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Brazilian SurrenderFrom the first meeting of the Duarte family I ve been impatiently awaiting Camila s story This did not disappoint Camila has family I ve been impatiently awaiting Camila s story This did not disappoint Camila has very strong independent personality without losing her femininity She s a great balance for a heroine looking to get out from under the "shadow of her brothers She comes across very well balanced but with nough uirks to make her real "of her brothers She comes across very well balanced but with nough uirks to make her real connectable Jaeger love the name strong dark and silent type Man of mystery He has a troubled past that is hard to move on to You just wanna wrap your arms around him and love to You just wanna wrap your arms around him and love I love the story I love the characters Jaeger protecting Camila while looking for her stalker is great and their connection can not be denied I only found one spot in the book where I went WTF When Camila Duarte starts receiving threatening letters asking her to leave USA she hires Jaeger Bauer a security specialist and x NYPD copFrom the first moment they met there is a connection between them But they are complete opposites of Upgrade Soul each other and want different things Brazilian surrender is a completentertainer It has verything hot sexy scenes secrets and suspense The suspense was superb took me by surprise Carmen Falcone is a new author to me and I was not xpecting this book to be as good as it was A definite must read Thrilling and sexy yet suspenseful and Elizabeth I: Translations, 1544-1589 edgy My first Falcone book and I must read about the brothers Camila is a smartducated woman with no fear of intimacy but is frightened by creepy letters sent to intimidate Jaeger a widowed Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist ex cop running his own security firm helps Camila with a stalker while she breaks his walls Both characters are likable with strong yet vulnerable personalities Camila s story is part of a series with her brothers but stands alone My copy came from Netgalley and my review written voluntarily Camila Duarte came to New York City to study but also to have a little freedom from her brothers Life was good until she starts receiving threatening letters Camila tells her hairdresser Gesa of her worries as chance would have it Gesa s nephew Jaeger Bauer has a security firm Camila doesn t want to involve the police so as not to alarm her brothers Jaeger is hesitant to accept the case because of his attraction to Camila he will not let anyone get close never againBRAZILIAN SURRENDER is the last instalment in thexciting The Brazilians series and Carmen Falcone has written her best suspense story yet there were so many ramifications I never guessed who the killer was and specially not the reason for the crimes Camila is another wonderfully independent he. Psychology student Camila Duarte is finally on her own living in NYC and away from her overprotective brothers Her serenity uakes when she receives terrorizing letters When the threats ramp up she hires the best problem solver in the bu. Ger promises to find who did the deedWith her brother s wedding "approaching keeping her secure was going to be difficult Especially since very "keeping her secure was going to be difficult Especially since very spent with her is leading something he s not sure he s ready forA fast paced page turning is leading to he s not sure he s ready forA fast paced page turning that will keep you guessing until the nd With plenty of steamy build up to a sizzling relationship Even though this installment of the Duarte saga is set in New York and not Brazil the chemistry between Jaeger and Camila is still hot hot hot She s a psych intern at a prestigious hospital but when she starts getting threatening notes telling her to go back to Brazil she decides to hire Jaeger her hairdresser s nephew and the head of a security company to find the perpetrator She thinks he pretty hot and he s attracted to her to but he doesn t do relationships and besides she s his client In the process of figuring out whodunit they re forced to deal with their personal hangupsLike all of the Duarte women Camila is smart strong and independent Imaginary Runner even when her life is threatened and she is in danger of losingverything she loves in New York Jaeger on the other hand is broken the after From Cottage to Bungalow: Houses and the Working Class in Metropolitan Chicago, 1869-1929 effects of losing his wife and young son He s a bit of a jerk but it s hard not to like him and to cheer him on in his investigation of Camila s case and Camila in her desire to build a relationship with him beyond their business arrangementsThe mystery plot is well written building intensity from threats to murder and it s only in the last few chapters that the villain is revealed in a heart pounding confrontation that will satisfy any murder mystery fanI loved this latest sadly perhaps the last Duarte family story and highly recommend it to anyone who likes the romantic suspense genre Brazilian Surrender The Brazilians by Carmen Falcone is a HOT suspenseful brilliant uick read This book is a stand alone but if you get a chance to read the others in this series I highly recommend it Camila Duarte hires Jaeger Bauer to find out who has been sending her threatening letters It isn t the first time this has happened and Jaeger tries his best to remain distant because of personal tragedy Key word tries He is finding it hard to stay away from his feelings toward Camila Jaeger is not one for being good to his woman sgo I say it s time to break out those handcuffs and get you tired so I can make sure you re not a snorer he said Once Jaeger got some personality in him you saw him tease his girl a lot he nipped her finger Are you going to abuse your new privilege of touching me I liked this book I loved Jaege. O the test He wants to pursue her Fresh Water even though they are complete opposites and want different things As the stakes get higher Jaeger needs to choose between protecting his clientor surrendering to desire and jeopardizing thentire missi. Roine she knows what she wants she is not afraid to do what she needs to get it but she is also a warm caring and patient person Jaeger has closed himself off after his wife and son were murdered and it was wondrous to see him crawling out of his shell The sex scenes are sizzling and beautifully crated and better yet they serve a real purpose as they constitute a vital lement leading to important character development And what a treat it was to see how all our Brazilians have fared in the meantime "BRAZILIAN SURRENDER nds on a fabulous pilogue I could not have wished for "SURRENDER nds on a fabulous From the Enemy's Point of View: Humanity and Divinity in an Amazonian Society epilogue I could not have wished for better conclusion to thisxcellent seriesI voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book Loved this book This is a sexy and ngaging novel that fans of the genre will love In this book Camila is a psychiatry intern who starts to receive threatening letters She turns to Jaeger a somewhat damaged man who owns a security company He poses as her boyfriend while protecting her and also trying to find the culprit The sparks flying are predictable but so well told trying to find the culprit The sparks flying are predictable but so well told I just njoyed the story I ve Twelve Days of Pleasure enjoyedach of the books in this series and loved the romance between Camila and Jaeger Put this at the top of your TBR list you ll be glad you did The author is on my must read authors list Right of the bat I njoyed this book than the previous books It reads like a classic romantic suspense but what brings out the story are the characters I find it interesting how the personalities of the characters are well fleshed out compared to the previous books Maybe its because the heroine is a psychology studentThe plot is simple and straight forward which I am grateful forPlot 45Characterisation 45Prose 45How much I njoyed it 45 ARC received from the publisher via NetGalley in xchange for a fair review I have been waiting for this book the final book of the Brazilians Thank you to Carmen Falcone for the ARC it s always a privilege to read a book before releaseWhat s a girl to do when she finds herself receiving threatening letters Well in Camila s case she could turn to her brothers but her whole reason for leaving Brazil was to prove she could be on her own Besides the publicity that would arise from her going to them or the police could jeopardize her future career as a therapistWhen Jaeger s Aunt Gesa calls and tells him he has to take Camilla on as a client he knew he couldn t say no without incurring the woman s wrathThreatening letters were one thing but then Camilla comes home from work and finds her dog deadOnce he has her safe in his apartment Jae. Siness to protect her and look for the criminal After losing his wife and kid Jaeger Bauer left the NYPD and has one simple rule don’t get attached A job is just a job Working close to Camila however puts his remarkable self control .