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Wicked Affairs p 2 yNjoyed the whimsy It is an enjoyable read forou and Jane of Gowlands youroung readers In the second book in this funny series perfect for fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Jake continues to come up with great jokes and material for his standup routines Although he is occasionally beset by bouts of insecurity he has the support of his teacher Mr Allen who sends him to see Maury Kovalsky a retired comedian with a gruff exterior but plenty of experience in the business Jake knocks it out of the park when he performs at the Yuk Yuk but he ruins it all by bragging about his performance and seemingly failing to appreciate the support of his friends When he messes up even by not showing up when Evan and Azure need him he further alienates them Readers Will Laugh Their Way Through The will laugh their way through the even while absorbing #some important lessons about friendship because are #important lessons about friendship Because there are in the book readers can move through the book uickly but they may not want to do so Or failing that they may want to turn around and read it all over again just to savor the Conceptual Art Band s tunes. Ly is hard work Luckily Jake has mentor Maury Kovalski the Mr Miyagi of comedy but unhinged to show him the ropes But this old timer will need to teach Jake a thing or two about humor and humility before Jake loses all his biggest fans and best friendsFeaturing than 200 illustrations Jake the Fake stuns again with greater gags and guffaws than befo.

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G Nate series Ages 8 and up I read this book to review for a district committee not because it is something I would like to read I can see where it would be popular with the middle grade boys who like Nate the Great Dogman and Diary of a Wimpy Kid Synopsis Jake is big stuff after becoming a comedian at the school talent show He lets it go to his head and get his friends mad at him there is this weird side story him There is this weird side story Jake s sister Lisa and Pierre her boyfriend She and Pierre make a band and have a #Breakout Song As An Old Man I #song As an old man I t help but think of Lavern and Shirley at the first mention of schlemiel As expected there was a lot of funny in this book about a budding comedian Jake is amusing and his experiences with friendship feel real I loved how it took his sister s success to put his own ego in perspective What was difficult was the sheer volume of illustrations I love comics and graphic story telling however the freuency of pictures in this book were very disruptive to the flow of the prose at times Still the illustrations were very entertaining and I Ses at the Music Art Academy talent show with a few off the cuff wisecracks This class clown finally found his calling and he isn't ready to step away from the lime light etBut Jake's new ego is no laughing matter When he starts blowing off his friends to pursue his art his big head becomes a big bummer Plus it turns out being the funny man actual. ,
Public library copyI like the first book in the series but this second book starts to slip into Wimpy Kid territory with random observations that have nothing to do with the plot and very little plot When I was reading it esterday I thought Ah es this is the plot but by
morning I have forgotten what would have been Still the first book has been popular and since this is a notebook novel with a main character of color it will definitely fill a need in my library I just wish that it weren t so goofy in the way that ad I love this book and ou should too To be fair I am not a 10 Prey year old kid Doubtful that my 10ear old self would have like it either Still good and one I would hand off to children of all ages Really cute kids book Didn t realize I was reading book 2 in the series until #I Was Done But It Didn T Affect My Understanding #was done but it didn t affect my understanding any way The author is Craig Robinson es Darrell from The Office This was a little all over the place for my personal taste but I think it will be enjoyed by fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid Captain Underpants or the Bi. For fans of Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Big Nate comes the second book in the side splitting series about a class clown faking his way to comedy stardom from comedian and film star Craig Robinson #1 New York Times bestselling author Adam Mansbach and NAACP History Maker recipient and cartoonist Keith Knight No one is surprised than Jake when he impres. Jake the Fake Goes for Laughs