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Ct the purpose of the book The stories xplore a variety of intriguing themes such as identity love betrayal sexuality and mental health with relationships and sex being the central focus in most if not all stories Because of the similar themes in Every Story By The Third One It story by the third one it to feel repetitive and mundane specially since infidelity was a consistent theme throughout Ultimately the characters feel one dimensional due to the lack of variety in voices and storylinearcs The stories are almost a retelling of themselves and I found myself uestioning whether the characters were flawed and realistic or just xtremely unlikable and if I m honest I think it is of the latterI wasn t particularly fond of some of the dialogue written for the female characters and felt some descriptions to be tasteless Describing women s body parts like molds of gelatin and pillows of dough just seems like lazy writing and Wish You Were Here: An Essential Guide to Your Favorite Music Scenes—from Punk to Indie and Everything in Between every time I read a description like that I cringed In addition to that there is some racial dialogue that I thought were problematic and further perpetuates certain stereotypes rather than breaking themThe last two stories World Famous and Radha Krishna were the saving grace for this collection They are connected to one another and have a completely different feel to the rest of the collection The writing feels refined and thexploration of people relationships and The Day Christ Was Born emotions is somewhat nuanced I think if thentire collection had been written with the same flair it could have potentially been a five star read Indian American Patel s short story collection is comprised of 5 Nights: Sinful Delights Boxed Set eleven tales of young men and women flailing in their attempts to find meaningful relationships Patel s characters are not afraid to seek friendship or lovers but communication seems inevitably to go sideways resulting in frayed friendships and broken hearts Patel seems to sum it up with a uote taken from God of Destruction Happiness is a currency that when it goes it goes and few people are willing to give you some of theirs All of Patel s characters are Indian Americans living in Illinois but their cultural heritage is not a major component There is an arranged marriage in Hare Rama Hare Krishna and several of the stories have characters feeling their parentsxpectations to achieve xcellent grades be admitted to premier universities and become doctors and there is the occasional story where The Character Encounters Racist Taunts character ncounters racist taunts bullying But for the most part the characters Indian culture is irrelevant Rather they are universal coming of age stories where the protagonists are both sympathetic and yet flawed Enjo. Stalking The men and women in these stories are full of passion regret And the Miss Ran Away with the Rake envy anger and yearning They fall in love with the wrong people and betray one another and deal with the accumulation of years of subtle racism They are utterly compelling Ranging across the country Patel’s storiesmpathetic provocative twisting and wryly funny introduce a bold new literary voice one that feels timely than Trickle Down Tyranny: Crushing Obama's Dream of the Socialist States of America ev. LOVE AND LOSS follow the characters in theseleven beautifully written stories They follow various scenarios in the lives of characters of Indian descent maintains their own customer while navigating new lives in the states The title story is so usual the one that stands out and concerns two brothers who once close fall out over a careless comment one of them makes Their The Pocket Wife estrangement will last ten yearsThe last two stories are connecting stories about a man and woman once involved and picks up at two different points in their lives To be honest though Injoyed reading them all which doesn t happen very often When Reading G Shorts The Indian Customs reading g shorts The Indian customs foods are The Color of Our Sky explored iin different stories An Indisn online dating service is featured in the firstThe first offering by this author and he is a very smooth writer a natural storyteller The stories flow the prose gorgeous with some wonderful insights Looking forward to from this author and apparently he is now at work on his first novel 35 starsA great debut short story collection that centers the complex lives of first generation Indian Americans some ueer and some straight Neel Patel anmerging voice in literature dispels the Minority Myth With minority myth with these well written stories Though people often make assumptions about Indian Americans g they are rich all they care about is working hard and getting their kids into good schools their families all abide by the same traditions this collection reveals the messier truth that Indian Americans xperience forbidden desires and devastating heartbreak that the forces of racism and classism and homophobia affect their lives and Indian Americans individual wills can clash with their community s aspirations in brutal ways This collection struck me as bittersweet than hopeful though regardless of it Honestly this review says it about as well as I could me discuss this book What I liked most about this book is that it was an Obsession easy fast read The book left me lost and confused The details were clear the characters were all sad and strange Depressing but I didn t feel bad for them I almost wanted something horrible to happen to them just so I could see some type humanness Can a book be boring and intriguing at the same time This was a different type of read for me 15 starsHighly avoidable One dimensional characters in stories that arextremely repetitive in Cabaret: A Roman Riddle essence and just aboutverything Themes were intriguing which is the reason I picked this one up but it was a total disaster in terms of xecution It felt a Somewhere between 45 and 5 stars rounding upWith his debut story collection If In these leven sharp surprising stories Neel Patel gives voice to our most deeply held stereotypes and then slowly undermines them His characters almost all of who are first generation Indian Americans subvert our xpectations that they will sit uietly by We meet two brothers caught in an laborate web of nvy and loathing; a young gay man who becomes involved with an older man whose secret he cou. ,

Ou See Me Don t Say Hi Neel Patel serves notice that he is a talent to be reckoned with The 11 stories in this collection are packed with motion and turn people s perceptions and stereotypes of most Indian Americans on their ar Some of the characters in these stories follow traditional paths while others are anything but traditional they re Facebook stalking xes or creating schemes to facilitate booty calls But in ach of these stories the characters face moments of truth and often need to make a split second decision which could have significant ramifications These dilemmas give the stories xtra weight and make them compulsively readable I read this The Mephisto Threat (Paul Tallis entire book in one dayI reallynjoyed all of the stories in this collection but my favorite stories included Just a Friend in which a young gay man wants to know the secrets his older married boyfriend has been hiding but doesn t uite xpect what he finds out God of Destruction which tells of a woman nchanted by the wi fi repairman Hare Rama Hare Krishna which juxtaposes a teenager s navigating his parents marital troubles with his acknowledgment of his own sexuality and all of the good and bad that comes with that and the title story which follows the tumultuous relationship of two brothers from the teenage years and the title story which follows the tumultuous relationship
Of Two Brothers From 
two brothers from teenage years adulthoodThe last two stories in the collection World Famous and Radha Krishna are connected and are the two I loved best The stories follow a young man and a young woman who were thrown together as children but went their separate ways and then reconnected in adulthood only to find that both had been scarred by their lives then they d care to admit These stories were poignant and thought provoking IF YOU SEE ME DON T SAY HI bristles with unexpected meetings and reunions recognitions and failed recognitions passions an I received this via Goodreads Giveaways in xchange for an honest review 35 stars overallA well done collection of stories Actually njoyed all of them Not that I wasn t Just Cause expecting to but sometimes it is in the back of my mind when I pick up any sho If You See Me Don t Say Hi is a collection ofleven fictional short stories about different xperiences of first generation Indian Americans The stories are written with the goal to subvert the model minority myth and break down stereotypes I am not Indian so I cannot say whether Neel succeeded in his ndeavour from an own voices point of view I do however find it interesting that ach story contained a character that was ither a doctor ngineer lawyer or something of the sort and in terms of the model minority myth that aspect seemed to somewhat contradi. Ld never guess; three women who almost gleefully throw off the pleasant agreeability society asks of them; and in the final pair of linked stories a young couple struggling against the devastating force of community gossip If You See Me Don't Say Hi xamines the collisions of old world and new world small town and big city traditional beliefs like arranged marriage and modern rituals like Facebook. .
If You See Me Don't Say Hi