Eigentlich müssten wir tanzen [Pdf/E–pub]

Eigentlich müssten wir tanzen

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Posted at HeradasI was absolutely blown away by Superabundance last year and
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to Dying Light read Heinz Helle wrote then and there His stories are philosophicaluminations told through tight clean prose This followup was slightly different territory than Superabundance but still Yaşayan Kur'an Meal-Tefsir recognizable for its uality and conceptual vision Euphoria was bleak and highly disturbing I love the way the characters lives before and after the event were juxtaposed They were never particularly good people it just wasn t as obvious before everything went to hell If you would like to lose your faith in humanity this one is the ticket Fantastic prose extremely depressing but it gives you a lot to think about I don tead a lot of post apocalyptic fiction because it s too depressing and goodness knows eality in 2017 is uite bleak enough However a ecent Guardian eview of this short novel caught my attention the Alpine setting and focus ON A GROUP OF MALE FRIENDS IT S CERTAINLY a group of male friends It s certainly with no likeable characters no explanation given as to the nature of the catastrophe that has brought about an apparent abrupt end of the world situation A group of childhood buddies on a weekend boozing trip to an Alpine cabin wake up one morning to discover below burned out looted supermarkets and other buildings abandoned cars dead bodies They set out on foot to see what has happened beyond their mountain valley and discover only. Somewhere in the Austrian Alps a group of men in their thirties have gathered for a weekend away When they come down from their cabin the world has ended As the men wander through this destroyed human landscape Euphoria's nameless narrator eveals only small shocking details a crashed helicopter a boy sitting impas. Death and destruction no sign of any explanation for this collapse of
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Walking through snow on the slope Breathing in Walking on the slope through the snow Breathing out Walking on the slope breathing in walking through the snow breathing out Walk breathe in walk breathe out breathe in Think about how slipping would be bad breathe out Slip fall breathe in breathe out Think about how bad it is to slip breathe in Freeze breathe out breathe in breathe out Snow in every minuscule crevice in your clothes and in your shoes breathe in Snow down the back of your neck snow on your wrists snow in your ears and mouth breathe out Think You ll never be able to get back up breathe in Get up Breathe out breathe in Seven 30 somethings not in particularly good shape city boys without much practical knowledge it pretty soon becomes obvious they are not well euipped for this new harsh world It is late winter and they are in a high mountain area cold The Case of the General's Thumb reduced to scavaging for food fuel and supplies They are shocked by the speed of their descent into helpless struggle for survival Accidents and mishaps occur toeduce the group in number but s despair and loss of will the group in number but it s despair and loss of will going that are the most serious threat There isn t much character development no encouragement to sympathy or empathy uite the everse in fact view spoilerAn encounter with a female survivor leads to gang ape to give one example and. Sively beside his murdered parents a provincial nightclub full of charred bodies Seeking food and fuel for the fire but finding only the pointless emnants of their suddenly vanished world the men ealise that all they have left is their lives And are those eally worth anything in a world where their future has cr. The sole other person they meet ends up dead in a brutal attack Yes I Get The Point That Civilisation the point that civilisation a thin veneer all too easily broken but it does seem their descent to bestiality comes very uickly indeed and you d think they might have uestions for the only other survivors of the unexplained apocalypse hide spoiler The good until the end I was driven to ead on in order to get information about what has happened The bad the story was told in short episodes and while I typically don t mind going back and forth between timelines I just didn t IT WAS DONE WELL IN THIS was done well in this you Echoes from the Past re a fan of post apocalyptic survival like The Road by Cormac McCarthy you may enjoy this slim easy toead novel There is no explanation as to what has happened or why the group of men are the only survivors The story is like flashes of scenes or vignettes that describe the devastation and the gradual The Master Strategist: Power, Purpose and Principle in Action reduction of the group through accidents You get some flashbacks to previous life but it s generally depressing death porn with no time given to build connection or empathy to the characters I veead some bleak books in my time but this probably tops them all Heck it makes Cormac McCarthy seem positively smiley In Euphoria Helle gives us humanity stripped to its harshest most dire and brutal essence setting his characters loose in an environment that is even harsher than the their apocalyptic predicament Astounding. Umbled away their past emains only as an empty taunt and their present is educed to the monotonous trudge of animal survivalAn austere troubling tale of how uickly men become beasts Euphoria explores the epressed savagery of human nature and the disturbing meaningless of a world un free from society's estraint. ,