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A través de mi ventanaThe ind of relationship he wantedI thought several times putting the book down Although many bad things took away my desire there was one character who was just perfect And I m talking about Apolo Hidalgo one of character who was just perfect And I m talking about Apolo Hidalgo one of s brothers That s the ind of guy who should be the main character in this novels He is ind funny and with a big heart And somehow the book made us believe that if you are a good and decent person like Apollo you are not going to get the girls Big lie of course But if you re like Ares Hidalgo you ll CLEARLY GET ALL THE GIRLS YOU WANTSOME FANS OF get all the girls you wantSome fans of book will be outraged by my stars Everyone has an opinion and all must be respected But if you are interested in this book and you hate the typical bad boy I do NOT recommend it I think there are better love stories than Through My WindowEsta historia empez muy bien Los primeros cap tulos me engancharon un mont n pero luego algo cambi La culpa Los personajes por supuestoB *Sicamente Tenemos A Rauel *tenemos a Rauel chica ue lleva enamorada de su vecino desd. Por supuesto no está dispuesta a perderlo todo por el camino y mucho menos a sí misma El éxito internacional de Ariana Godoy en Wattpad un magnético juego de seducción ue te tendrá atrapado en sus redes ahora con nuevas escenas sobre los secretos de Ares.

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He perfect book if You Are In A are in a stop 40 starsCouldn t stop reading toxic but addictive This story started very well The first chapters hooked me a lot but then t stop reading toxic but addictive This story started very well The first chapters hooked me a lot but then changed The problem The characters of courseBasically we have Rauel a girl who has been in love with her neighbor for centuries They have never had a conversation until Rauel realizes that her neighbor Ares is using her wifi And with that event they begin to interact You can already guess what happens nextAres Hidalgo is the typical cold and arrogant boy who just wants sex I m tired of this type of character It is always the same Obviously he will have some hard past that will be the reason for him to act that way I hate that many times he loses respect for Rauel Who wants a boy like that no matter how handsome he isAnd Rauel is an idiot She wants to have a loving relationship but when she is around Ares it is as if she has no personality She forgets what she wants for herself and then blames Ares when he had clearly told her. Sabe es ue eso está a punto de cambiar Ares Comenzará A Cruzarse En comenzará a cruzarse en camino hasta en los lugares más inesperados y descubrirá ue en realidad Rauel no es la niña inocente ue creía Ahora Rauel tiene muy claro su objetivo conseguir ue Ares se ena de ella. .
Loved relationship goals just by the end Love it english i do not think a book English I do not think a book made me feel so much it was practically as if I were inside the story as if I were Rauel I felt butterflies in my stomach I smiled at the screen like a fool as I read I read it in Wattpad and I cried like a cupcakeIt s a lovely love story it s a little clich about neighbors but I loved it despite that It hooks you up and it s very funny not to Mention The Erotic ScenesI the erotic scenesI it a lot it s wonderful and you ll have a great time Espa ol Creo ue nunca un libro me hizo sentir tanto pr cticamente era como si estuviera dentro de la historia como si yo fuera Rauel Sent mariposas en el est mago le sonre a a la pantalla como bo i literally a la pantalla como bo i literally this book so much its amazing In love Absolutely love this book i now that some things are bad with Ares who is the main character of this story but besides that i think it s a really good story The way Ariana writes is awesome and make you read it in just one day Definitely ¡Llega por fin la novela juvenil ue está triunfando en Wattpad Rauel lleva toda la vida loca por Ares su atractivo y misterioso vecino Lo observa sin ser vista desde su ventana y es ue muy a su pesar no han intercambiado ni una triste palabra Lo ue Rauel no.