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Nning or the middle and probably not the end of it either but I definitely saw a chunk between the middle and the endNaturally then it struck me that the book is very cinematic the omniscient narrator moves like a camera operator editing as she goes from character to character the grandees and the servants at the Oxfordshire home of Sir Randolph Nettlesby for a shooting weekend in the autumn of 1913We are warned at the very beginning that It With a light deft touch Isabel Colgate explores the autumn of Edwardian England as encapsulated in a country shooting party It s the fall of 1913 and Sir Randolph country shooting party It s the fall of 1913 and Sir Randolph is hosting an assortment of well heeled guests at his country estate for a weekend of shooting gossip and mild intrigue There s class conflict subtle love stories a missing pet duck unforgivable egos and a wandering animal ights activist who oddly enough immediately hits it off with Sir
"Randolph The Temptation For Slapstick "
The temptation for slapstick as great as the temptation for one dimensional stereotypes fortunately for us Colgate has too much The Back House Ghosts restraint and skill Imagine the wit and satire of Gosford Park enriched with the poignancy of a passing way of life made poignant by the shadow of the larger shooting party that was to start across Europe the next year Colgate s prose is wonderful clear clean and subtle like the particular glow of twilight that suffuses the landscape in warmth while at the same time illuminating things from angles you dather not see Best of all it s short and made me laugh out loud even though it s serious than humorous Touted as the book that inspired Downton Abbey in an ugly and annoying sticker that I can t peel off of my book without a mess I m surprised I m not seeing people Haven: A Graphic Novel reading this book Iteally does ead like a BBC drama for anyone looking to get a dose of a British country house in Edwardian England The story Revolves Around One Weekend When A Shooting around one weekend when a shooting is held on the Oxfordshire estate of Sir Randolph Nettleby There are affairs to be considered when doing the seating plans and ivalries to deal with on the shoot Colgate s world The Common Rule: Habits of Purpose for an Age of Distraction reveals what was wonderful andidiculous in society in this era Here is a conversation that I particularly enjoyedOnce she said to him Supposing there are some other people somewhere people we don t knowHe had looked at her seriously What sort of peoplePerfectly charming people Really delightful intelligent amusing civilizedand we don t know them and nobody we know knows then And they don t know us and they don t know anyone we knowBob had though Just before the outbreak of WW1 a group of English aristocrats gather on the countryside estate of Sir Randolph to take part in his annual hunting party What follows are urban vs My Honorable Brother: A Thriller rural young vs oldich vs poor tradition vs modernity dichotomies that hang over the story like an approaching storm that threatens to destroy everyone involved There is a singular physical tragedy here but it seems Colegate was interested in examining how social position is no bulwark against personal tragedy Being wealthy doesn t guarantee you can find love Being wealthy doesn t insulate you from petty jealousies and ivalries Being wealthy doesn t guarantee you won t be miserable in your own skin There are in fact only a handful of characters here two from outside the circle of the shooting party and the others too young to be burdened down by it that even seem emotely happy The simplicity and surety of their beliefs affording them a level of satisfaction the aristocrats seemingly lack This book leaves you with uite a but to think about Be it animal Impaired: A Nurse's Story of Addiction rights basic humanights or basic civility and traditions you won t soon stop thinking about what you The Forever Court (Knights of the Borrowed Dark read here. Through theituals of eating and slaughter they are a dazzlingly obtuse and brilliantly decorative finale of an era. Vince me that a house party would cover so many topics of conversation while also spending a lot of time changing clothes and getting to know each other and conducting private affairs I was fairly bored every time we got to the actual shooting And apart from one character who haunts this book I never got the feeling of ever getting to know the people who are coming together at this house party Maybe this would have worked better if the book had been longer Or maybe this was The Author S Intention To author s intention to the characters at a distance from the eader But then if Colegate had intended this why give some of the characters interior lives and flesh them out I Ola Shakes It Up really don t know All I know is that I felt anxious about one character for the entireead the duck I ead this book many years ago when I was uite young and still believed in fairy tale true love We humans love to tell stories and believe them for all sorts of easons SPOILER ALERT The hero and heroine will never marry and form a family unit however the heroine s husband is silently aware of their lifelong liaison and even approves the hero s bloodlines This Is An Acceptable Form an acceptable form behaviour in their set This book severely challenged by youthful illusions but I came to Einatmen, Ausatmen realize years and years later that we get out of life if we stop wishing for fairy tale endings stop living a magazine lifestyle and just stay in touch witheality and with the admittedly mundane aspects of every day life Monogamy as practiced by birds and other species that mate for life serves a purpose the continuation of the species Ironically for some birds not all of the eggs if any belong to the male who is helping to keep the nest intact and aise the young Cowbirds are famous for laying their eggs in other species nests So while I still love to ead a heart warming novel with a dash of Lightfoot the Historian: The Nature and Role of History in the Life and Thought of J.B. Lightfoot (1828-1884) as Churchman and Scholar romance it is a good practice to stay grounded