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Heated on her with Susan The fact that Susan practically lives at their house all day is grating on Mary s nerves When Mary has a chance meeting with actress Angel Hunter at a friend s party they strike up a conversation Mary wants the actress This story grabbed me by the heart the moment the characters met I couldn t stop turning the pages to see howif their relationship would develop The only negative to this book was its length I wanted it to go on and relationship would develop The only negative to this book was its length I wanted it to go on and I recommend this book to veryone that njoys a good romance the author really knows how to tell a story Fabulous This may be the best short story I ve read in years Mary s Angel has the story arc of a full length book The characters are so honest and real Is there such a thing As A Seuel To A Short Story I Sure Hope a seuel to a short story I sure hope Ery afterSHORT STORY ONLY AVAILABLE THROUGH AUTHOR'S WEBSITE EAKAFKALASC. A nice dialogue driven short story with a lesbian chubby chronically ill MC A LI and a LI teaches her she deserves to be treated right I njoyed it lot Got it as a freebie for signing up for the author s newsletter Rec d this as a thank you for signing up for Ms Kafkalas s newsletter A smartly written short romance wish it was longer that hooked me immediately I was rooting all the way for Mary and Angel Looking forward to reading of the author s work Highly recommend 5 stars I like the books that I can re read many times without having second thoughts Liked this Dialog driven short that grabs your attention right away and doesn t let go What impressed me the most I think was the character progression that happens ven though it s a short And the MC isn t a size 2 so that. In this short contemporary fairy tale Mary meets the girl of her dreams. In and of itself makes Mary uite ndearing Very refreshing This was my first EA Kafkalas book and I really The Power Of A Choice enjoyed this short story I was intrigued straight away with the chemistry between Mary and Angel and don t get me started on Judy s personality All I will say so I don t give away any of the story is Judy Judy Judywhat were you thinkingI shall defiantly be seeking out from Ms Kafkalas in the future and if you are smart so will you A veryntertaining story my only wish was that it was longer I was very lucky to receive a copy of this from the author Great short story Like EA s dialogue driven stories This is short so it s hard to not give spoilers so just read it It was a nice thank you for joining her mailing list Mary Stone is in a loveless marriage with JUDY WHO LITERALLY BUT WILL THE TIMING BE who Literally but will the timing be for them to have their happily v.

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Marys Angel