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Crafting Novels Short Stories kFantastic little book of suggestions of little acts ofindness for each day of the year The ways to show The Road from Damascus kindness were so focused on money and particular eventsplaces to do it rather than showcasing opportunities to shareindness in an everyday environment This really limited their Ok A few things are sweet Some are over "the top And others seemed obvious As doesn t everyone do this We must not in trying to "top And others seemed obvious As in t everyone do this We must not in trying to about how we can make a big difference ignore the small daily differences we can make which over time add up to big differences that we often cannot foresee Marian Wright Edelman An inspiring book of simple small ways to be generous and share indness with others Perform any one of these and generous and share indness with others Perform any one of these and ll not only brighten your own day but someone else s too Carry out a random act of Soul Unchained (Sons of Wrath, kindness with no expectation of reward safe in thenowledge that one day someone might do the same for you Diana Princess of Wales Love all of the ideas Now to actually do some I love the idea of daily acts of Hunted Wolf (Seraphine Thomas, kindness Even if this is your natural disposition sometimes it s nice to have different ways to be of service to others This book is filled with great ideas Some of them seem like no brainers to me but others were truly above and beyond what I would consider a daily act ofindness When Action Follows Heart can provide you with a uick do good act or wonderful ways for your family can give back or ideas on how to establish a long standing The Jewish People: 2Their History and Their Religion kindness habit Hmm with 1 3 sentences for each action this book amounts to 700 li. “Kindness is exactly what we need in our fractured world right now it provides the simplest path to healing”A single act ofindness whether to a friend or a stranger can become a spool of generosity that unwinds and touches the lives of so manyFrom Woman’s Day Editor in Chief Susan Spencer comes a heartwarming book featuring 365 indness focused actions With beautifully whimsica. When Action Follows Heart

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Hool supplies dental supplies and holiday toys "to children in need Have times changed so much Most of these ideas used to be common "children in need Have times changed so much Most of these ideas used to be common and expected Have times changed so much Most of these ideas used to be common and expected everyone as common decency Maybe sense and decency aren t so common any One shouldn t have to be told by anyone but their parents to hold the door for people give up a seat on the bus for an elderly rider or offer to pick up a few things from the store for a sick friend There were very few new or novel ideas and many of the acts of indness listed involved buying things for people Okay giving the guy in line next to you a dollar or two when he realizes he s come up short is a Samotny rejs OPTY kindness but most of the suggestions are charity which is not the same and as another reviewer pointed out are sometimes not welcome and occasionally even offensive andor intrusive I m reminded of aind hearted busybody at the library where I work taking it upon herself to tell a comfortably dressed man where he could get a hot meal He thanked her politely before telling her he was not homeless Or the well meaning person who congratulates a woman on her pregnancy only to see her mortified face as she mumbles that she s not pregnant Sometimes the greatest indness is to mind your own business If you still feel compelled to read this I recommend getting it from a library or sorry book shops reading it in the aisle of the store It "Won T Take That "t take that and you ll have gotten your money s worth Sweet little ideas to put a smile on someone s face 365 days a year This book would make a lovely gift. F doughnuts to a fire station yielding a parking space to the other person vying for it collecting blankets for the homeless or even sharing a smile these acts are sure to make your world a little brighterFull of practical advice; uplifting stories; and inspirational uotations this book is a must have for anyone looking to bring positivity and joy into their lives and the lives of othe. Nes of common sense with a dose of bragging by some I read this book because one suggestion was from my mom March 18 and I figured others would be eually altruistic Instead many appeared to be sentence fillers that were most likely never pursued or even worsea bit insulting such as weed a neighbor s front or backyard weed yours first bring extra bags to the supermarket to share with others ickhow about recycling or donating to the thrift store instead save boxes from packages and give to a friend moving unless you are a hoarder your donation would go much farther you helped them pack instead hold the door "for a person with walker or wheelchair you gotta be idding "a person with a walker or wheelchair you gotta be Omega Beloved - Reimagined kidding when you go on a trip bring home a souvenir for someone special so they can regift it support consumerism buy a bouuet of flowers for yourself And here I thought this was to be a book of suggestions to make OTHERS feel good tape a gas card to a gas pump might wanna make sure there are still some funds on the card and that you remember to bring scotch tape with you Waitwhere does one even get a gas card hold the elevator door for the person dashing in behind you versus hitting the CLOSE DOOR button ASAPConsidering some of the suggestions were uotes from dead people it appears it was a difficult stretch to come up with 365 valid ideas Thankfully this book wasn t written with a leap year in mind Read a copy and bought four additional copies to give as gifts for officers that were being installed in a volunteer organization I belong to that provides sc. L illustrations by artist Jutta Kuss this book shows how small acts can make a big difference When Action Follows Heart was inspired by the Kindness Project a monthly column in the magazine that highlights good deeds and everydayindnesses from Woman’s Day readers from all over The idea behind it is simple to showcase readers’ ind acts toward othersWhether it’s bringing a box
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