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There s a kite contest *coming to town and Emmy Adler has pinned her hopes on winning She thinks that *to town and Emmy Adler has pinned her hopes on winning She thinks that fame will drive people to her website and help her shop survive the upcoming winter The judge is Jasmine Normand a local who ained fame on a reality show and Emmy has a run in with her in the weeks leading up to the contest When Jasmine turns up dead a tabloid starts insinuating that Emmy had something to do with the death Can she learn the truth and save her reputationEmmy s town is a wonderful Oregon beach side town and the atmosphere makes me want to settle in for a vacation The mystery starts out strong but loses Some Steam In The Middle Before Coming steam in the middle before coming to life for a reat climax Emmy is learning some patience and it shows in this book I enjoyed seeing her and the rest of the returning characters again The new cast of characters are just as strongNOTE I received a copy of this bookRead my full review at Carstairs Considers Dollycas s Thoughts The song from Mary Poppins Let s Go Fly A Kite started playing in my head as soon as I saw this book cover But kite flying is not all fun and ames in Rock Point Oregon especially when Emmy is The Unlikeliest Hero: The Story of Desmond T. Doss getting ready for the annual kite festival Her shop s future could depend on whether she wins or loses A celebrity has been brought in to judge the event but she and Emmyet off to a terrible start with an argument in front of in front of a bunch of people When the judge is killed soon after she becomes a prime suspect She may have information to clear herself but a member of the paparazzi is not letting her off the hook To save Strings Attached she is really oing to have to fly around to prove her innocence or all her dreams may o Up Up and Away I really enjoyed my literary trip to Rock Point Kites in the air waves crashing on the beach the wind in my hair and murder to solveAs in Blown Away the first book in this series the story starts out at a ood clip Emmy s sister Sunny drops in for an

*unexpected and what *
and what be a lengthy visit and she has not informed her parents where she is If Emmy keeps Sunny s whereabouts a secret from her mom she knows it is oing to come back and bite her but she is too stressed out about the kite she is creating to enter in the festival and all the tourists coming to town I admire Emmy s patience with her sister I wanted to jump into the pages than once and pummel the Prisoner of Midnight girl myselfAvery s busy too at the Brew House so Sunny moving in is no big deal for her Emmy hasotten close to Jack Sullivan the owner of the other kit store in town They are competing against each other in the Best Kite division and she is looking forward to taking him down Other characters from book one have. Kite shop owner Emmy Adler becomes the prime suspect in a murder investigation that could send her dreams crashing to the BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. groundWith summer drawing to a close in Rock Point Oregon Emmy Adler hopes to beat the seasonal drop in business by winning the annual kite festival What better way toarner publicity. Live and Let FlyHere was a lot of time devoted to walking eating and talking There is a little action towards the very end of the book I am iving Live and Let Fly 3 out of 5 stars The mystery has than one component and is slightly complex Most armchair sleuths will have no problem figuring out the solution I was never drawn into Live and Let Fly It is one of those stories that I read but my mind was never fully engaged I felt that the author did not fully develop her world or characters Cozy mystery readers who enjoy light humorous stories will enjoy reading Live and Let Fly There is humor romance a mystery and beautiful kites in Live and Let Fly and Let FlyKite Shop Mystery Book 2By Clover TateISBN13 9780425283554Author website angelamsanderscomBrought to you
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OBS reviewer shop owner Emmy Adler becom I liked this second book in the series even better than the first one Rock Point is a beautiful town that I would love to live in and help Emmy and her friends investigate the murders A well written mystery and reat characters I like the newly introduced ones just as much as the already familiar onesLooking forward to the next installment I really enjoy this series The writing is very smooth and the plot develops very naturally The characters are very believable Live and Let Fly is a relaxing book which kept my attention throughout I am looking forward to the third installment of this series Loved this book Fun Mr. Jelly's Business good mystery lots of interesting characters I liked book 1 of this series and book 2 Live and Let Fly is even better Good mystery solid writing characters you d like to know well some of them you know the killer and all She takes on some issues andives you a second look Definitely one to not just add to your TBR but to move to the top and read Emmy Adler hopes to beat the seasonal drop in buisness by winning the annual kite festival In the days leading up the the fest Emmy s hopes are soaring Even and argument with the contest judge can t bring her down But when the judge is later found dead Emmy falls under suspition This is book 2 in the Kite Shop series Book 1 suffered from an almost unlikable main Character Emmy She was stubborn childish and foolish I was extremely happy to see that in *Book 2 Those Ualities Of *2 those ualities of were dialed back and she was much likeable Yay She was much level headed and not only was she likeable but it made the book much fun as wellThe story along with it s subplots were pretty enjoyable I enjoyed seeing the cast of characters from the first book The story was not too predictable and I was 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, glad to see that the story wasn t bogged down by romantic interests I look forward to seeing where this seriesoes from her. G highWhen the police open an investigation into Jasmine's death and deem it a murder Emmy falls under suspicion With a national tabloid reporter convinced that she is uilty and business at her shop at a standstill Emmy has to trade kite making for crime solving or find all of her ambitions blown off cour.

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Returned including a certain Australian Shepherd and we are introduced to a few new ones too Hollywood types and the entourage that follows them All were highly entertainingMidway through the story the pace levels out just a bit but then as the clues start to fall into place and the suspects start to feel the pressure the pace heats to feel the pressure the pace heats again My pages were flying The plot was well thought through with surprising twists The subplots were interesting and I am excited about the next book to see some of them continueI love that Emmy creates one of kind kites I was really into sewing and uilting before my accident and she uses several techniues I am very familiar with It is nice to read about something I used to love to do so much The author described it all so well I could almost feel like it was my hand pushing the needle through the fabric The colors described were so bright and appealing too Rock Point has a kite contest coming soon that could help Emmy Adler s fledgling kite store survive the winter season If only the judge hadn t died and Emmy suspected in the murder Good book Live and Let Fly by Clover Tate is the second book in A Kite Shop Mystery series Emmy Adler owns Strings Attached in Rock Point Oregon She is busy preparing her kite for the upcoming kite festival Emmy needs to win for the publicity to help keep her fledgling shop open over the winter Emmy is working on her kite when her sister Sunny arrives unexpectedly and states she is moving in with Emmy Sunny has uit college and wants to think over her options for her future While drinking tea Sunny manages to spill her cup and stain Emmy s kite Emmy heads to Brew House and sees Jack Sullivan talking with uest judge Jasmine Normand Emmy ends up causing a scene The next morning Jasmine Normand is found dead and Emmy is a person of interest Business at Strings Attached takes a nosedive so Emmy sets out to find Jasmine s killer When not busy with her investigation Emmy starts working on a new kite for the competition Unfortunately Sunny ends up burning a hole in it Maybe the third one will be a winner Can Emmy find the culprit before the competition begins Does she stand a chance of etting a kite finished in time with Sunny aroundLive and Let Fly is the second *installment in A Kite Shop Mystery series but it can be read alone I like that Emmy makes uniue *in A Kite Shop Mystery series but it Can Be Read Alone be read alone like that Emmy makes uniue of a kind kites Emmy though is bland and I did not like her interactions with Jack Sullivan jealousy and overreacting when Jack wanted to discuss their relationship Her sister Sunny outshines her throughout the story with her clumsiness financial advice and regarious personality I found the novel to be slow paced and lacking in action For the handmade kites sold in her shop Strings Attached In the days leading up to the festival Emmy's ambitions are soaring Even an argument with reality TV star and contest judge Jasmine Normand can't bring her down But when Jasmine is found dead the morning after their altercation Emmy's no longer flyin. ,