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Growing number of tributes occasioned By Passing Of Key the passing of key and practitioners in the field and the odd a publication honouring an academic scholar presented during his or her lifetime until now we have no consoli dated account of the legacy of the pio neers who have helped forge these disci plines from the Introduction by John WinterdykFills a knowledge void for both students and most scholars These pioneers have influenced several generations of research and criminal justice policy not only in Canada but also globally Their scholarship continues to inspire A wonderful contribution to the field Ray Corrado Simon Fraser UniversityThe pioneers represented in this volume clearly articulate the significance of their contributions within the theoretical practical and policy oriented realms as well as their tireless efforts to bring criminological inuiry to students This very accessible book should inspire current scholars and students alike to further the contributions already made by Canadians Nick Jones University of Regin. .

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Dy and practice of Rick Ruddell provides an overview of important figures in corrections Rick Ruddell provides an overview of important figures in corrections Steven Kohm and Michael Weinrath consider the development and proliferation of programs in criminology and criminal justice at the post secondary level Lisa Monchalin has contributed an insightful foreword to this ground breaking volume which promises to be of interest to students scholars and practitioners alikeEdited by John Winterdyk Foreword by Lisa Monchalin With contributions by Steven Kohm and Michael Weinrath FranCois Fenchel Ezzat A Fattah BenoIt Dupont Marc Le Blanc Jo Anne Wemmers Jim Hackler Kevin D Haggerty Aaron Doyle and Janet Chan Irvin Waller Patricia L Brantingham and Paul J Brantingham ArlEne Gaudreault Ritesh Dalip Narayan Joshua Murphy and Curt Taylor Griffiths Rick RuddellAs academic disciplines Canadian criminology and criminal justice have a rich and varied albeit compara tively short history It was just over 50 ears ago that the first criminol ogy program was established at the UniversitE de MontrEal Aside from Pioneers in Canadian Criminology