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F to them but the White Man sets himself individually apart from them and in a or less hostile manner and by purely external means seeks to subjugate them to his own materialistic ends. E oldest prophecies of our continent will be a time of renaissance the long–waited era of harmony and peace among all peoplesThis renaissance shall be uniuely American a renewal based on the values so long honored by the Americans before Columbus and so ruthlessly trampled by the “civilized” Europeans who overran them No other race of people has been as spiritual in their way of life than the original Americans notes Evans–Wentz Perhaps none other has known such martyrdom Yet the secret greatness of the Indian religion still lives ancient as the Earth itself et ageless in its

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Pective seeks truth spiritually the white man being extrospective seeks truth materially White Man being extrospective seeks truth materially aspiring for attunement with cosmic processes the Red Man gladly surrenders himsel. Boys for initiation into the mystic rites for their people In solitude they sought and received guidance and wisdom In this same way the peoples of ancient Greece the Hebrews the early Christians and the Hindus had found access to inner truth on their own holy mountains and in this same way must the modern person find the path to inner knowingSurveying many of the most Sacred Mountains in North America South America Europe and Asia Evans–Wentz expresses the belief that the secret power of these high places has not passed away but only awaits the coming of a New Age This new age in accord with th. Cuchama Sacred Mountains