i From BBC Radio 4 15 Minute Dramaby Isabel Colegate dramatised by DJ Britton narrated by Olivia ColmanAutumn 1913 A shooting party on an Oxfordshire country estate A whole society under the microscope a society soon to be destroyed in the trenches of the Western FrontThe eve of the shootCastNarrator Olivia ColmanCicely Nettleby Ellie KendrickSir Randolph Nettleby Sam DaleOlivia Lilburn Jaimi BarbakoffLionel Stephens Michael ShelfordMinnie Nettleby Christine KavanaghOsbert Nettleby Joshua SwinneyLord Gilbert Hartlip Sean BakerAline Hartlip Sally OrrockDirected by Jessica DromgooleIt was an error of judgement thatesulted in a death It took place in the autumn before the outbreak of what used to be known as the Great WarAutumn 1913 and Sir Randolph Nettleby has invited guests to the biggest shoot of the season on his Oxfordshire country estate We follow the action from one evening to the next a dinner a morning s shoot a lunch the fatal afternoon and the fallout An army of servants and gamekeepers has ehearsed the intricate age old itual of the hunt Everything about it would seem a perfect affirmation of the certainties of Edwardian country life Yet their social and moral code is under siege from within and without Competition beyond the bounds of sportsmanship evulsion at the slaughter of animals anger at the ineuities of class these and other forces are about to ise up and challenge the social order an order that can last only a while longer Funny compassionate sobering and dispassionate the last throes of feudal England are Dahmer Detective: The Interrogation and Investigation That Shocked The World recorded in perfect detail together with the germ of its destruction The book is an exuisitely written hymn to the passing of an agehttpswwwbbccoukprogrammesb00t I saw the film of this book many years ago Well when I say I saw the film I did not see the begi. Up of men and women gather at Sir Randolph Nettleby's estate for a shooting party Opulent adulterous moving assuredly. Already an adeuate synopsis on offer for the story This should have been a short novel but it was uite a dense and thoughtfulead Wonderful characterisation and atmosphere a way of life that is lost forever All the characters both the primary and secondary are strongly depicted but it s was the culture and values of a bygone era that was the standout Came across this on the Boxall 1001 list Well worth the 20th Century Photography: Museum Ludwig Cologne read I learned about this book from Second Reading Notable and Neglected Books Revisited by Jonathan Yardley a Pulitzer winningeviewer I added a dozen of those books to my shelves but have so far ead only two I AM SOMEWHAT AMUSED AT MYSELF AS THOSE BOOKS ARE somewhat amused at myself as those books are in that they have little plot but a lot of characterization Of these I can see why they were included for second or third eadings In The Shooting Party the characterization is not just of the people in the novel but of the time period itself 1913 the very eve of The Great War To look at it through the lens of what comes next it was such an innocent time This is a story of the landed aristocracy but those of the servant class also people this book and they too are well drawn There are a lot of characters in this short book but it isn t hard to keep them straightIt seems to have taken me many days longer to finish than it should have I kept getting interrupted asked to do things not on my usual schedule And then I didn t sleep as well at night so that my daytime The Scruffy Drunk: The Wife in Space, Volume 2 reading kept getting interrupted with a nap But this is a book filled with increasing tension building to one dramatic event Even without much plot one cannot help but know something awful is about to happen I did not know how and to whom After I finishedeading I learned this was made into a film in 1985 starring James Mason I suspect it was a good one I struggled to get through this book and it is less than 200 pages To me Mise En Sc�ne: Cin�ma Et Lecture reading it is like standing in pointed toe shoes in a longeception line of people you barely meet but feel you must Deathless remember their name as they will pop up againI neither couldelate nor befriend any of these characters Really shouldn t there be at least one likeable character per novel I ealize it was suppose to paint a picture of the time period but wasn t it plotless dry darn near constipating was suppose to paint a picture of the time period but wasn t it plotless dry darn near constipating biggest egret SPOILERis that only one of these people got shot at long long last 25 Is it eally so bad asked Olivia The countryside looks so beautiful and the people so happy They e having a hard time We hear a lot these days about factory workers and conditions in slums No one bothers about ural poverty we deal with it locally of course as best we can but when there s no money in land there s no money for charity No one cares about country people All the attention goes to the towns I should have thought No one cares about country people All the attention goes to the towns I should have thought every English person s deepest idea of England was of the country Doesn t England mean a village green and smoke ising from cottage chimneys and the Mixed Doubles rooks cawing in the elms and the suire and the vicar and the schoolmaster and the jolly villagers and theirosy cheeked children It has not existed for many years now It must exist How could we all believe in it so if it didn t exist Exactly We believe in it That is why the idea is such a powerful one It is a myth Oh I should have liked this book than I did I Julio Bunny and the Foreign Lion (Free Audio Book Inside): --- Easter Book Collection For Kids really shouldIsabel Colegate created a little gem of Edwardiana here It s historical fiction but doesn tead like it Stylistically The Shooting Party was fantastic What turned me off was that the book is very short but tries to address so many aspects of the dying days of the world of Britain before the Great War that I thought it was all a bit crammed When it wasn t trying to con. It is 1913 just prior to England's entry into World War I and Edwardian England is about to vanish into history A gro.