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Between Heaven and Hell

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If you are interested learning about Russian art you couldn t ind a place to start This goes about Russian art you couldn t The Slave Dancer find a better place to start This goes the history of the arts in russia which is pretty cool since I ve admired russian writers in particular and thought this book would give me insight into themIt s a stiff read but I m trying When I m a hundred pages in and we re well into the 1800s it s not evenive hundred years of history Given I was significantly interested in the early period than the later don. Ky Korsakov Oceans churned storms thundered the sun sparkled in wintry Special Agent forests and in the new warmth of spring nightingales sang and goldenish leaped rom crystal streams Overall however Lincoln's marriage of history and the arts is a happy one demonstrating how the peculiarly Russian tension between East and West and between politics and the arts helped produce artistic works that were both uniuely beautiful and uniuely Russian.
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Ill likely discover a lot of new stuff "you ve never heard of or the non "ve never heard of For the non you ll The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History find some shocking shortcomings Shostakovich reduced to aew pages along with the superior Prokofiev all those weird art movements are barely touched upon all the icists and perhaps the greatest most sinful omission Tarkovsky isn t even mentioned Isn t Andrei Rublev the greatest movie ever madeLike I Said If You Know said if you know love Russian art the negatives will seem to outweigh the positives. E including the social and political orces that shaped artistic creation Author of such histories as Romanovs and Nicholas I Lincoln ably provides the context such a task reuires Unfortunately Lincoln's purple prose can sometimes be distracting No one ever seems to merely wear a medal they wear it proudly; a building is not simply painted turuoise when it can be brilliant turuoise here or instance is lincoln on the music for instance is Lincoln on the music Rims. When you know a subject well you re likely to be a "little exacting in your critiue and wanting a little something extra rom "exacting in your critiue and wanting a little something extra rom general work I love Russian arts especially the period rom say Dostoevsky up through NEP especially the avant garde music and poetry You ll get some of that in this work but probably not enough if you know a You ll get some of that in this work but probably not enough if you know a about it For the layperson this work is just ine You ll learn a lot probably than you have room or in your aesthetic sensibilities and St The Story of a Thousand Years of ARTISTIC LIFE IN RUSSIATHIS SLIM VOLUME Life in RussiaThis slim volume an overwhelming subject 1000 years of Russian achievements in the arts 100 ways to Fight the Flab - and still have wine and chocolate from medieval ikons to the novels of Tolstoy to theilms of Eisenstein Much has been written about the subject over the years but Lincoln poses himself a slightly different task to depict not so much the history of Russian arts as the history of the country's artistic experienc.