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Movie NightAlright don t roast me I find this book absolutely stupid I good YA novels especially really fluffy adorable ones I love good novels especially really fluffy adorable ones I survive some bad cliche YA tropes and sometimes even one dimensional characters I m a strong bookworm What I can t stand are brainless irritating selfish characters with the emotional range of a teaspoon who manipulate use This is a light fun YA romance which can be compared to Holly Bourne s It Only Happens In The Movies Hanna and Sol are best friends but as they embark on a New Year s Resolution to live a little and watch a movie together every month their dynamic begins to shift It s full of flirting humour and teenage mishaps making it a fun and easy readI wasn t a huge fan of the text speak that Hanna used as it seemed a bit out of character and I also think the New Year s Resolution of watching a movie didn t fully make sense it seemed to come out of nowhere Unlike Bourne s novel this one doesn t go into depth about the movies referenced Expect something lighter fluffier but with just as much heart A fun and enjoyable story full of friendship romance and teen drama The dual narration between Hanna and Sol is a great way of giving the reader teen drama The dual narration between Hanna and Sol is a great way of giving the reader into both of their mindsets I definitely referred Sol s Karneval, Vol. 4 point of view Hanna irritated the crap at me sometimes as she s just so self absorbed But this self absorption is something that changes as her character develops over the 12months we follow her storyI loved the scenes between Sol and hisarents and Hanna and Lizzie but I could not stand Trixie and Dan which I m sure is the authors The Hiding Place point hahaThe writing is engaging and I read the whole book this afternoon as I wanted to see how Han and Sol s friendship would developFull of laugh out loud moments this book iserfect for fans of Jenny McLachlan Holly Bourne and Laura Dockrill Wanted to love this one but sadly the remise of a guy being worried about being relegated to the friend zone is so tone deaf that it hurts especially because the novel has been written by a woman and is being ublished in 2018 in the midst of the metoo movement This aspect soured my experience of the novel which was otherwise a cute romance with tons of great movie references stop motion animation and a lot of hilarious elements One other thing this was written by a erson from the UK and set in the UK and I uickly realized that my knowledge of British slang is sadly limited While I got a lot of the references some of the language and the school system went over my head CAN LOVE BE JUST LIKE THE MOVIES I was excited when I first icked up. One I am hopelessly in love with Hanna Bergdahl Two for the first time since our recent reunion Hanna Bergdahl appears to be single And three I am in stuck in that inescapable netherworld of demons and acne the Friend ZoneTwo best friends One crushSol and Hanna were best friends at rimary schoo. ,

This book slightly concerned when I saw the words The Friend Zone I was worried about Sol s character and his representationFor the most art I was wrong The Friend Zone This was a really good read It was romantic and sweet I like to read YA novels just as much as other genres because they can be just as entertaining as adult fiction The book was a fairly uick read too as I finished it in a couple of days but that was also because it was good too Hannah and Sol are two intelligent teenagers but not so smart when it comes to love They are only 16 18 in the book and are still trying to figure things out as you do at that age Sol wants to be a film student but his two fathers have already decided what they want him to do with his lifeSol has other ideas about that His love for his best friend Hannah Bergdahl makes him do some silly things but love makes fools of us all at one time or another Hannah is heartbroken as she has just caught her boyfriend Dan kissing another girl at a New Year s Eve arty Sol is her dependable shoulder to cry on while she is oblivious to the fact that she has the Changing Face of the Hero perfect boy right in front of her Everyone else can see what she cannot and some already assume Hannah and Sol are a couple Dan the waste of space thinks Sol is just Hannah s gay bestfriend What I liked over theeriod of the book is how both Hannah and Sol learned from their mistakes and matured emotionally as they both realised what was important in a good relationship For a while Sol tries dating another girl but it s always Hannah for him in his heart They watch movies together each month sometimes it goes horribly wrong The two eople at the beginning of movies together each month sometimes it goes horribly wrong The two eople at the beginning of story a year later are different StoryBranding: Creating Stand-Out Brands Through The Power of Story people in a good way but of course are essentially the same just a little bit wiser It was a fun book with movie uotes interspersed within The film choices were interesting too I was contacted by theublishers Hodder if I would be interested in reviewing a new YA Contemporary I said yes since I love reading and reviewing Contemporary novels the remise for Movie Night looked extremely interesting But sadly the novel fell very flat for me Hanna and But sadly the novel fell very flat for me Hanna and are the two main characters both a level students and celebrating the New Year Until Hanna sees her long term boyfriend kissing another girl Slowly she finds herself single and feeling hopeless Then both Hanna and Sol hatch a lan to watch a movie at the end of every month until the next time New Year comes around Throughout the year both sit exams fall in love and face the threats of failing friendshipsI liked reading. L and after reuniting at college they spend approximately seventy Lignin Biodegradation per cent of daylight hours togetherWhen disaster strikes at a New Year's Evearty and Hannah sees new boyfriend Danny Dukas kissing Lizzie Banks a New Year's Resolution is formed Sol and Hanna will watch one film a month for twel. The duel POV of What a such fun storyI really enjoyed this book It was fast aced but filled with so much laughs drama storyI really enjoyed this book It was fast aced but filled with so much laughs drama romance and a lot of movie recommendations After you ve read this book you ll want to check out these movies if you haven t already I really love the theme of the book and I just loved the characters they had their flaws and ups and downs but they re only human and it was just so funIf you re a fan of Holly Bourne I can t recommend this enough Sol is in love with Hanna Only roblem is she doesn t know and just thinks of him as her best friends They ve known each other for years and when he comes back to her school their friendship is back on track They decide to have a movie night once a month up until New Years After having a disastrous New Years where Hanna s boyfriend well ex boyfriend is found kissing another girl Sol is her shoulder to cry on and agrees to the movie nights Sol has his own new years resolution that he hasn t shared with Hanna to kiss her I really enjoyed this book It was super sweet and adorable and the kind of book I think everyone would in enjoy Also the cat Nigel is one of my favouritesThey really have a great friendship and it was enjoyable to read about it and their thoughts on each other I really enjoyed the movie arts of this book It is full of fun teenagers teenage mishaps and so much Movie Night tells the story of best friends Hannah and Sol who is in love with Hannah as they make a New Year s Resolution to watch a film together every month and their feelings towards each other begin to change First of all I really liked and sympathised with the feelings of both main characters even though I slightly referred Sol s chapters and I thought the supporting cast especially Sol s very humorous dads Andrew and Gareth and his rather hilariously violent cat Nigel were brilliant I also enjoyed the dialogue between characters which was brilliant and felt realistic and I articularly liked Sol and Hannah s scenes as well as
those between lizzie 
between Lizzie Hannah I was so leased with the choices of films as it not only featured two of my top five favourites but reminded me of several others I want to see and introduced me to a few I haven t heard of that I may now seek out I found this a bit slow A (kinda) Country Christmas paced inlaces but I thought it was a super fun YA contemporary overall and the ending made my heart happy in the exact way a good romcom does 45 A good story with otential didn t enjoy it as much as I thought I would Hannas character was a bit annoying and there was a bit too much of going back and forth. Ve months until the next New Year After all films hold answers to life's hardest uestions Maybe they'll figure out why they are both members of the dumpee clubOnly Sol Adams has a new year's resolution of his own to kiss Hanna Bergdahl before the year is overWill Sol ever defeat the Friend Zone.