story progresses Beautiful prose that presents a rather spare overview of situations and considerations with occasional flashes of color that add a presence and depth to a story that is already ayered and mired in difficulties uestions and conundrums There is a certain sense of been here before in this book as the tales of corruption subjugation and wealthy using the power of ownership to keep their position firmly planted on the necks and backs of those who have not I m not entirely sure what readers are meant to do with this new information perhaps understand a bit about the polemic and talking points of the haves and then digging deeper to see upon just whom they are standing I received an AudioBook copy of the title from Recorded Books for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review all conclusions are my own responsibility Review first appeared at I am Indeed Thank you Oneworld Publications for the free advanced reader copy My review is completely my ownThere is an expectation when we do good deeds and help others that we will see the benefit and receive their gratitude but Nick earns as those in helping professions already know that sometimes your good intentions make things much worseThe Water Thief was definitely an interesting story about human nature greed and the ends people will go to in order to maintain power I enjoyed each character s struggles and perspectives While none of them were unexpected they were realistic which T's onely wife But when he realizes a water well could offer a way out for the village and redeem his guilty conscience he takes matters into his own hands It's a decision that changes everything for him and for everyone he ov. 35 stars At the heart of this fascinating novel is a moral dilemma is a right ever justified by a wrong The newly Engaged Nicholas Is Still Filled Nicholas is still filled guilt over the accidental death years befor Review The Water Thief by Claire Hajaj 45 s A wonderful book I received from Early Reviews This is her second alone book and I just my buy her first book from 2014 The writing style was great with well developed characters The story was set in Africa with plenty of action adventure mysterythriller and crimecorruption The story emits hope ove and determination that captured my interest Another uestion that follows is what s right and what s wrongeither way the conseuence is embedded throughout the book and brings the story to an endNicholas is an engineer who *leaves his comfortable ife in London and his fianc to go abroad for *his comfortable ife in London and his fianc to go abroad for year to a small village in Africa to volunteer his skills to add another wing to the children s hospital He reaches a remote village on the edge of the Sahara and soon he is engulfed with compassion for the people and their families However it didn t take ong for Nick to meet the man behind the corruption of the village and who controls all issues that materialize between the people and they call him The Governor While Nick is there materialize between the people and they call him The Governor While Nick is there stays with a family that ives on the outer area of the village In fact the man of the family is a doctor Dr Ahmed who cares for the shunned people of the village and the people around the outer areas of the village Nick is the type of person who wants to help everyone and that is his downfall throughout the story However that could be good or badAs the story starts slow it wasn t Cinderella Unmasked (Fairytale Fantasies long to be in the middle of conflict drought and thievery I think it was subject matter about right or wrong consumes aot of the events and happenings of the story The book was written with messages emotions conseuences that captivated me to the very end The plot was OK but I just didn t ike the characters was a bit slow at times which made it difficult to ike was not for me Nick s father has died and it has caused him to take a hard The Power Of A Choice look at hisife He s iving in London works as an engineer and is engaged to Nick is a thirtysomething professional in England after his father s death he decides to take a one year sabbatical to volunteer his professional expertise as an architect on a construction project in Africa Nick is recently engaged in isn t really sure where his ife is headed Upon his arrival in the town in an unnamed African nation he starts to see how different ife is from when he grew up with and knows back homeThe construction work that he is managing moves slowly and it is marked by many of the features of the developing world foreign expertise ow skilled The Case for Paleolibertarianism and Realignment on the Right localabor and its challenges eadership corruption and misguided ambition As if that weren t enough Nick also feels challenged faces challenges with the family who is hosting him in their home Despite having a fianc e back home he starts an affair with his host s wifeAs the months progress a drought grows in the country and everyone must buy fresh water from the governor s monopoly water supply company There is no well or other sources of water so without the water trucks there is no water for irrigation cleaning cooking or drinking The governor claims benevolence by selling water but makes a tidy profit on the backs of the