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player Red Russia was hundred percent hilarious I was laughing so much and hard that my throat and stomach kind hilarious I was laughing so much and hard that my throat and stomach kind hurt today Now before reading this book just know that is full of dark humor guys However it also has a dash of supernatural paranormal and some mafia shit thrown together too Now going into this book I didn t really know a lot about Russia unless ou count all of the history classes I took in school However not knowing a whole bunch of shit I still got the jokes and found them hilarious There s a bunch of corporate jokes in this book which made me laugh out loud so many times Then there are the jabs at politics and the society in Russia Then the use of drugs alcohol weapons and profanity and Jane of Gowlands you ve made me fall in love with this bookOverall it s a laugh out loud kind of masterpiece Ifou love mafia book then this is sort of for The Piper in the Wind you Ifou love that there s a woman in the center of this just playing with everyone like a puppet master and then laughing about the whole situation then this book is for The Proposal you Highly recommended I absolutely loved this book I haven t read this piece of junk I m tired of all the fake accounts here recommending this garbage and the fake reviews Tanya Thompson Is A GoddessI haven t written a review for this book the previous three times I read it but now that I have noticed that oversight I will share my enthusiasm for author Tanya Thompson and her excellent writing This book is like no otherou will read She is in top form and this book is a ride that Prey you will find both dizzying and addictiveThompson has an absolutely wicked way with words in two languages Her wit is second to none and the plot is so outrageous it s entirely believable She leads us merrily from the United States to Russia and then to the bear ridden forests We see so many aspects of the underworld of Russian life There are thieves spies Kings princes the devil and a tower where fortunes are made broken and readFor bibliophiles this is an extraordinary delicacy that one will likely read again and again much like I I don t do spoilers because who the hell wants to have someone else tell them what the story is That s the author s job Mine is just to tellou my opinion of its worthiness to read This book is beyond Worthy In fact I will go so far as to say ou will be sorely missing out on a wonderful. Among the many things Peter doesn’t know he doesn’t know he’s an archetype the Prince of Coins incarnate He doesn’t know his fiancé is a fortune teller either He doesn’t know. Ok even striking achievement Even when her sentences in Russian are sometimes off the mark she displays an uncanny perceptiveness about Russian people culture and behaviours For the other Russian speakers out there this book reminded me the most Generation Not something ou would expect from a western author For everyone else it is a A Clockwork Orange meets Lullaby of sorts5 Highest possible recommendation Honestly I should not have expected anything less than wholesale mayhem from the author of Assuming Names This is after all the author who wrote a memoir about the time when she was fifteen and ran away from home She Wasn T A Typical Runaway Either wasn t a typical runaway either ran away to assume the title of a lost countess and her hijinks pulled in everyone from the FBI to Ron Howard I should have known when she turned her mind to fiction she would take it over the top Red Russia is a genius comedy into the absurd Expect nothing but the darkest humor from the woman who played with the mafia and laughed at the ensuing violence This book is Russian Night Vale weird and I loved it It is well written uniue and authored by someone who understands what real cultural and language differences are You know rather than just making completely random mistakes and assumptions and saying oh sorry thats the foreignness Bonus the people in Russia were actually speaking Russian the whole time with each other There were people who didn t let on they also spoke English There were people who just completely ignored that Peter couldn t speak Russian and had fun with him anyway All real things that happen in these kind of cultural and language exchanges This pleased me to no end especially after just finishing From Russia With Love where the Russian spy council is having a meeting with only other Russiansand speaking in English the entire time Oh except when they would randomly switch to Russian for one word in a sentence not even a word that doesn t translate well several times it was just the word for fileexcept when they used the English word so it wasn t even consistent It makes me nuts to read this pinacle of laziness in books so I deeply appreciated that Thompson didn t do it At times scathingly funny at turns ridiculous but it was always witty Solidly witty writing is hard to find hence my love of this Plus the author mentioned the walls being scrawled in Oscar Wilde uotes That won me over completely. Hey must survive a weekend with the Russian mob Red Russia is the story of an American businessman and his interpreter in Russia of business lies and deception of fortunes bought and tol. Experience if ou don t read this novelPlease don t stop with this novel read everything that Thompson has written under both this novel read everything that Thompson has written under both name and aliases Everything that she writes is truly engrossing and a credit to literature I believe that reading should be an enjoyable experience and I ve enjoyed every minute of reading Tanya Thompson s work I think that almost anyone will So do ourself a favor and buy this book And prepare ourself for the literary ride of epically outrageous fortune prepare ourself for the literary ride of epically outrageous fortune re in for a treat As Always I Wish Happy Reads to All from the Unapologetic Book Junkie This book was Reads to All from the Unapologetic Book Junkie This book was and wonderful a bit like the movie The Death of Stalin if it was about an American trying to do business with the Russian mob and had a dose of astrological and occult humor The corporate humor is on point as are some of the jabs at Russian politics and society You don t need to know a lot about Russia to enjoy this book but if ou ve got a solid understanding of Russian culture and politics it will be all the funny Highly recommend AwesomeIt paints a picture of deal making in Russia that fits into everything that I ve seen and read about present day Russia The characters are mostly Russian but the MC is an american engaged to a clueless corporate speak fast track son of old money idiot tasked with doing the above dealThe MC is a divination obsessed self medicating daughter of Ren Faire parents and Absolutely glorious This book was surprising and delighting me at every turn I picked it up based on the raving Goodreads feedback and the bear image of course But one page in I was hooked already This book is of a long novella than a full blown novel I loved the brevity and it kept the pace exactly the way I like it fast The story is delivered by a narrator a charming and wilful female rogue character with a colourful past and an enterprising spirit She travels with her fiance a New Yorker private euity closer to act as a translator to help him seal a deal with a Russian company that is happened to be controlled by the mob The moment they step on the plane to Moscow the hilarity ensues On top of the background criminal comedy drama the plot is peppered with curious asides and occult references This cocktail results in an incredibly witty brilliantly written bundle of joyI have a strong suspicion that the author does not speak Russian as her first language But this makes this bo. Russian culture politics or language but he does know American business And he knows his fiancé speaks Russian He thinks she can make him the new Tsar of the timber industry but first
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