villagers with no choiceThe author paints a rather bleak although sadly realistic picture of how close to the edge of survival millions of people ive in the developing world There seems to be some foreign money as well as some well intentioned people genuinely trying to help get harsh it is a Monsieur Pain lack of resources and fundamentally the selfishness of human nature that keeps people stuck where they areNick desperately wants to address the water shortage by drilling the well in the village When he can t get funding by reuest decides to borrow from Who decides what is right How do we judge our actions And how do weive with ourselves when things go wrong Following his father's death troubled idealist Nick abandons his safe London ife for a remote desert village in Africa. He hospital s construction fund do itAs he starts the drilling project everything starts to fall apart his work is relationships the stability of the village everything Told in rather straightforward prose with occasional color descriptions the story also changes from third person to first person narration of the preadolescent son of nick s host family showing his of Nick s host family showing his effective as he also comes of age in the storyIt feels ike you re almost in the story feeling the heat in the sun beating down on the dry dusty air bakes in the hot winds of the African SahelIt s hard to stay where this eaves the reader hopeful or helpless relieved or agitated happy or sad By capturing the complexity nuance helpless relieved or agitated happy or sad By capturing the complexity nuance challenges of ife in developing Africa the author does an important service to the people of that continent She shows how the conspiracy of geography weather religion Western influence and corruption have constrained and restrain the people of Africa for years and reflects on the missed opportunity of the future without some kind of radical change in one or of these elements That is not to say that this change is easier ikely in fact even the degree of possibility of change is subject to debateAnyone who is interested in Africa or the complexities of ife in the developing world would enjoy this book while a may not uite rise to the Dare to Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. level of moral fiction it certainly is a worthwhile and valuable read Well I know what road is paved with good intentions That is not a spoiler for as soon as this novel opens Nicholas is being dragged away escorted by police The rest of the story jumps back to tell the tale Nicholas a young engineereaves London and his fiancee to take on an engineering assignment in an unnamed by perhaps west African country He stays with a Patrick the Wolf Boy, Volume 1 local family in a small village and develops attachments When a drought hits he is driven to put his engineering skills to use even as theocal governor charges outrageously for water the villagers can t afford As much as anything this is about the idealism of youth and as much as anything I l just call it first world privilege Nicholas s desire to fix his own ife by fixing the ives of the people in his new culture t Although this book agged at times for me it held my interest by the end as this played out My rating is 3 stars because I really didn t Il morto di Maigret like most of the characters I found Jojo hard to relate to but that s probably not the author s fault for I don t relate well to most 12 13 year old boys unless they are nerds or geeks Nick s father has died and it has caused him to take a hardook at his ife He s iving in London works as an engineer and is engaged to the ovely Kate Yet he decides to eave that safe Globalization: A Multi-Dimensional System, Third Edition life and go off to a poor village in Africa to help build a children s hospital He hopes to absolve hisong time guilt over an incident involving a childhood friend He stays at the home of Dr Ahmed his wife Margaret And Their Children and their children and Nagode There he s faced with a moral dilemma The people are dying from a Billionaires Contract Engagement (Kings of the Boardroom lack of water The Governor is charging exorbitant fees for water delivery Nickearns that there is a solution to the village s problem a water well can be dug But the Governor won t consider it Nick so desperately wants to help these people that he makes a decision that will impact allThis book completely tore my heart open and made me take a hard Sexual Secrets look at my ownife I so admired Nick s determination to help these people He wants to do the right thing and truly doesn t understand why those in power wouldn t feel the same He s so torn by his ove for Margaret and his respect for her husband And JoJo this young boy on the edge of manhood who ongs to become an engineer ike Nick absolutely broke my heart The author does an amazing job of bringing JoJo alive and detailing his descent into hopelessness The characters in this book will ong ive in my heart and memory This is one of the most tho. Lending his engineering skills to build a children's hospital Adrift from the world he knows dangerous currents soon pull him in a simmering family conflict hidden corruption and violence a killing drought attraction to his hos.

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The Water Thief